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    Full review now postedReview posted to Swept Away By Romance3 12 to 4 stars In Rides Trouble is the second book in the Black Knights series and picks up right where the first book Hell on Wheels left off To say I enjoyed this story than the first is an understatement I felt the characters were fleshed out and the plot consistent and easy to follow I'm still not a fan of the multiple points of view this author uses throughout the plot but I wasn't as distracted by them as I was in the first book I really liked the heroine Rebecca She was self assured brave  endearing and a lot of fun I truly enjoyed getting to know her The hero Frank is another matter My feelings vacillated between frustration and annoyance While Frank was generally a nice and swoon worthy hero he was continually fighting his feelings for the heroine and frankly it grew old and tiresome Once he admitted to himself and accepted it was okay to be in love with the her I enjoyed his character much  Overall I enjoyed reading this story I recommend it to those who like angst suspense humor and a lot of action and adventure in their romance books  ARC courtesy of Sourcebooks via NetGalley

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    In Rides Trouble is the second book in Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knights Inc series and another fun sexy read This story picks up right where the first ended continuing the emotional standoff between Frank “Boss” Knight and Rebecca “Rebel” ReichartFrank is a man tormented by memories of a less than ideal childhood raised – sort of – by a less than ideal man in a less than ideal environment Afraid of being the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree of infidelity Frank avoids relationships that don’t meet his exacting standards which means when it comes to Becky Reichart he runs doesn’t walk the other way In his mind he’s doing the right thing by keeping her at arm’s length but like it or not he’s drawn to her like he’s never been drawn to a woman before and doesn’t know what to do about it Adding to the madness defining his attraction to Becky is that she’s also nagging to be a member of his elite team of covert operatives which is something that as far as he’s concerned will never happen Becky is enjoying some time away from ‘the shop’ Okay truth be told she’s not really ‘enjoying’ herself at all In actuality she’s just off licking her wounds wounds caused by her annoying fantasy fueling business partner Frank “Boss” Knight It drives Becky crazy that he can’t seem to accept that she’s is a grown up woman capable of making grown up woman decisions and taking care of her grown up woman self Pushed too hard and too far Becky decides some time away from the hot sexy thorn in her side is exactly what she needs until she finds herself the hostage of Somali pirates and starts wishing she’d never left the safely of her Chicago motorcycle shop There are many things that made this an entertaining story Revisiting some of the players from the first book and having a closer look at the way the team operates is just a couple of them Finally getting to the meat of Frank’s issues and watching he and Becky work through them is another Though honestly there were times I wanted to scream at Frank to just get over it and move on because their relationship development had started to drag which made other parts of the story feel sluggish as well And while this is one of those times when the “deep dark secret” wasn’t really that deep and dark all in all In Rides Trouble is an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to in the series355 stars My thanks to netgalleycom and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I was so excited for these two's story It was all set up in Book One Hell on Wheels Older 39 Boss of the special ops team Frank and younger 26 feisty mechanic extraordinaire Becky They've been secretly in love with each other for three years now But much to Becky's frustration and disappointment Frank won't make a move on her because a She's 13 years younger than him and b he's her boss technically and c view spoilerhe made a promise to his sister that he'd never become like his philandering no good father who regularly cheated on Frank's mom with younger women hide spoiler

