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    Re read yet again71320 Original ReviewALL THE STARSWhat an excellent read Truly fucking excellent I am very late to the Dartmoor party and there are so many other detailed and amazing reviews on this; and I'm not pretentious enough to think that I have any original commentary or thoughts to add so I will keep this shortI LOVE books like this Books where the connection between the H and the h stand the test of time and sometimes distancewhere the story has nuanced details that draw you in and make you feel like you are a thread that's part of a larger multilayered tapestry Where you feel like Morgan Freeman is fucking narrating it from the bowels of some Hollywood sound booth This was like an MC Club War and Peace in terms of length and span In other words?It was long as hell Could this thing have been a LOT shorter?Sure Can I think if some scenes moments or descriptions of antiue lamps that could have been taken out to make this behemoth streamlined?Absolutely Would I want that to happen? FUCK no I would worry that editing out any perceived chaff from this book might result in the negation of some nuance or detail that added to the depth of the characters The depth of the story And I just loved everything about it The characters the world the club the writingEVERYTHINGDo yourself a favor and read it if you haven't already

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    Wow I can't believe that it took me so long to read this book but I'm so glad that I finally did This book was terrificI love MC romances and 'Fearless' was one of the best that I've read The characters were well developed and the story drew me in right from the start Spanning over a decade this story had an epic feel The story centers on Ava Teague who grew up in the Lean Dogs MC As a young girl she is exposed to danger and violence The biker subculture is what she lives and breathes not knowing any different until she becomes the target of ridicule for pretentious classmatesBy her side through it all is Felix Mercy Lecuyer the biker assigned to protect her Years her senior he is a father figure to Ava for much of her youth However as Ava grows up those feelings turn into something When Ava and Mercy begin a secret romance it feels eual parts right and wrong Ava has always viewed Mercy as something As she grew into womanhood her girlish crush became undeniable Despite having helped raise her Mercy cannot deny his attraction to Ava or the changing dynamics of their relationship This leaves him conflicted and ashamed even as he's falling in love with herAn attack on Ava brings their secret to light Things get ugly and Mercy is sent to another chapter of the club Ava is left brokenheartedEventually Ava goes off to college and tries to mend her broken heart She remakes herself becoming a responsible conservative person completely unlike the girl she was before She even begins dating a young man that is the epitome of a wealthy country club eliteWhen Ava returns to her hometown after completing her undergraduate coursework she is immediately thrust back into the past With her preppy boyfriend in tow she is confronted with the man that broke her heart As she tries to merge her two worlds Mercy is ever presentSome things refuse to be left in the past Old enemies resurface and Ava is again in the middle of a biker war Her feelings for Mercy cannot be denied even as she tries to move on with her lifeFrom beginning to end I was absorbed in the world of the Lean Dogs MC The author took her time developing the characters and the storyline feeding Ava and Mercy's story to readers bit by bit At times I didn't think I'd ever finish this book It was incredibly long but I savored every morselThis book had a little of everything It was a slow burn romance with a captivating back story There was action and suspense as well as mystery Betrayals and deceptions were plentiful and kept me guessing When everything came together I was blown away I didn't guess any of the big twists until right when the author wanted them to be revealed Then I was left with a feeling of contentment Although the book did drag a little at some points due to the length I can't say that there is anything that I would have cut out It all contributed to the development of the storyline and characters It wasn't always non stop action but it was always purposefulIf you're a fan of MC romances and like a robust story that isn't rushed this is a terrific choice 'Fearless' is one of the best biker romances that I've ever read The love story between Ava and Mercy was only made beautiful by their controversial past Their HEA was hard earned and well deserved This story is not to be missedCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom

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    45 StarsI want to live in this EPIC bookIn the last few years I read a lot of MC books Some of them were okay some of them were terrible a lot of them were meh Very few of them were great But I haven’t been able to find an epic one Not since Madeline Sheehan's Undeniable series And now after so many years it finally happened And I’m so happy right now I might burst into tearsThis book is amazing It has pretty much consumed my life for the last few days To be honest I didn’t have high expectations You see I don't like long books And I’m not too crazy about books in series especially those involving the same characters I get bored too easily and I’m always too restless too eager to meet new fictional people Once the characters get their HEA I’m happy to tell them goodbye and move onBut sometimes you just stumble upon an exceptional book with the characters so amazing and real that you can’t help but fall in love with them You become part of their world and they become your best friends your familyA lot of readers would say this book is creepy I know that by all laws of logic ethics biology maths and other subjects I learned at school the fact that a grown up man falls in love with his friend’s daughter whom he has been looking after since she was eight should be wrong and disgusting But it wasn'tA lot of readers would say this book is too long too detailed and too slow I would say it is perfectA lot of readers would say it is too brutal I would say it is perfect This is MC romance at its best Don't miss on it if you read this genreReview of the whole series MY REVIEW

