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Although the story features various psychedelic substances it should not be read as an endorsement of drug useGENRE surreal psychedelic voyage psychological thriller;CATEGORY Jungian psychology visionary and metaphysical;SETTING urban Leicester alternate reality beyond the fabric of reality;SUBJECTS altered state of consciousness psychedelic drug abuse the price of pure creation the torture of being;THEMES collective unconscious free will vs determinism order and chaos A masterful if controversial story that takes you o

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From the bestselling author of the Vivian Amberville series comes the surreal novella that will have you uestion the very foundation of your realityUnder the influence of the powerful new psychedelic drug “Rhapsody” Mario Fantoccio discovers the existence of an invisible reality overlaying our ownThe rhapsody altered state of consciousness brings Mario to close encounters with “the Masters of Strings” a coven of hyperdimensional beings who appear to control the This has to be one the most blackwickian story in t

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Destiny of every human in existenceDesperate to sever the strings tying him to the will of his Masters Mario overdoses on Rhapsody and escapes into hell hoping to regain control of his life and free willBased on a modern interpretation of Jungian psychology The Underworld Rhapsody is heavily themed on subjective reality altered states of consciousness and individuation as it follows one man's struggle to escape the chaos of his life and regain his free willDISCLAIMER This story is like the love child of Carl Jung and

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    If you enjoy Carl Jung's work on the collective unconscious you might enjoy perusing The Underworld RhapsodyA novella of the archetypal the transcendental and the metapsyche; a psychedelic read on the nature of realityeBook Kindle Smashwords

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    Since author Louise Blackwick is now on my watch list as she keeps putting out one masterpiece after another I decided to pre order this novella It was released today and I must admit I devoured it in under 3 hours and boy does this story deliverI'm not sure how to tackle this story I feel like any review might not do it enough justice This is NOT for the casual reader but for the one trained to look beyond meaning Like most Blackwick stories it doesn't deliver only on the level of plot theme and character but drills deeply into your subconscious and fills you with wonder Just as advertized it is the most jungian story I've read in a long long time Ok here goesThe Underworld Rhapsody is another blackwickian masterpiece as deep and structurally meaningful as it is surreal and psychedelic It uses humour and a light hearted approach to tackle deep themes such as the purpose or lack of purpose in life the human's strive for individuation free will and determinism and the importance of acting your real selfMario Fantoccio a derivation of marionette and it Fantoccio which means puppet is the main character of the novella and a wimpy spineless stuttering 38 something man child who is still under the thumb of his tyrannical father Maestro and his over protective mother Divoranda He struggles to navigate his somewhat glum and meaningless existence by playing the good boy on one hand and sedating himself with heavy drugs on the otherEverything changes when his dealer introduces him to a new psychedelic drug called Rhapsody very similar in effect to ayahuasca psilocybin or DMT which tranforms and metamorphosized Mario's life not just within but without too Rhapsody supplies Mario with a chemical gateway into the realm of the Gods whose entire universe is beyond human perception unless one has had their consciousnes alteredThe realm of the Gods is where Mario enters a strange game of controlled or be controlled during which he struggles with the idea that everyone he knows himself included is under the control of The Masters of Strings the hyperdimensional beings who live beyond the fabric of reality For fans of the Vivian Amberville book series there is a subtle and friendly nod in this directionAmanita a mysterious woman he had been obssessing over since times immemorial is an important chess piece in the Metagame of Choice and Conseuence I personally found her character one of the most stupefyingly conflicted ones in a long long whileMario eventually finds a way of releasing himself from the strings of his masters whether that be his toxic parents his dead end job or even the burden of societal expectations and embarks on a psychical and metaphysical journey into the Underworld which is hilarious tragic and uplifting all under one hat In trying to escape the hell of his life Mario slowly transforms from marionette to autonomous individual in ways that would keep readers on their toes until the very end In short get it read it and become transformed by it Not only will it make you laugh think and cheer but it will make you uestion reality as we all come to know it

