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    Foe JM Coetzee Foe is a 1986 novel by South African born Nobel laureate J M Coetzee Woven around the existing plo

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    People are extraneous people are absent Coetzee is complicated this short novella is one of his best except for the ingloriously vapid ending Hated it But all the uestions posed by JM Coetzee mainly about fiction vs Biogr

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    NOTES IN THE MARGINFootprints in the Sand of TimeHello You don't know me I bought your book online I don't know your name I don't even know whether you're dead or alive You made notations in the margin I noticed them straight away some were in pencil some later when I looked were in pen although they might have been made by someon

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    We must make Friday's silence speak as well as the silence surrounding Friday Daniel Defoe Daniel Foe's novel Robinson Crusoe was Coetzee's childhood favorite novel At first he had thought it was a memoir of the title character In fact Foe published the book as an account of a real castaway The realization tha

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    It seems a lifetime ago that I read Robinson Crusoe and I can hardly remember anything from it other than knowing it's obvious storyline of a guy being marooned on an island I wondered whether or not it would mak

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    In Foe Susan Barton is set adrift in a rowboat after a mutiny on a ship sailing from South America to Lisbon She lands on an island where Cruso and Friday had been cast away years ago In Coetzee's retelling of the Robinson Crusoe tale Cruso is content with his simple life on the island Friday has been transformed from a Caribbean to a black African whose tongue had been cut out by slave owners The three cast

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    In recent readings of Coetzee's Defoe pastiche I have become facinated with the figure of Friday's empty mouth Obviously the open O the unvoice

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    This book is sheer poetry The language the pacing the images a feast for the mindAs I see it Coetzee is the most important writer of our times I

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    Fancy being driven to picturesWhen I read a novel I'm looking for thisand thiswith big hints along the way likeand thisI thought I was doing fine with this Coetzee I found in Leiden recently There's a woman and she is on a desert island for a while and then she's rescued and she's bogged down with Man Friday and Daniel De

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    Foe reminds me of Robert Coover's multilayered metafictional Spanking the Maid than of Robinson Crusoe That book was about spanking and this book is about getting ravished But what's it really about you ask and I'm like ugh isn't multilayered and metafictional enough? Fine god I'll mark serious spoilers but we'll discuss general plot points so heads upOn the first layer Susan Barton is marooned on an island al

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Aniel Foe is approached by Susan Barton lately a castaway on a desert island She wants him to tell her story and that of the enigmatic man who has become her rescuer companion master and sometimes lover Cruso Cruso is dead and his manservant Friday is incapable of speech As. We must make Friday s silence speak as well as the silence surrounding Friday Daniel Defoe Daniel Foe s novel Robinson Crusoe was Coetzee s childhood favorite novel At first he had thought it was a memoir of the title character In fact Foe published the book as an account of a real castaway The realization that the character was fictional this intermixing of real and fictional had a huge impact on him Besides this novel Coetzee also visited the Robinson Crusoe in the short story he read as Nobel prize acceptance speech He and His Man The theme of which can be summed up in the following uote from Foe Cruso rescued will be a deep disappointment to the world the idea of a Cruso on his island is a better thing than the true Cruso tight lipped and sullen in an alien England That is the case here as well Besides being an adventure novel Defoe s Robinson Crusoe I haven t read the book is a symbol of British Nationalism in its worst form He is the true prototype of the British colonist The whole Anglo Saxon spirit in Crusoe the manly independence the unconscious cruelty the persistence the slow yet efficient intelligence the sexual apathy the calculating taciturnity James JoyceOf course the ideal of an intellectual living an isolated life in Britain with no or little experience of sea and seamen is going to be nowhere near the actual people who might be cast away The Crusoe as Coetzee presented him is not adventurous not at all persistent in his effort to escape doesn t try to start a civilisation had no offers from cannibals for him to refuse and thus prove his nationalism didn t rescue Friday rather bought him was pretty happy in living on an island and doesn t make half as good a storyHowever the book is far than a retelling we have only talked one third of the book The book later goes meta fictional creating a new conversation between real and fiction and fills itself with reflections on the art of story tellinglater fills itself of reflections on the art of story telling When I reflect on my story I seem to exist only as the one who came the one who witnessed the one who longed to be gone a being without substance a ghost beside the true body of Cruso Is that the fate of all storytellers And then the most important theme the silent ones The narrator for the most part is Susan Barton In Coetzee s alternative version it is Susan who brought Crusoe s story to Foe who is present as a character for him to write A voice that disappeared in Foe s book just as the female voices usually disappeared from narratives written by men at that time And she herself lacks the confidence rather choosing to take the passive position of muse who must speak through others view spoiler Do you know the story of the Muse Mr Foe The Muse is a woman a goddess who visits poets in the night and begets stories upon them In the accounts they give afterwards the poets say that she comes in the hour of their deepest despair and touches them with sacred fire after which their pens that have been dry flow When I wrote my memoir for you and saw how like the island it was under my pen dull and vacant and without life I wished that there were such a being as a man Muse a youthful god who visited authoresses in the night and made their pens flow But now I know better The Muse is both goddess and begetter I was intended not to be the mother of my story but to beget it It is not I who am the intended but you hide spoiler

