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Th FDR and Al Smith to elect a governor and the methodical assassination of gangster Jack Legs Diamond Thick with crime passion and backroom banter The New Yorker Roscoe is an odyssey of great scope and linguistic verve a deadly comic masterpiece from one of America's most important writer This book cont

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The first novel from William Kennedy in than five years and universally acclaimed as his most powerful work since the Pulitzer Prize winning Ironweed Roscoe shows Kennedy at his very best It's V J Day the war is over and Roscoe Conway after twenty six years as the second in command of Alba So well writte

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Ny's notorious political machine decides to uit politics forever But there's no way out and only his Machiavellian imagination can help him cope with the erupting disasters Every step leads back to the past to the early loss of his true love the takeover of city hall the machine's fight wi Tragicomic sto

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William Joseph Kennedy is an American writer and journalist born and raised in Albany New York Many of his novels feature the interaction of members of the fictional Irish American Phelan family and make use of incidents of Albany's history and the supernatural Kennedy's works include The Ink Truck Legs Billy Phelan's Greatest Game Ironweed winner of Pulitze.

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    Can Albany's political machine run without its star mechanic?William Kennedy's latest novel about Albany takes us back to the good old days when political corruption was fun After a year without the Clintons in the White House Roscoe is a bittersweet reminder of the comedy we've been missing in this new age of sueaky clean earnestnessThe seventh of Kennedy's novels about the capitol of New York opens as World War II closes Albany's dashing young mayor is returning from battle a decorated soldier ready to defend his city With the Nazis vanuished the new enemy is a Republican governor determined to clear out the city's network of political cronies gangsters prostitutes and bookies — a direct attack on the Democratic PartyAt the controls of that machine are three crafty crooks who've been friends since their shared boyhood on the city streets they have come to own Patsy McCall the party's leader; Elisha Fitzgibbon the party's moneyman and the mayor's dad; and finally Roscoe the party's brains a man who understands that real power is exercised by men who can't be seenLately though even that shadowy role seems burdensome to Roscoe I'm 55 years old he notes and going no place With another world war won it's a new age that calls for new corruptionAfter decades of workaday graft the thought of gearing up for another contest sounds exhausting Besides rumors on the street say the Feds are moving in on him He's not really worried but he's literally and figuratively heartsick still aching from a bullet lodged in his chest since World War I and still pining for Elisha's voluptuous wifeBut no sooner does he reveal his plans to retire than Elisha beats him to the punch by committing suicide Apparently the heat was getting to him too though he leaves only the thinnest evidence to help Roscoe discover their enemy The chief of police who is conveniently Roscoe's brother can cover up embarrassing details but the party machinery throws a rod and Roscoe is the only ualified mechanic on hand to fix Albany's splendid City HallAt the same time Elisha's widow calls on him to defend her against a paternity suit brought by her licentious sister The scandals surrounding Elisha's death and now his 12 year old son conflate to produce a perfect storm than enough to blow away the mayor's reelection and 25 years of patriotic crimeIt's a crisis that appeals to Roscoe's rage for duty and his chivalric fantasy a chance to clear his dead friend's name embrace his now available widow and defend the party of good working men and women against the forces of cold hearted RepublicanismHis greatest challenges though are internal The heartache he's been feeling manifests itself in a life threatening ailment What's worse strife within the gang threatens to dismantle the party When Roscoe should be shuffling off to a uiet retirement graciously funded by years of protection money he finds himself instead investigating a murder sleuthing through Elisha's whorehouses and trying to settle a blood feud between big time cockfighters — a sport that's probably never been described in such plucky detailRoscoe carries out these duties with a maestro's finesse In one of his best moments he punches out a critical journalist sets his own bail pays it with city funds and then schedules his own arraignment Democracy in actionFans still reeling from the emotional assault of Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize winning Ironweed 1984 will find this new novel a different but no less brilliant book Roscoe barrels along with the wild vitality America hasn't seen since EL Doctorow's Ragtime It's a winking confident novel full of snappy irony but capable of dropping into dark horror or sweet sympathyKennedy has perfected a hybrid voice that's as likely to mock these gangsters as celebrate them As Roscoe's emergency repairs move forward the story dips back into the party's history adding so many characters to this outrageous collection that you'll want to maintain a genealogy on the back cover to keep everybody straightClearly they've won the author over as they do us He can't help but address them directly slapping their shoulders and laughing at their exploits How gleefully they condemn their enemies' buildings fine them out of business harass them into submission all the while looking out for the little guy At times Kennedy's delight with their hubris overwhelms him and the narrative rises into fits of surrealism that are pure delightRoscoe tries to succeed by making it a practice to be honest whenever it seems feasible His heart is not well but it's good and through these tall tales he emerges as a man of both principle and principal dedicated to a system of corruption in defense of the weak and his own pocket When asked by a judge How do you plead? he responds Less guilty than yourself with all due respect Your Honor It's an artistic triumph and a moral scandal that Kennedy can make us root for this shameless hustlerOriginally published in The Christian Science Monitor

