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Have joined forces with new allies the Expats But when even the most familiar faces can’t be trusted Gray will have to tread carefully if he wants to succeed or survive 35 starsForged is ERP Demystified if he wants to succeed or survive 35 starsForged Somos chicos de menta (Tomo 5) is

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Forged by Erin Bowman

N ever to its ultimate goal building an unstoppable army and every generation of Forgeries is sophisticated harder to detect and deadlier than the one beforeNow the rebels Even going in with

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The time has come to make a standGray Weathersby and his group of rebels are determined to bring down the Franconian Order But they may be too late The Order is closer tha I really love this

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    Hooray The cover has been revealed See it in all it's high res glory HEREStealing Jodi Meadow's brilliant teaser idea I will release a FORGED teaser for every 1000 goodreads adds Go forth and add it to your shelves2K TEASER TEASER TEASER ??

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    Hot diggity Review posted on The Eater of Books blogForged by Erin BowmanBook Three of the Taken seriesPublisher HarperTeenPublication Date April 14 2015Rating 3 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsGray Weathersby and his group of rebels must make their final stand in the epic conclusion to the Taken trilogy which New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu called an action packed thrill ride from beginning to endThe Order is building an unstoppable army with every generation of Forgeries harder to detect and deadlier than the one before It’s time for Gray and his fellow rebels to end the Order's world of lies But when the most familiar faces—and even the girl he loves—can’t be trusted Gray will have to tread carefully if he wants to succeed Or surviveWhat I LikedI think of the three novels this one was my favorite Taken and Frozen received the same rating as this book but of the three star trilogy Forged is my favorite While it excelled in some areas in comparison to its predecessors it failed in other areas where the other two might have failed as well Overall I'm glad that I stuck it out and finished this series but it definitely isn't a favorite series of all time Gray Blaine Bree and the group of rebels must plan their every move carefully in order to take down Frank and the Order But Forgeries are everywhere and it's getting difficult to tell who is true and who is Forged This conclusion novel is rife with betrayals torture and heartbreakOne thing that really worked for me in this book was the resolution of the love triangle I stuck with this series because I liked the idea of it and I wanted to know how it would end I wasn't burning with curiosity but I like finishing what I start In this book from the start it is clear that Gray wants Bree and only Bree He constantly says that he loves Emma like he loves his friends like Sammy or Clipper Gray spends the whole book trying to convey to Bree that his deepest regret is vacillating over whether he loves her and wants to be with herSo I'm glad that love triangle was cleared up The romance was meh; on the one hand I hated Bree's tough girl act in terms of the romance On the other hand I see her point she wants to protect herself from being turned down or jilted by Gray again Understandable Just so we're clear I don't like Bree never haveThere is a lot of action in this book just as there is a lot of dead time I definitely did a lot of skimming in terms of the dead time but I was really invested in the action chunks at a time There was this one point in the book around page 160 when my heart stopped And broke And that was when I knew that no matter how this book would end this book would be my favorite of the series Bowman did something extremely shocking and heartbreaking and in the first half of the book I totally would have expected something like that in the very end of the book Props to her though I'm SO SAD about that event I have to be honest I couldn't remember much of the specifics of Taken and Frozen Which is very telling of how invested I was in this series I know But I think this novel functioned well as a conclusion novel The pacing was pretty consistent with the first two books ie slow and the novel addresses the big picture problem in little steps that lead to the big climax The finish is a bit cliche in my opinion but whatever It could have ended worseWhat I Did Not LikeI still don't like Bree She's too prickly and dense and standoffish and annoying and rude and brash and idiotic and did I mention annoying? I know what the author was going for a fiery brave independent girl who doesn't need a guy by her side Mostly I found her irritating The tough girl act got old real fast and I just wanted to punch her Talk about mixed signals Talk about stupid decisions Talk about double standards I did not like this girl She acts like she knows it all and everyone must listen to her when she has a FEELING but God forbid anyone tell her she's wrong or try to do something other than what she saidBottom line if Bree were a male we'd cry AHOLEJERKBASTARD in two seconds I don't like these traits in a male and I don't like them in a female I don't like anyone like thatAnother problem that was consistent in all three books the snooze factor There are so many points in this book were I was bored and then there were a few chunks when OMG THINGS ARE HAPPENING and then things calm down to the suspicionwonderingmusing parts of the book and I was back to being bored Like can we ponder what we should do next while on the move to the next safe house or something? Multitask? Maybe?I mentioned that I thought the ending was cliche well yeah It wraps up pretty much how you might expect a cookie cutter ending to wrap up With the exception of that one surprising event on page 160 something which is like earlier than one half of the book this book's ending has no big surprises In my opinion Maybe I saw it all coming Maybe you all will see it coming Maybe it's all just not that surprising Would I Recommend ItWell if you've read Taken and Frozen I'm of the opinion that you might as well read the third book But it IS a pretty satisfying conclusion novel and you won't be utterly heartbroken or flabbergasted Especially if you don't have the problems that I had This series definitely isn't the worse series I've read in fact it's an okay one in my opinion It's not a favorite but I wouldn't necessarily NOT recommend it if that makes senseRating3 stars It was good but not the best thing ever I'm glad I read this series and I'll definitely be looking out for Bowman's books in the future I'll be catching Vengeance Road in September for sure I think this author is a great writer and has plenty of potential but perhaps this series wasn't a wow series for me

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    I really love this series

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    Even going in without a reread or any idea wtf was going on I was able to slip right back into the story and get so invested in these characters This installment definitely starts with a bang and doesn't let go until the very end There were so many twists and a couple of scenes where I actually gasped out loud because I couldn't believe it was happening There are a few sweet swoons but mostly it's action and snark All in all an excellent ending to the series Huge thanks to Kristen at My Friends Are Fiction for sending me the arc

