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But Britt has a secret as dark as the hills and JT’s past is poised to invade their present It’s up to the people of Hellcat Canyon to help make sure their future includes a happily ever after “Julie Anne Long’s writing glows with emotional intensity and strong passionate characterization” JAYNE ANN KRENTZ? Buddy re read November 2018 — not much changed her for me Still flawed but a lot to like too35 st Double Jeopardy up to the people of Hellcat Canyon to help make sure their future includes a happily ever after “Julie Anne Long’s writing glows with emotional intensity and strong passionate characterization” JAYNE ANN KRENTZ? Buddy re read November 2018 — not much changed her for me Still flawed but a lot to like too35 st

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A broken truck a broken career and a breakup heard around the world land superstar John Tennessee McCord in Hellcat Canyon Legend has it that hearts come in two colors there gold or black And that you can find whatever you’re looking for whether it’s love or trouble JT may have found both in waitress Britt LangleyH Stays mostly in the shallow end no risk story telling Hero reminded me a little bit of SEP's Bobby

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Is looks might cause whiplash and weak knees but Britt sees past JT’s rough edge and sexy drawl to a person a lot like her in need of the kind of comfort best given hot and uick with clothes off and the lights out  Her wit is sharp but her eyes and heart not to mention the rest of her are soft and JT is falling hard B R with the lovely Sam25 starsHot in Hellcat Canyon is one of those books that I'll remember readi

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    The internet not just for porn any Okay I admit the internet has than just porn I've heard But it is still the best place to get your porn people have told me So what's your favorite porn site? I'm asking for a friendSo I started this series by reading the third book and loved it This one didn't let me down Super funny super likable characters super cute romanceYes they fell in love too easily but whatever They had chemistry so I'm inclined to forgive that The only time that really annoys me is when there is some sort of insta love between characters and you can't find one reason why These two had lots of steam and cuteness going onHere are her thoughts on his butt A veritable Faberge' egg of an ass rare and compelling That's beautiful And holy shit it's the perfect amount of syllables for a haiku That makes me strangely ecstatic I love haiku It's a lost art formOkay so you are kind of stuck in a box with the syllable thing but anyone can do itOh come on It's not THAT hard See? Kitty can do itOkay back to the review So I have bad news for the Hemsworth brothers Dear potential boyfriendsI'm sorry I haven't answered your urgent pleas to leave my husband for you but I'm afraid that I've decided that dating a celebrity isn't for me I will however take a vial of your tears that you cry over receiving this letter as a keepsakeYou're welcomeJillyPS Here's a beautiful haiku to remember me byYeah that's gonna sting them for a bit They'll walk it offSo obviously as I've inferred this story is about a small town waitress falling for a movie star And get this he falls back Way to screw up things for small town boys forever authorThey will never touch a boobie now that all the girls are just waiting for their own Hemsworth to drive through their dump of a town and fall in love with them at a dumpy dinerOh well they'll always have internet pornWhich reminds me so what was that great porn site again?My friend really wants to knowAaaand we are back round to where I said I can't date a celebrity after all See they get caught on camera and put all over the gossip sites That just wouldn't work for me You see I'm a train wreck I know I know You're shockedYou start to take photos of my life and you will see me break down faster than Britney Spears shaved her head It would get ugly real uickThis book is light and fluffy romance It's just what you need during finals week Believe me finals week is a big thing in my house I will be hitting of these type of books until the madness is over

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    Reread w my friends Gaufre Joanna Nov 2018For my second read of this book I just sunk in a bit to JAL's prose right away JT was charming as expected and Britt wasn't as offensive initially I can't remember warming to her I couldn't remember why And I thought I will think on this Maybe only this while I read this bookOh She didn't show much vulnerability Ever Her grand gesture was sorta putting herself out there in what felt like the safest way possible after it's confirmed how he feels Ultimately that makes it his grand gesture twice in a sense view spoiler I'll forever wonder if they'd end up together if she hadn't seen that wedding video Thoughts? hide spoiler

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    Stays mostly in the shallow end no risk story telling Hero reminded me a little bit of SEP's Bobby Tom Denton with charm and flirt Heroine had abusive past but pretty much glossed over except for mention and device to create ending foil to HEA Small town cuteness drama and series baiting secondary characters Relationship skirted depth but couple had some fun back and forth Solid contemporary romance apple pie good but not terribly exciting

