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Steven Barnes ¸ 5 characters

D a future that may take him far from Los Angeles and the only life he's ever knownTo win this battle and save his family Aubry Knight must defeat himself

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Aubry's dearest friends Their next attack is on Aubry's child Knight is drawn inexorably toward New Africa toward the mysteries of his own past and towar

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Streetfighter fugitive heroAubry Knight is now a powerful man with powerful friends And someone wants to kill himTheir opening shot is the death of one of

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    I didn't enjoy the third Aubry and Promise novel as much as the two previous ones because I didn't think they stayed true to their previously established characters as convincingly It was still an enjoyable read and a thought provoking examination of interesting philosophies

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    Loved it and still reread it

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    too violent but good overall message

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