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    So being honest when I went into reading this book I kind of forgot a few small minor details but as soon as I got through the first two chapters all my memories of the other books came flooding back and wow I was not expecting this book to have such an intense emotional sense throughout the entire book It was an amazing way to end this trilogy I was so happy with the direction Erin took things in this book Gosh there are so many things I want to talk about Forged gave you everything you needed in a trilogy like this you still have your action drama romance and suspense lots of suspense but in every situation you get this build up and you aren’t sure which direction things are going to go in and then at the same time when certain things do happen you are left with this huge shock I won’t say what but for example there was this one scene and it crushed me and being honest I kept hoping that the situation that had happened was a lie and not real and the further I got in the book I was like that was real and that really happened my emotions were high anyway I love that Erin is able to do that in this book she keeps you second guessing but at the same time wraps up everything very nicely So about the main character Gray he still frustrates the hell out of me but that’s Gray and we don’t want to change him at all though there are a couple things you would think that he would’ve learned by now but of course this just shows boys will be boys I guess haha I do like how Gray is attuned to his feelings in this book and the directions he goes in because it opens up this whole other side to him that we have been waiting to see in the other two books So I definitely was very happy with the way things developed with Gray I will say this though the ending though not an epilogue was perfect for this booktrilogy I basically love the message that comes across in this book and overall feeling you have when you finish it because it gives you that sense that you need I absolutely love this trilogy and Forged hit it home for wrapping things up I am sad though that it is ending I will miss Gray and Bree a lot every time I think of loons I will think of this book

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    A few weeks ago my best friend won an ARC Advanced Reader Copy of Forged the third and final book in the Taken trilogy by Erin Bowman I will readily admit that this book was my most anticipated release for 2015 so I was beyond excited when she received it I anxiously waited for her to finish it which only took her a day and then I tore it out of her hands for my turn I was hoping for a conclusion to this trilogy that would be as exciting bittersweet heartbreaking and uplifting as the first two books Forged did not disappoint Erin Bowman weaves together characters with some of the most authentic relationships I have ever read and from the first book I have held a special place for Gray Weathersby and his friends When they love the reader loves When they ache the reader aches Forged is as funny as it is painful as charming as it is soul crushing I need the books I read to make me feel something In Forged Erin Bowman tore out my heart and then ever so gently stitched it back together again All the while the book delivers racing action that makes it almost impossible to put down If you liked the first two Taken books Taken and Frozen you will love Forged If you haven’t read the Taken trilogy do it

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    35 starsForged is the final book in the Taken trilogy The Rebels and Expats have been building forces to try and take down Frank the Franconian Order and all of his Forgeries clones To do that they have to get back into the city of Taem into the Order's headuarters which of course presents challenges and unforseen obstacles along the wayMeh it was alright that was my first thoughts when finish this book My problem with it is that it was too similar to the previous books Taken and Frozen Some of the things Gray's Rebel group did in their mission were just replays of their previous trip to Taem like for ex view spoilergoing to Bone Harbor shacking up with crossing the harbor using Rebel supporters rescuing Harvey Emma again using Harvey to get into Taem by taking Grey prisoner escaping from Taem Gray shooting his copycat forgery Grey having to decide which person to kill forgery or Bree Emma in the previous book etc etc hide spoiler

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    One thing I love about literature is its diversity and the ability for every reader to find that book which stamps itself on them and leaves a mark of some emotion If as readers we are lucky we find multiple books which leave an impression For me the Taken Trilogy found a home This is the first series with a male protagonist which I have loved since reading Harry Potter I seem to be picky with my male main characters I was anxious to read the final installment after being torn to pieces by the end of the second installment Frozen but had faith Erin Bowman would set things right I had my wish fulfilled though first I had to read through gut wrenching scenes and hair yanking suspense but the ending was a balm for those shattered pieces In a world where trust in another could lead to a death sentence Gray Weathersby clings to those he loves and risks everything to expose the truth which divides the nation Forged becomes an example of the challenge to humanity when faced with no clear moral answer and the fortitude of unbreakable bonds between family friends and lovers This books is fast paced I finished it in one reading as there was never a good stopping point with the perfect amount of suspense humor and endearing moments But the true strength of this book can be found in the characters The entire cast is so well written each with their own uniue voice and set of uirks that they linger even after completing the book I could write but there would be spoilers If you love books full of suspense adventure moments where you want to scream because everything is about to fall apart then read the Taken trilogy If you love books with characters who are raw and real and flawed then read the Taken trilogy If you love books which present challenges to the human spirit then read the Taken trilogy If you loved Hunger Games read the Taken trilogy And if you love that big fat thing called cosmic irony then this series is for you

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    WHAT IS THIS HORRID WORLD This book was literally Game of Thrones SO MANY PEOPLE DIE Erin does not refrain from deaths in this series I was sobbing with terror and mortification This book was Allegiant 20 except it wasn't slow or boring or confusing but because IM SO EMOTIONAL DONT JUDGE ME I just cant This was so uick and action packed and thrilling but also extremely sad Do take into consideration before starting this series DONT GET ATTACHED TO THE CHARACTERS BECUASE THIS BOOK WILL RIP YOUR HEART TO SHREDS

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    Three novels one novella and then everyone diesThe deaths became so numerous that they became typicalBlaine's death shocked me the most He totally didn't expect it and it was so uickClipper's death was the saddestIn the first book I loved Emma's naive personality but I also loved how strong she became at the end I'm just glad she's not dead tooBree Amazing Definitely my favoriteSammy's great too This trilogy is certainly a must read Similar to The Maze Runner and to Delirium

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