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    April 28 2018This baby is finally ready for editing Hoping to have this out in May or early JuneMarch 18 2018 Finally done with most of the house renovations did a lot of the work myself this past year so I'm finally getting some real time to write again Halfway done with this one but I got an additional 10K words in the past few days I know you guys have been waiting patiently so thank you Life is busy with a full time

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They won’t even see it comingThe pure line Immortal Archives PDF #186 has flourished silently Hollow The MOBI #224 for thousands of years their secrets unbeknownst to even th.

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Hollow The Immortal Archives #4

He pures with invisible monstrosities only Emily and Ruby can see Badly outnumbered and short on time this battle will bring about a dark and deadly reality no one is ready for.

DOWNLOAD · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Devon Ashley

Eir closest fellow The Immortal Archives eBook #8608 supernaturals But the force that wiped out their numbers in the beginning has returned to finish the job striking against t.