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Just Nuffin

Sure he'd be boredBut then Dad finds Nuffin an abandoned puppy who's a bundle of skin and bone than a dog Roger's holiday is transformed and so.

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On he and Nuffin are inseperable But Dad is adamant that Nuffin must find a new home Is there any way Roger can persuade him to change his mind..

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The summer holidays loomed ahead with nothing to look forward to except one dreary week in a caravan with only mum and dad for company Roger was.

About the Author: Colin Dann

Colin Dann born in Richmond Surrey now part of London is an English author He is best known for his The Animals of Farthing Wood series of books which was subseuently made into an animated seriesDann worked at the publishing firm William Collins Sons Co for thirteen years and his first novel The Animals of Farthing Wood was written during this period The original cover for thi.

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    This one is super fun exploring relationships and connections One of my favorite Dann books

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