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Lutionary John Maclean founder of the Barras Maggie McIver and the inimitable Billy Connolly whose humour and colourful personality are synonymous with the cityFrom the Battle of George Suare to the bravery of the Glasgow people during the Blitz Great Glasgow Stories provides an all encompassing view of the city throughout the eras.. Great stories from a great city Brilliant

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Great Glasgow Stories

Few cities in the world abound with so many extraordinary stories as Glasgow The city has been the silent witness to some of Great Glasgow ePUB #8608 the most significant events of the past century from major triumphs to cataclysmic calamities and the best of these anecdotes are compiled here to form this uniue collectionAmongst the. it took a bit long to come

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Notable events revisited are the launching of the ueen Mary which captivated the citys inhabitants in the victorious month work in campaign by the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders in the early s the Ibrox disaster of and the plague that gripped the Gorbals in Some of Glasgows most successful people are also covered including Clydeside revo. good price and fast delivery

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    A great insight into Glasgow s social and cultural history What a city, there s certainly none like it elsewhere and these short stories give you an insight.

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    it took a bit long to come

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    good price and fast delivery

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    This is a fascinating book on historical stories of Glasgow It is written in a way to quickly get you engrossed and hard to put down

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    Great stories from a great city Brilliant.

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    This is a well researched collection of stories.Some better known than others to non Glaswegians like me but very interesting I learned a lot an

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    Good damage free book

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    Great read for all funs of Glasgow You would never believe what happened in the past in your neighbourhood Easy to read and very entertaining.

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