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Hincmar of Rheims

Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims d is a crucial figure for all those interested in early medieval European history in general and Carolingian history in particular For forty years he was an advisor to kings and religious controversialist his works are a key source for the political religious and social history of the later ninth c

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Ion It brings together the latest international research across the spectrum of his varied activities as history writer estate administrator hagiographer canonist pastorally engaged bishop and politically minded royal advisor The introduction also provides the first substantial English language survey of Hincmar's whole career

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Entury covering topics from papal politics to the abduction of women and the role of parish priests For the first time since Jean Devisse's biography of Hincmar of ePUB #10003 Hincmar in the s this book offers a three dimensional examination of a figure whose actions and writings in different fields are often studied in isolat

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