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    5 It won't hurt forever StarsI love stories about MC's It's without a doubt my favorite kind of book to read thanks to the dynamics of the clubs the romances within them the danger always lurking the secrets the bone deep loyalty; a skirting the edge free lifestyle that just completely fascinates me Well Lauren Gilley blew me away with her interpretation of this life with her characters and her gorgeous writing in Fearless catapulting her to a new favorite of mine Fearless in just one word EPICWritten just brilliantly in 3rd person POV giving readers a 360 degree view of the entire club toggling between past and present this author transported me into the thick of the Lean Dogs MC and introduced me to people I couldn't wait to hear from This book doesn't conform to any standards I've read in the MC book world making the reading experience totally uniue So welcome to the Lean Dogs MC of Knoxville Tennessee Settle in for a long ride with these men and women to explore the intriguing dynamic of this club and this family Completely character driven Fearless delves deep into the hearts of these people with a great flair of drama and unreuited intelligence while pacing and uite carefully constructing the plot A slow burning once in a lifetime love sets the stage for this story which soars through incredible highs and sinks to incredible lows Each and every step of the way through this good bad and downright ugly you'll feel so much in your reading soul I can't comment enough on the depth and intelligence of Gilley's writing Her style isn't flamboyant or showy but rather elegant and engaging The tone of the writing always parallel to the characters moods or actions The witty dialogue and complex inner thoughts of these people welded together uite perfectly Just as an example her descriptions of inanimate objects bring those objects to life around you and I say around you because you feel it like you're there Some thingobject isn't just there in the story that thingobject becomes a motionan action to draw you further into the colorful world this author created It's simply as though you're part of the story And with her characters Gilley is truly gifted in absorbing her readers into their minds Her prose is so smart and thoughtful so beautifully descriptive and telling The romance in Fearless is like living a perfect fantasy in the middle of a nightmare So well done without being the main focus of the book While Mercy Lecuyer and Ava Teague provide the main romance the story of Ava's MC King ueen parents proved to be triumphant for me as well in a big major way Ghost and Maggie Teague another lifetime love that's anything but ordinary in this book are just amazing and brutally honest never straying from exactly who they are making them admirable in an deeply honest way But the real magic of Gilley's writing? It's that it IS actually uite ordinary It's a way of life that may be vague for the majority of people It's a calling not many have But to the people who live it it's just that ordinary and normal And the belief they have in that feeling of solidarity with each other and with the family both blood and club well it's a sense of loyalty and acceptance most people will never know Gilley's brilliant story telling turns it extraordinary That's what makes it phenomenal The feeling and deep seated knowing that you belong and people love you just the way you are they relish you for it The understanding of something beyond you out of your comfort zone This book is magical for me It's one I want to start over again because of the impression it left on my book soul The writing is exactly what I love The characters the kind of people I want to read about with the sort of histories and futures that excite me The present bathed in betrayal learning acceptance and unmatched There's much I want to say but don't really know how If you like MC's with deep intelligent writing I highly suggest you start the Dartmoor series meet the people of the Lean Dogs MC and become part of the family Get lost in Fearless I can't wait to move on with the series Our excitement level is through the roof Thank you to my MC reading buddy for life Irene for making me read this book straight away First Read January 2016Second Read January 2017Third Read September 2020 Diving headfirst back into Dartmoor I was reminded of the brilliance of Gilley's storytelling and character development I love Mercy and Ava and the rest of the Dartmoor crew in this book

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    Re read 16th 19th February 2020I’ve read some very mediocre at best books lately Fearless has been popping up on my feed so I decided it was time for yet another re read It’s fabulous Now I really do need to branch out and read her other series’sRe read 8th March to 10th March 2018If possible I loved this even the second time roundOriginal reviewThis is the first book I've read by this author in fact it's the first time I've even heard of this authorIt's nearly 900 pages long so yes I paused a minute before starting but once I'd started I was completely captivated by this Now there's already so many incredible reviews so I'll keep mine briefThe advantage with this being so long means it can take its time to slowly introduce the characters to develop them and therefore after a while we feel as if we really know them there's no rush and while I had an adjustment period at first since I'm used to much shorter books and it seemed to be moving too slowly but once I'd settled in I really appreciated the time takenThis is an MC book unlike any other it has great characters the men obviously like most MC books are good but here we also get strong women and this for me is the part where a lot of female authors failMaggie is the MC ueen and a brilliant character her daughter Ava is a case of like mother like daughter but it was Mercy Felix Lècuyer who stole the book and my heart he's just the most amazing man and the I read the I loved him I'd go as far as to say he's my favourite ever sorry Dante Darcy and the rest but Mercy is the real dealIf I'm being totally honest I have to say I struggled a little at first with the POV changes they're constant and there's no warning at all it's certainly not a book you can skim not that you'd want toI can't remember the last time I read a book which was long enough and good enough for it to completely consume me