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    25 stars I enjoyed the author’s historicals but this book her first foray into contemporary romance land didn’t work for meSet in a small northern California town of Hellcat Canyon the story features two town outsiders Britt Langley a waitress who came to town to start over after bad marriage and JT McCord an actor looking for his next big break when his truck breaks down on the outskirts of Hellcat Canyon An actor and a waitress What can I say? Not very original And the small town setting was puzzlingly inconsistent The town had no hotels and just one BB but had couple of bus stops; no restaurants except for one dingy bar but Macy’s advertisements everywhere; no tourists but establishments such a fortune reading and boutiue store There was a reuired very predictable and over the –top portrayal of small town residents that supposed to be charming but instead felt grotesue Since the book was an introduction of the series the town and its residents played big part in itJT is pretty good character smart and charming His age 40 makes him little older than usual MC I liked it Britt is nice and sweet woman who tries to rebuild her life after abusive marriage I liked their banter their flirtation via food analogies and wordplay but I didn’t feel real connection to them There was no intensity no magic Their romance didn’t pull me in And actually I was little bored and ended up skimming some pages Introduction of JT's mega famous ex girlfriend didn’t help the story either turning it into a mean OW cliche and taking some shine out of JT because of the way he dealt with the OW Overall just an average and a very predictable read

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    He nearly crashed into a great dangling wind chime He gave it a startled swat It retaliated by swinging at him like nunchunks He dodged and feinted nimbly just in time before it took out an eye His black belt in karate came in useful at the damnedest timesSo I ended up sneaking back to this series a little sooner than I expected after having read book three a few days ago but honestly this is just what I needed this week More lighthearted but not stupid fun that has just enough of an 'aw' factor to make me feel but won't make me cry And this book delivered on all counts One scene even had me in stitches I laughed so hard; if you're into that kind of thing The whole town was apparently tracking her date like NORAD tracked SantaHOT IN HELLCAT CANYON features an actor trying to maintain a successful career years after a hit show complete with a loyal fanbase and a catch phrase he never wants to say again and a waitress who rescues plants gives new life to old worn out things and is trying to move on from a past experience that left her a little banged up but not broken Both have reason to be hesitant about emotional entanglements; one's not ever said the L word and one no one longer trusts herself to love the right person And yet here they are He was studying her with an expression akin to a YouTube video she'd seen of a Doberman attempting to befriend a cat who was having none of it Mildly puzzled but absolutely confident his charm would win the day if he could just figure out where to poke his noseLong's writing really is so good There's something so effortlessly captivating and whimsical and funny and emotional about her scenes Not to mention her characters I might not have loved this one as much as I did DIRTY DANCING AT DEVIL'S LEAP there was exgirlfriend drama a misunderstanding and stubbornness at play so you know that's always a hit or miss for me buuuut it was still really good Do you think I can't possibly have any feelings of my own because my job is to have pretend ones?The banter this woman churns out my god The banter is just gold And as befits a series opener this book also really plays up the uirks of the town of Hellcat Canyon and it was fun seeing early glimpses of characters I had already met briefly along the way I'm a horse?Technically you're a stallion Because I'm hung like one?You're uite adeuately hung but that's not why Adeuately hung Say dirty things like that to me I want that on my headstone when I die 'He was adeuately hung'If you're looking for a really sweet story with heat word play with friends charm and some raw self reflection and discovery as well as the delight of newly discovered female friendships I definitely recommend this book I'm so looking forward to the next in the series as I hear from trusted buddies that the hero is so far the swooniest of them all Yes please375 if this was heaven he hoped hell had a better decorator stars

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    B R with the lovely Sam25 starsHot in Hellcat Canyon is one of those books that I'll remember reading in a year but will only be barely able to recount especially any truly memorable moments Those moments that make me smile long after I finished It's not crap Not the main characters JT and Britt though Britt got on my nerves towards the end not the secondary characters not the small town stereotypes not the plot That said I have no clue why JAL felt the need to incorporate The Bitchy Ex trope How to explain this? I believe JAL to be one of the 'classier' authors and that trope was a cheap shot in my opinion Why do we still need the bitchy ex to outline the heroine's brilliance? Why are we women still doing that to ourselves? I don't mind it when one of the main characters still has some sort of unresolved issues with hishers former partner but why does the woman have to be so clichéed? Moving onThe Hellcat Canyon series will be a contemporary Pennyroyal Green series with many other characters already introduced and sadly Hot in Hellcat Canyon suffers from the 'first in a series ' syndrome in which a lot of time is spent on introducing us to the various secondary characters a little of their backgrounds the town the atmosphere the legends etc That's also why it reminded me so much of the Pennyroyal Green seriesThat and the language I'll will read the next as I already have it but there were uite a few times where I thought 'Yep JAL needs to learn to speak Contemporary' But now she suspected the man who had once blithely partaken of women as if they were a bowl of peanuts and probably would have blithely partaken of her too before last night    was being careful with her Who speaks or thinks that way? I mean it as a non native speaker and someone who had to go through various torturous linguistics seminars I keep trying to figure out how the language adepts to different areas of life socially culturally economically After living in the UK for over 10 years I have yet to hear someone say 'partaken' I know the word obviously but I've never heard anyone say it To use it in this context sounds very HR to me Anyway I'll stop whining now It wasn't as bad as I make it out to be It was still solid writing and the banter actually between all characters was really good Hello JAL Thank you Sam for the wonderful b r and sorry if it was a little chaotic with my RL shizzle getting in between

