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E he created a garden of cherry varieties In he learned that the Great White Cherry had become extinct in Japan Six years later he buried a living cutting from his own collection in a potato and repatriated it via the Trans Siberian Express In the years that followed Ingram sent than varieties of cherry tree to new homes around the globe f. Sakura as the decorative flowering cherry trees are called in Japan are widely distributed across the world This is the charming tale of one man s captivation of the glorious cherry tree and how he became one of the world s foremost experts on the breed Namely Collingwood Ingram a British gentleman who experienced an unconventional youth and education He adored birds the family had albino birds that ate at the table helping themselves to morsels from every plate but was smitten by Japan in his travels in 1901 1902 Upon buying The Grange in Benenden that he was re introduced to the decorative cherry trees which became a life long obsessionThe author does an excellent job of mixing not only Ingram s history but her own while telling of Japan s social connection to the cherry trees Many a feudal lord or daimyo would replace warfare with the creation of gardens with varieties of cherry trees Hybridization as well as varieties from the different regions created flowers with five or petals of white pink purple red yellow and even a green yellow along with leaves of many colors and shapes Over 400 varieties that would be adapted to mountain beach tropical and Even a natural hybrid would be collected and transferred to the nobility s gardens It was only when Japan opened itself to the world with its drive to become a world power through the Greater East Asia Co prosperity Sphere that many of those trees disappeared from their homelandFortunately Ingram was the proverbial unstoppable force in regards to collecting grafts and scions of literally hundreds of them in the years before World War 2 and his home was awash in color and beauty It was those flourishing trees that enabled Ingram to provide cuttings to anyone who asked for them no matter where in the world they were Thousands of them The only negative I could think of was I wished for color photos of varieties Ingram himself was a talented artist and several of his drawings color and black and white litter the pages Black and white photos of people and even one of a revered 1500 year old cherry tree being supported in it s old age along with multiple distant views of a cherry forest in bloom So when you are admiring the magnificence of the springtime blossoming of the cherry trees be it in Washington DC or even in Japan itself remember that the world owes an old English gentleman a debt for all the effort he put into collecting a specific plant2019 107

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The Sakura Obsession

The remarkable year history of the Japanese cherry blossom tree and how it was saved from extinction by an English gardenerCollingwood Cherry Ingram first fell in love with the sakura or cherry tree when he visited Japan on his honeymoon in So taken with the plant he brought back hundreds of The Sakura PDF cuttings with him to England wher. 35 stars rounded up Collingwood Cherry Ingram was an Englishman who developed a passion indeed an obsession with the various types of cherry blossom trees He originally started as an ornithologist but became disenchanted with the profession and took to horticulture big time and ended up one of the world s foremost experts on flowering cherry blossom trees According to the book one of his main claims to fame was being instrumental in reintroducing to Japan some of the obscure or rare species of the trees that had either virtually vanished or had become less popularHaving lived to the ripe old age of 100 b1880 d1981 he saw great change in the world WWI the rise of Japanese imperialism the Depression WWII then the rapid amazing rise of Japan as a powerhouse economy post WWII Ingram was from a wealthy privileged background never wanting for anything and able to indulge his passion of wondering the world in search of different specimens of flowering cherry blossom trees propagating them and distributing them around the world He comes across as a bit eccentric and aloof and certainly didn t endear himself to me but an interesting character nonetheless It may sound strange to say seeming he visited Japan multiple times and developed a love for one of their key symbols but I got the impression he never fully embraced Japan and the people and the culture He always had an interpreter on hand the author never mentions him bothering to learn any of the language and he was occasionally dismissive of some of the rituals and idiosyncrasies of the country and its people It was his obsession for the cherry blossom trees the fact that it was in Japan was secondary Perhaps a slightly harsh assessment but those were my immediate thoughts about himFor me the book s strengths are the uality of the writing and the fact that we get a very succinct interesting and informative overview of Japanese culture and history If you don t know anything about Japan this book would be a great place to start Would I recommend it and do you need an interest in both Japan and horticulture gardening to enjoy the book Yes I do recommend it but I think you definitely need an interest in Japan and Japanese culture but you don t necessarily need a love of gardening or flowering cherry blossom trees

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Rom Auckland to Washington As much a history of the cherry blossom in Japan as it is the story of one remarkable man the narrative follows the flower from its adoption as a national symbol in through its use as an emblem of imperialism in the s to the present day worldwide obsession with forecasting the exact moment of the trees' flowering. An absolutely brilliant fascinating book

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    From BBC radio 4 Book of the weekCollingwood Ingram known as 'Cherry' after his defining life's work was born in 1880 and

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    35 stars rounded up Collingwood “Cherry” Ingram was an Englishman who developed a passion indeed an obsession with the various types of cherry blossom trees He originally started as an ornithologist but becam

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    How did growing than one variety of flowering cherry tree become a treasonable offense?From The Spectator's review Between 1639 and

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    20 MAR 2019 a lunchtime listen to recommendation through Laura Many thanks Listen here APR 2019 finished my listening today over lunch hour Very enjoyable

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    I sure enjoyed the first half of this immensely but then it got into the war which was too sad and depressing I learned some

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    Sakura as the decorative flowering cherry trees are called in Japan are widely distributed across the world This is the charming tale of one m

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    I found this book very engaging and informative I think it did a great job of introducing many of the cherry varieties and Mr Ingra

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    As an avid gardener ok obsessive who had to seek out flowering cherry trees within a hundred mile radius I loved this book But this book is far than gardening it’s Japanese history and sadly my beloved cherry trees are forever linked to the fleeting lives of youth in war Such a contrast from beauty to death love books that teach me new things but not sure I like what I learned

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    An absolutely brilliant fascinating book

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    BOTWhttpswwwbbccoukprogrammesm000Description Collingwood Ingram known as 'Cherry' after his defining life's work was born in 1880 and lived to a hundred years old witnessing a fraught century of conflict and changeIngram's interest was piued b

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