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Ekindle an old passion But Joy set him sizzling It was not her cooking that had him salivating but the sway of her hips And though magicians never divulge their secrets Joy tempted him to confide his innermost desires In a flash Mark realized their passion was no illusion but the magic of true lov

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The Trickster

Cted by the fireworks the magician sparked in her But with a kiss silkier than her custard cream he melted away her defenses And she knew the master showman had performed the greatest trick of all setting her heart afireA Recipe for MagicMark had traveled to Louisiana to uncover the truth not to r

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The Joy of CookingLong after she'd given up on his return Matthew Mark Hennessy strolled back into Joy Taylor's life bolder than Hermes when he'd stolen Apollo's cattle But Joy was no longer the girl who had so easily trusted him with her heart An aspiring chef she had no intention of being distra

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    This is the first in her Olympus series and it has a great premise In present day Zeus has realized that he has to fix things in his l

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