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Becky Reichert has never been the type to chase after trouble but somehow it keeps finding her While needing some space away from the one man she can never have Becky and her friend Eve find themselves in the middle of the Indian Ocean having been kidnapped by a band of pirates who will force Becky with her talents to force her to do their dirty work for them What she needs is her boys the Black Knights to find her before its too late for her or Eve Frank knows that despite his feelings for Becky he can never have her However when he discovers that she has been kidnapped by pirates and goes out to rescue her all his resolve weakens and discovers he will do anything to keep her safe but while out on the rescue Frank and Becky discover a hidden desire one that once set free will be even harder to contain The Hero Frank an Ex SEAL and the leader of the Black Knights prides himself on being above reproach especially when it comes to how he interacts with those he is over Frank comes up with reasons to not be with Becky even if he has always had a part of him love her But he refuses to be his father who had countless affairs with young women Frank considers himself to be way too old for Becky and puts distance between them But after she gets kidnapped and rescued Frank has a harder time keeping distance between them and will need to face his inner demons to claim the woman he loves “I guess if I'd wanted a nice biddable wife I should've looked somewhere other than a tattooed sharp tongued Harley riding motorcycle designer” Frank could be frustrating at times I felt that he does put off the relationship a bit too long but you do get a flashback to a interaction he has with his father that helps you understands his reasons I did really like him for the most part and I love the way he backs up his team The Heroine Becky has had to prove herself countless times especially among the Black Knights but most especially to Frank Becky is a mechanic welder and can shoot and drive the bikes and cars she supes up with the best of them But Becky is always trying to push her way into being a part of the boys club She may be the sister to one of the boys but they never let her in like she feels she needs to be I truly loved Becky She takes risks and chances but she kicks ass in many ways She has some fabulous strength you have to admire but she also has vulnerabilities especially when it comes to Frank It was interesting seeing how she battles within herself and the way she grows in this story Plot and Story Line Honestly I really enjoyed In Rides Trouble not as much as I did book one but there were many things that I found likable about this story Now I would put this book on the romantic suspense shelf mostly because of the first half of the book and the last scenes which are very suspense and action oriented At first you aren't sure about this couple and most especially about Frank Because the way its written makes you think there is a love triangle or even cheating involved Frank goes off in secret to see a woman and her son So you assume they are together and all but I want to tell you all right now there is no CHEATING in any way and you learn in the later half of the book the true identity of the woman so keep with the story if you think that will keep you from enjoying it I will say that thinking about him cheating for much of the book really rankled me and not in good ways I just didn't know what to think of Frank most of the time But eventually I grew to really like him even if he's way too proud and stubborn But our heroine is like a bulldozer She goes after what she wants and Frank needed a woman like that I did enjoy the way the story plays out in the end and the story did bring a smile on my face and I am very much looking forward to exploring this series further and seeing of these Black Knights and the women that tame them You can't tell me whether I can or can't cry Frank Geez Nothing to shed tear over woman I'm not crying over my near face plant into the ocean you big dumb dill hole I'm crying because you scared me to death when you fainted His lips twisted Men don't faint I justIuhlost consciousness God whatever she huffed The Cover I always love a good cover with a motorcycle and honestly has a t shirt on a male ever looked sexierwho needs a naked chest? I like the purple it just seems to work Overall View In Rides Trouble is an action packed romance that is highly engaging has a witty yet snarky humor and keeps you enthralled by a love story that is hard to win but worth the fight in the end Click To Buy On foogallery id26145

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    Becky with the good hair? In Rides Trouble is the second installment of the Black Knights Inc series It features Becky aka Rebel and how somethings leads her to go on an unplanned sailing trip that leads to some sort of danger Becky has been training to become an operator within the BKI Well until one day she and the Boss aka Frank have a disagreement about something This leads her to go on an unexpected sailing trip with her friend Eve Now sailing does sound fun but I already had a feeling that something overdramatic was about to go down Low and behold these two girls somehow get captured by fucking pirates Yep you read that right I mean they were Somali pirates and everything but again a bit overdramatic right?After this capture Becky needs to get Frank and boys from BKI to come and save her and Eve How? I have no fucking clue but I also know that it's somehow going to work outNot going to lie this book was jam packed with action from start to finish I couldn't put it down It was also super entertaining to read Again things were a bit overdramatic to me but eh I still liked the book At this point I have no idea who I liked Becky or Frank Their POV's were highly entertaining and definitely a bit cliché Their whole relationship was definitely cliché and the whole mystery behind it was meh in my eyesFrank was beyond stubborn and it frustrated me to no end Then there's Becky who was a fun character but had those damn insecurities I loved that she was opinionated and had some snark to her but eh these two could've been a bit better in my eyes Their romancechemistry was okay but I didn't really connect with it either There wasn't a lot of romance or smut in this book and I do love my smut peopleOverall it was an okay kind of book I have no idea when I will be able to dive into the third book but I hope it's better than this one

