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With InstaRead Chapter by of Wings ePUB #185 Chapter Summaries you can get the essence of a book in minutes or less We read every chapter and summarize it in one or two paragraphs so you can get the information contained in the book The Invention ePUB #10003 at a faster rate This is an InstaRead Summary of The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd Below is a preview of the earlier sections of the summary Part One | November –February Hetty Handful Grimké Hetty “Handful” Grimké is Invention of Wings PDF #205 introduced as a slave yard girl who works for the John Grimké household She is the daughter of Charlotte seamstress for the household The mistress of the Grimké household is a strict disciplinarian and is often cruel to the slaves she owns Invention of Wings by Sue ePUB #10003 Handful is then called into the house by the Mistress for an announcement that will chan.

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The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Ge her life forever Sarah Grimké Sarah Grimké is introduced as the daughter of John and Mary Grimké It is her eleventh birthday and she is being Invention of Wings by Sue ePUB #10003 promoted out of the nursery into her own bedroom A flashback reveals that as a small child Sarah witnessed a slave being whipped Seeing this event was so traumatic for Sarah that she developed a stuttering problem with her speech Handful Sarah’s mother ties purple ribbons around Handful’s neck and then presents her as a birthday gift to Sarah to be her own personal handmaid Sarah doesn’t want to accept the slave stating she doesn’t need a handmaid Handful is so upset and scared that she ends up wetting herself in front of the party guests Sarah’s mother is upset by both Sarah’s refusal of her birthday gift and Handful’s accident Sarah Sarah’s mother forces Sarah to write notes.

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Of apology for her rudeness to all of the guests who attended her birthday party Sarah gets the idea that although her mother wouldn’t let her return Handful perhaps she can grant Handful her freedom She sneaks down to her father’s library to search his law books She finds the correct wording to write a release to grant a slave freedom She copies the words fills in Handful’s name and signs her own name to the document She then leaves the document on her father’s desk That night is the first time Sarah feels that she is destined for something important She dreams of being a lawyer like her father She cuts a silver button from her birthday dress and saves it as a way of marking the occasion The button comes to represent this feeling she has about her destiny When Sarah gets up in the morning she finds the document torn in two on the floor in front of her bedroom door..

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    Really good sad at times to think about all the hatred that exists and still does

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    A great book

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    As always Sue Monk Kidd delivers a classic This was gripping even though it falters a bit towards the end

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