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    So well written Clever way of blending magic realism in Roscoe’s memories distinguished from the narrative of the now Such venal low lifes however well educated those Albany pols wereare Ultimately their lives revolved around sex prostitution gambling cock fighting greed corruption power

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    Within the last six months I've read the three books in the Albany trilogy by William Kennedy and liked them less and less I guess I don't see the humor in a bunch of crooks who are cheating people beating up people running bookmaking and other rackets and hitting on every woman they see And I find it hard to believe that there were in the 1920s and1930s so many woman eager and willing to go to bed with men who weren't there husbands I found the same thing hard to believe in Billy Phelan though it came across as believable in Ironweed because it was muted and the women seemed to have reasonable libidosI didn't live in Albany during that time and yes I know it was a wide open town but still The things that the characters do are way beyond believable in total Not individually but in totalSo while the book is supposed to be a black comedy I think it hits me like Who is this guy kidding? Is this like every weak chinned authors' wet dream of how tough he could be? Is it like Hemingway but set in Albany instead of Spain? And with the sex explicit?For people who are interested in politics this book will probably be rather entertaining It takes a look at the underbelly of how things got done and in that sense I think has than a little accuracy Elections were and probably still are stolen and people were paid to vote or intimidated not to vote And there is a symbiotic relationship between cops whores and politicians and they probably do operate closer to each other than is commonly assumed I mean if a honest politician and police chief really wanted to stop prostitution in a city it could be done But as this book shows there are a lot of forces that support keeping prostitution alive and so cops have to look the other way to some extentThe plot of this book has too many pieces and too many characters to summarize easily The focal point is a non practicing lawyer and political fixer named Roscoe and he's at the pinnacle of his success as WWII is ending He's got power and wealth and his Democrats remain in control of Albany His best friend Patsy is the ruthless violent political boss of town and his other best friend Elisha is the untainted and extraordinarily wealthy former state lieutenant governor All should be well But Roscoe is tired of fighting tired of whoring tired of bribing and so on The book chronicles about a week in his life when people kill themselves and are murdered; reveal hidden paternity; get beat up or do the beating; preen for the press; return from the war to a hero's welcome; settle old scores; and rekindle old romances Roscoe stumbles through this week with what turns out to be a near fatal heart condition He's hospitalized twice in between drinks Hershey bars and sandwiches that would kill a horseAnd when the week is up he's saved the estate of the woman he has loved for 30 years seen the death of a friend and a brother watched the ascendance of a new political force in town and has affirmed his desire to set out on his own for a new future And it should be noted that the primary action is about a week but it takes a few months for things to ultimately settle down And lengthening the book's perspective a lot of it is told as Roscoe's memories of how he and his friends seized power and held it for the last 25 yearsI won't give away the twists But one twist that I really like comes at the end where Roscoe is scolded by someone he has helped and who he respects and it's the one time that Roscoe gets a glimpse of how others see him Throughout the book he's been this knight in shining armor who has averted one crisis after another the ultimate fixer who never loses in the courtroom whorehouse bar newspaper office or anywhere else And yet other people might not actually see him that way Maybe he's just a guy who hangs out with low lifes and losers and his time is up And maybe Roscoe is smart enough to realize that and rich enough to be able to leave that life behind

