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The wedding If only Baltasar Escalante weren't still out there  Alessandro believes he's plotting against the Vance and Montgomery families My cousin uinn has been busy restoring detective Becca Hilliard's house.

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Hearts on the Line

TO ALCRANECSSENTINELORG FROM COLLEENMONTGOMERYCSSENTINELORGBossI'm finishing up all my articles before Alessandro and I get married later this month He's thrilled his uncle Max is out of the hospital and can attend.

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But he's also on alert following the explosion at the hospital I'd be thrilled if uinn and Becca became a couple but I wonder how safe Hearts on ePUB #10003 it is to fall in love when there's a madman on the loose.

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    Final book in the seriesuinn Montgomery owner of Montgomery Construction and Rebecca Hilliard detective and Sam Vance's partner storyuinn and Becca have met before but they are thrown together as uinn is trying to talk one of his workers out of jumping from ten stories up Becca also works as a negotiator so sh

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    Worth reading but not exceptional