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    Buddy re read November 2018 — not much changed her for me Still flawed but a lot to like too35 starsI rarely read contemporary romances but I am a fan of JAL's historicals so decided to give this one a try The start was a bit rough The first chapter was clunky and wordy but once I got past the start I found myself really enjoying the story and characters I was definitely picking if up every chance I got which wasn't always easy through the holiday This is the first in the series and it certainly feels like a first in series book It succeeded in getting me interested in the series and I have checked out the next from the libraryWhile I enjoyed the pairing I wasn't thrilled the direction the story took in the last third Too much time spent with an Ex too little talking between our main characters I also found some of the small details about the small town didn't add up They sounded like a big city person writing their idea of a small town For example the bus service sounded like it ran late well into the evening which it likely would not have lasted that long Also what small town even has bus service? And even if it does the advertising on the bus seats would be local ads not expensive one with famous movie stars Then again small town California may look much different than small town Midwest so perhaps I am just wrongOverall I enjoyed this story despite its flaws The characters felt real and relatable which is a reason I keep coming back to JAL I will be continuing with this series

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    This was an outstanding discovery Mostly JT and Britt were fantastic romantic leads and their interactions were a lot of fun Julie Anne Long does banter very well and the flirty sparks were strong and hit just the right mix of wit and anticipationThe only real drawback was the last uarter tangle where both leads lost some of their defining characteristics to draw the book out? view spoilerI mean both turned coward in ways I didn't appreciate Long establishes that they're both wounded and I get their hesitation to commit But both Britt and JT go beyond what I thought reasonable for someone in love and wanting Indeed at different points both acknowledge they are in love determine that they'll say so at the next possible opportunity and then do the exact opposite instead when the chance presents itself by actively pushing the other away hide spoiler

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    3 StarsThis book suffered from FBISSFirst Book in the Series Syndrome It was an ok read nothing phenomenal but I enjoyed it and I forgot how real Long’s characters are Looking forward to the next books in the series I'm always messaging Julie on twitter asking her when she's going to write another historical her answer is always not right now And I keep asking and she gives me the same answerI'm surprised she still answers me lol Sooooo since I can't get my hands on a new JAL historical I'll cozy up with her new contemporary series I really hope it's a goodie

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Hot In Hellcat Canyon is a story I have been looking forward to and I admit my expectations were very high maybe too high It's always an interesting experience when an author changes genres In the past I have adored this author's historical's so I was curious to see how she would handle contemporary My biggest issue with this book was that the first half of the book was boring and I had a hard time paying attention to the story I kept reading because it's an ARC copy and I felt obligated to at least finish it I am relieved to say that about halfway I started to become interested in the story It does start out pretty slow It starts off with our hero who is a famous actor has come to stay in Hellcat Canyon for a few weeks Our heroine is a waitress and works on the side as a real estate realtor These two have some chemistry but Britt has a painful past when it comes to men I understand in a way why she mistrusted JT but I did feel that she should have trusted him JT is a hoot and a fabulous hero He is genuine and sincere and even though a bit of a playboy having been an actor and a famous one at that once he commits to someone he is loyal Of course he makes mistakes but he owns up to them but he also sets boundaries and doesn't apologize for things he never acted upon I did like that about him he forces Britt to face up to her own mistakes too I'm not saying you're helpless Britt I don't think that for a minute It's just that no one can completely take care of themselves Not even me and I have a freaking black belt in karate It's not a man versus woman thing It's a 'let somebody care about you thing' And sometimes that takes guts and sense than taking on the whole damn world by yourself But man can he be romantic and sweet when he has a mind too The second half of the story really worked for me and I loved the way it turns out in the end definitely a tear or two was shed in the reading Although I wish the first half was just as good not a bad beginning for this series and I am looking forward to see what Julie Anne Long has in store for us with this series Overall a fun and charming story that is poignant and emotionally riveting foogallery id21952

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