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    Tragicomic story about Albany politics people and sordid lives Brilliantly executed proof of Kennedy's genius it expresses deep even insurmountable cynicism No heroes here just anti heroes vs fools vs outright villains you choose which is which I prefer Kennedy when he expresses some glimmer of hope None found here

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    Sadly Kennedy has finally penned an utter stinker as part of the Albany Cycle Read the other 6 or 7 and you'll have a brilliant history of the place This one is a bore with a boring character at the center of it

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    Rubbishplain and simple

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    This is writing and storytelling at its most powerful Gritty spare evocative it's everything a reader wants in a book Run don't walk

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    This book contains one of the best descriptions of how an urban political machine operates

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    I don’t know about you but from my point of view it seems like these days are dominated politics We’re being force fed a steady diet of it like geese being prepared for goose liver pate’ in a gourmet restaurant at least until the fall slaughter er ah I meant to say election when it will all be over after a lot of suawking feathers and hatchet jobs With that in mind I thought it would be fun to do something different in this weeks MBR and review a non mystery And yep you guessed it it’s about politics You didn’t think I gave you that lead in for nothing did you?The novel is titled Roscoe Viking 2002 2495 291 pages ISBN 0 670 03029 5 by William Kennedy who lives and writes inAlbanyNew YorkRoscoe is the seventh novel in what is called the Albany Cycle by Kennedy who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Ironweed the third work in the group It was made into an award winning movie starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep and responsible for making homelessness into a front burner issue with the American publicRoscoe Conway is a kingmaker the so called “man behind the throne” who makes and implements policy as well as strategizing for the king Roscoe is the brain trust for the political machine that controls the Democrat party in Albany during the 1920’s and 30’s thus controlling the office of the Governor and all the political appointments for New York StateAs the book begins it’s VJ day WWII has ended and Roscoe has decided to uit politics forever because he recognizes that the game is changing and he no longer has the heart or the stomach for it When word leaks out about his decision however threats of retaliation against him and his family begin And Roscoe a man without scruples finds himself ensnared; he’s a victim of his own deviousness and the man who points out that “The truth is in the details even if you invent the details” is faced with the realization that his problems in the present all tie in with his deeds of the past as he recounts them one by one Roscoe is on my list of the year’s Best Books for 2008 and I find it no less compelling when revisiting it today Truth be told I highly recommend these four books of the Albany Cycle Leg’s Billy Phelan’s Greatest Game Ironweed and Roscoe to everyone with an interest in historyNew York State and great writing You’ll love the details whether made up or real

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    Inevitably this classically American novel ends up on a gambling riverboat The Hudson the Mississippi the best metaphor for America is always the floating opera inhabited by earnest tricksters And by ironically honest folks who wish the world would operate the way it should so they wouldn't have to game itAmong scant others William Kennedy brings the Rustbelt back to our literary realities which seem always to be out West or down South No matter how many authors might have been born and raised here upstate of Manhattan in New York Ginsberb Carol Oates there've been a few who render forward our gritty past Even Tim Russert might ualify as a real life denizen in one of Kennedy's novels although he would seem too improbably goodBut it's Mark Twain and his riverboats that I'm reminded of mostly He was also from these parts claimed by Elmira New York with as much validity as by anywhere else Roscoe describes the world leading up to and around the lost innocence of the Bomb Machine politics rum running cock fighting boozing and womanizing among people who seem to wish it didn't have to be that way But it did and so they tried to forgive themselves Twain without the twinkleThey managed to carry on despite failed loves lost lives and buried reputations Nothing comes out clean in the end where the Bomb is never so present as by its omission We might pay attention once again to who we were back then and so very close to home We might wonder how easily still our votes get bought or sold and our consciences tricked And we might uestion how sure we are that we are the first ones to lead conscious lives in the shadow of imminent destruction

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