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Foe author J.M. Coetzee

She tries to relate the truth about him the ambitious Barton cannot help turning Cruso into her invention For as narrated by Foe as by Coetzee himself the stories we thought we knew acuire depths that are at once treacherous elegant and unexpectedly movingfrom the back cover. In recent readings of Coetzee s Defoe pastiche I have become facinated with the figure of Friday s empty mouth Obviously the open O the unvoiced scream the signs arranged on the beach as evidence of Friday s voice as it is both silenced and withheld speaks to the trope of subaltern That said I believe Coetzee is interested in our assumption that Friday is without a speech organ tongue less Recall that the only evidence of this tonguelessness comes from the travel narrative that Crusoe gives where he imagines Friday s suffering at the hands of slave traders and other savages as well in each instance of Susan s uest to see the stub the remains she turns away from what she imagines will be too physical and too evocative fleshy remnants What does it mean that we fill in the gap in the gape Friday is tongueless because we agree to the imagining protocol that names him as such

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With the same electrical intensity of language and insight that he brought to Waiting for the Barbarians JM Coetzee reinvents the story of Robinson Crusoe and in so doing directs our attention to the seduction and tyranny of storytelling itselfIn the eminent man of letters D. NOTES IN THE MARGINFootprints in the Sand of TimeHello You don t know me I bought your book online I don t know your name I don t even know whether you re dead or alive You made notations in the margin I noticed them straight away some were in pencil some later when I looked were in pen although they might have been made by someone else We started to note similar things and make similar comments After a while I started to make fewer comments because I was content with yours Either that or I started to think like you to walk in your footsteps I m a reader like you You re a reader like me Reader Like me Please Whoever you are I don t think there are many of us around Let me know if you get this message In the meantime I ll try to write a review I hope it s an OK one I hope we like it NOTES FROM THE MARGINFriend or Foe Foe raises fascinating metafictional ideas in a text that is just as economical 157 pages as it is intellectually and aesthetically stimulatingIt s a postmodern reconstruction of Robinson Crusoe that asks uestions about empire and colonialism slavery and dominion history and fictional narrative especially its ownership What is the story about Whose story or perspective is it Who is telling the story Who owns the story that resultsPlantation and uotation MarksCoetzee tells his tale in four partsThe first is wholly contained in uotation marks It purports to be the perspective of Susan Barton incidentally a character from a subseuent Daniel Defoe novel Roxana who in Foe ends up on the island with Cruso sic and Friday whose tongue has been cut out by slaversThe second is largely epistolary being the letters written by Susan Barton to Foe trying to get him to write her story for publication Again this section is in uotation marksThe third is an almost Borgesian confrontation between Susan and Foe which begins The staircase was dark and mean There are no uotation marks around the sectionHistory and HeritageThe fourth begins with the words The staircase is dark and mean It mimics the beginning of the previous section but in present tense there are no uotation marks however it s not clear whether the narrator is actually Susan Barton or whether the author of this section is the same author as any or all of the previous sections It s uite possible that this author is a contemporary writer or reader ie us who is visiting Defoe s home complete with heritage plaue It s as if the narrator is a visitor to the home narrating their experience in the physical space as well as their imaginary extrapolation of events that could have taken place here three centuries beforeDying to Tell the TaleThe bulk of the first three sections explores the power relationship between Cruso and Susan Eventually it becomes clear that she will have to tell or commission the telling of his andor their story The second option necessitates the involvement of Foe who de authenticises the tale in order to make it entertaining and commercially successfulNot only does this dialectic raise issues about control and ownership of the narrative it dramatises a power struggle between two gendersFriday on My MindJust as Susan recognises her own need and desire to communicate increasingly her own perspective comes to focus on the plight of Friday this is not a place of wordsThis is a place where bodies are their own signs It is the home of FridayHe has no tongue therefore he cannot speak He knows little English and presumably cannot write Therefore apparently he has no capacity to contribute his version of the story in other words a black version of historySusan starts to teach Friday how to write in the third sectionAs if the issues raised in section four aren t enough I wondered whether Friday might have written the entire novelThus there is a sense in which the book can be read as a post colonial work that gives voice not just to non whites but simultaneously to women In any event just as it subverts the authorial conventions of literature it subverts the social conventions of white male authoritarianismFriday I m in LoveThis review might make the novel sound very academic The truth however is that it s exuisitely written Not one word is surplus or out of place It consumes our imagination so effectively that we don t need any distraction However having achieved its goal it remains a distraction for the reader I m sure the previous reader would agree with me SOUNDTRACKThe Cure Friday I m In Love I don t care if Cruso s blueAuthor s gray and readers tooDefoe I don t care about youCoz Friday I m in lovehttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvmGgMZThe Easybeats Friday On My Mind Bowie Friday On My Mind Floyd See Emily Play She s often inclined to borrow somebody s dreams till tomorrowhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv5R8Ephttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvp6HFkDavid Bowie See Emily PlayIt is not whoring to entertain other people s stories and return them to the world better dressed JM Coetzee