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    This has to be one the most blackwickian story in the author's arsenal Blackwick is a long term pupil of the psychoanalyst Carl Jung her writing digging deep roots into jungian concepts like individuation synchronicity archetypes shadow work and the collective unconscious and it really shows in this novellaYou are introduced to a world perceived through altered consciousness where reality is not what it seems and people's free will cannot be taken for granted The Underworld Rhapsody is one of Blackwick's best but most underrated gems dealing with complex issues such as Shadow possession and Free Will vs Determinism in a humourous and accessible wayOvershadowed by its popular title the Vivian Amberville fantasy series which has enjoyed critical acclaim and commercial success across the world The Underworld Rhapsody remains one of Louise Blackwick's most layered pieces For those of you fascinated with archetypal storytelling I recommend you pick this novella up It is really a study on the human condition as well as a fantastical and psychedelic fun read

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    Louise Blackwick is the author who keeps on giving She has climed from the muds of complete anonimity and raised herself to the international providence and let me just say since the great authors of old never has an author deserved it I know everyone if going to think I refer to the Vivian Amberville series the fantasy phenomenon that has taken the world by storm but this isn't about that This is about stories that transcend countries and nationalities This is about stories born from the collective soul of human creationAt the mere 32 years of age Blackwick is a genius of the written word She is evrsatile enough to create epic fantasy worlds the likes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and she is insightful enough to contemplate the human conditions in ways never before explored in fiction Her stories are deeply archetypal without feeling clicheic or bothersome They seem to birth from the Jungian Shadow and The Underworld Rhapsody is perhaps the most ardent example of what the human mind can achieve when it is not afraid to face controversy head onThe Underworld Rhapsody is deeply layered and highly polarized on account of bringing together several cotnroversial subjects raw consciousness and drug induced consciousness the nature of reality psychological hell the process of becoming a personalized individual thrown together in a deliciously surreal and often funny partiche of human endeavoursThe main character Mario Fantoccio Italian mario for marionette and Fantoccio means puppet is a man suffering from iinfantilism due to his pathological upbringing via devouring mother Divo Divoranda Fantoccio and his tyrannical and highly selfish father only refered to in the story as Maestro After experimenting with the experimental psycoactive drug Rhapsody Mario meets interdimensional beings called Masters of Strings who tell him he is merely a thethered puppet in the game of life and that his own existence is predetermined and devoid of free will When he wakes up Mario is able to see the strings tying everyone to their individual pre engineered fateThis story is something else entirely Bizarre enlightening archetypal trippypsychadelic deeply layered dark and fascinating and very much Blackwickian which should really really become a word at this point Absolute masterpiece Words are not enough to describe this author's deeply resonant work so I created a shelf entirely for her producePS Mario Fantoccio's symbolical climbing out of hell on a ladder made out of discarded puppetsmanneuins and slain demons is one of the most bizarre and incredible scene I've read

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    I read it all in one go in about 2 hours I don't usually read for such long hours but I simply couldn't put it down The short book portrays a main character that feels real and goes through development The side characters are less developed but some of them are very important to the main story line I think the story has a very nice inspiring theme although the setting is rather grim and dark

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    This story is like the love child of Carl Jung and the storyteller Edgar Allan Poe Haven't read many novellas that tackle the Jungian archetype of the devouring mother and the tyrannical father uite as well as The Underworld RhapsodyIf you'd like a psychological thriller with some meat on it and some very trippy drug induced images this is for youPS The part where the character is in hell and gets out on a ladder built out of slain demons carcases is worthy of Dante's inferno

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    psychedelically and psychologically thrilling and written in a superb manner While reading this novel my mind was turning upside down as if I myself have taken that rhapsody drug What a mind twisting mind bending novel great one

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    A masterful if controversial story that takes you on a journey through the drug altered state of Mario Fantoccio a grown man entrapped by his family who seeks a way to recover his freedom and free will

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    Psychedelic trip Strange but great story Love the part with the demons

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    I loved this book As with most of Louise Blackwick’s writing it can be read on many levels There is so much depth in her works that I find it’s helpful to read in between the lines for deeper meanings Having said that I also see where this particular book can be read as a morality tale without the deeper messages It is well worth one’s time to become acuainted with the works of this talented author She does not disappoint

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