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    35 4 starwell I have to admit I liked this one than the first book in the series Becky was such a great heroine She was strong and smart and sassy I liked Frank well enough He wasn't a hero I just swooned over though I think that's due to the fact that he resisted acting on his feelings for sooooo stinking long That and the fact that I had to stop reading mid book and scroll through the reviews because I thought Frank was cheating on a significant other by sleeping with Becky Thankfully my GR friends set me straight and told me to keep reading and ignore the knit in my stomach thanks Megan

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    In Rides Trouble4 StarsFor Becky Reichart it was love at first sight when she met Frank Knight Unfortunately Frank is determined to keep his distance and Becky is running out of patience Nevertheless when she and her friend are kidnapped by Somali pirates while on vacation Becky has no doubt that Frank will be coming for and this time she won’t allow him to get away Although the romance is better than book #1 the plot borders on the ridiculous and there are far too many references to popular culture and unexplained military slangFrank and Becky have great chemistry and their interactions are entertaining Becky’s feistiness makes her a very appealing heroine although she does have a tendency toward leaping before she looks Frank is a hunk but his excuse for not wanting to be in a relationship with Becky makes absolutely no sense whatsoever even considering the circumstances As to the Somali pirates plot it is inane to say the least with the most inept and idiotic pirates to ever grace the seas That said the rescue scenes plays out well and the obsessed villain scenario has its exciting moments too The characterization for the secondary cast is also good with hints at Bill and Eve’s past as well as the introduction of a mysterious stranger with some connection to Shell Their book is next and I’ll be reading it sometime soon

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    I absolutely love love love this series and In Rides Trouble is just another reason why I was so excited to read this book because I fell in love with Frank and Becky in Hell On Wheels and couldn't wait to see how their romance played out I was not disappointed Julie Ann Walker continues to entertain me with stories filled with such rough and lovable characters They pull me into the story from the beginning and hold on long after the end In Rides trouble was full of laughter tears and action with a tiny kick ass Dum Dum addicted heroine and a short tempered over protective huge older Alpha male who was fighting not to fall in love So good I wanted Frank and Becky's HEA but I did not want to see their journey come to an end I love how devious Julie was with Frank's character I can't wait to see what happens with Billy Eve Angel Rock Ozzie Shell and Snake So looking forward to Rev It Up A great addition to the series and another reread for me Definitely recommended 5 out of 5 rating ARC obtained per NetGalley

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    5 In Rides Trouble Stars In Rides Trouble is book two in the Black Knights Inc series by Julie Ann Walker I was completely sold on book one and had to get my hands on book two write away Thank goodness for the library ^^ This one was just as good as Hell on Wheels Conflicts arise and sexy men are in abundance Frank Boss Knight and Rebecca Rebel Reichert are introduced in book one The author did a great job setting us up for these characters They are both very strong and caring individuals When they get together it’s spectacular This was an interesting relationship to begin with Frank has some issues manly that Becky is to young and drives him insane and Becky has been in love with Frank from the 1st meeting These two have loved each other for so long but its a journey for them to work through their problems before they can have a future together The misunderstandings and trials that they go through make the relationshipromance that much stimulating JWalker gives us a well balanced story and some great background information on all the characters in the Black Knights team If you enjoy romantic suspense then I recommend this series

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    I'm enjoying the characters from the Black Knights Inc series Every book gives a little bit of info on each character making me want to know Here the head of the organization Frank Knight finally has to deal with his pesky problem Becky Reichert Three years they've been driving each other insane Constantly bickering aka foreplay Becky is the resident mechanic and her business is a front for Frank's black op organization A substantial age difference between them and Frank's honor code makes this a slow and agonizing build up Becky has a tendency to get into trouble and when she gets kidnapped and held for ransom by Somali pirates things become very interestingGreat descriptions and vivid imagery made this book even better I felt like I was actually there Love the writing the storylines and characters Definitely onto the next one

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