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    I finished FEARLESS yesterday and to be uite honest I am lost for words How does one review perfection?? I was lost in this glorious book for almost SEVEN days 1 because it's 860 pages long as per and 2 because I was trying to savor the story as much as I wanted to get to the end Does this make any sense?? Probably not but I think ifwhen you decide to give this a go you'll know exactly what I meanThis book is perfection From start to finish PERFECTION As soon as it landed on my Kindle after a friend suggested it and I read the first three pages I was a goner I don't read AS much as some of my friends but I recognize superb writing skills when I see them I have NEVER read anything like this before TeriLyn and I were highlighting stuff and exchanging texts like mad women completely in AWE of Lauren's ability to describe something as simple as main characters ending conversation withThe book is so beautifully written it made me weepI am not going to recap the story because one simply hast to experience it to fully appreciate it but the elements of MC family of blood relations and the kind you make for yourself suspense forbidden factor heartbreak and everything else that makes an awesome read are all there to make FEARLESS one of THE best books I've read to date if not EVER Lauren Gilley is a Shakespeare of MC Romance genre TrulyEnglish isn't my first language so I am not able to express ALL my love for this story to the best of my ability so please take a few minutes to read my reading sidekick's review of this amazing story here TeriLyn's Review of FEARLESS Her review is spoiler free and does this fantastic saga the justice it deserves Cheers for now

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    Honestly if this book was about 200 pages shorter it would have been a solid 5 star It just dragged towards the end I nearly skimmed But I didn't Whatever our souls are made ofhis and mine are the same The subject matter in a way should have had me running for the hills They meet when she is eight and he is 21 I think Nothing happens Don't worry I don't mind an age gap I married a younger man myself six months younger LOL But Bruce is 16 years older than me so when he dumps Patti I will have no problem being with himBeautiful prose wonderful characters and story I just felt my eyes glazing over a bit for the last 20% They passed a clump of rangy pine trees their bases tangled with honeysuckle I thought Ava was very mature Probably because of the environment she grew up in and her Mom Maggie I want to be Maggie I loved her I would love her story Ghost Ghost was dressed his salt and pepper hair damp from the shower his cut in his hands At fifty his pecs and biceps still filled out his black muscle shirt in a way that left Maggie's pulse skipping YES PLEASE She was the reason he left Knoxville and the reason he almost hadn't come back Don't even think that is how is described in the book but who fucking cares? Ava loved the way her parents didn't baby her; they cursed and looked her straight in the eye and treated her like an adult Dear Lord the language my kids hear coming out of my mouth She heard the music fire up as she let the door to the shop swing shut behind her Metallica Master of Puppets Heavy metal to cover the screams I will definitely be reading the rest of this series

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    Freaking loved itI actually haven't enjoyed reading a biker book this much since Move the Sun by S Fanetti 2 years agoLazy me is copying and past a commAnna ☘ wrote Glad it was a winner If it's as great as Move the Sun then I'm starting it asap Anna if I have to choose between them I would go with FearlessI think it has a massive potential to become a movie or a TV series without being a copy of SOAThe author is so talented She has a gifted way of telling a story rich in details without being boring I never thought I could find a Swamp with crocodiles beautiful but I did and I know it was all because of her xx

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    35 StarsOverall Opinion I know I went in expecting a lot out of this book Why? Because everyone and their dog seemed to love it At first I was hesitant because of the size of it because it is so long But then I just jumped right in Sadly I set myself up for failureyet again I wouldn't say I hated it or anything I just didn't love it Mercy was an awesome H He was a great mixture of scary sweet and sexy Ava? WellI had my moments with her I liked young Ava and the Ava at the end but the Ava in the middle? Not so much She was wishy washy and was view spoilerstringing along her boyfriend too much for no reason hide spoiler

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    Five brass knuckles for Lauren Gilley’s incredible MC read This was my first from this amazing author Her tone is dark intense telling a story within a story and branching out to each of the characters The adrenaline rush had me glued as the sense of danger lurked within each page Mercy Lécuyer had been been Ava Teague personal protector bodyguard and friend from the time she was eight Some lines should never be crossed and to do so is not only betraying the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club but to the very man who had saved him Ghost nodded his trust immediate and complete Go take care of it You look after my girl He didn’t for a second suspectHe didn’t ever wonderThat trust should have been flattering but in the moment it just pissed Mercy off You don’t have a fucking clue he thought conjuring the first ever bitter resentment of his vice president Moving back to Knoxville after being gone for five years brings up a new set of growing pains The kind you don’t forget no matter how much you’d wished they’d remained in the past Her deep purple and gray eye shadow – a soft touch in the sunlight – made her look like she’d been punched in the face Her cheeks were thin sunken sallow her skin waxy and obviously pored Her hair hung two limp sheets in front of her shoulders She wanted to blame the lighting but she knew the truth this is what two point three seconds in front of Mercy did to her With the town's folks turning on the outlaws and a power hungry mayor trying to force them out A new war is waged the winner takes all in blood

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Rcy Lécuyer to roll back into town looking to patch into the Tennessee chapter once She’ll steer clear of him she tells herself She has a new life a new boyfriend and a new outlook But she can’t shake her DNA And maybe she doesn’t want to Felix Lécuyer left the swamps of Louisiana for a life as an outlaw biker named Mercy but it was his family and the retribution he dealt because of it that made him famous within the club Fourteen years ago he fled New Orleans for Knoxville to become an extractor and bodyguard within the mot Re read 16th 19th Piglettes years ago he fled New Orleans for Knoxville to become an extractor and bodyguard within the mot Re read 16th 19th

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From the author of the Walker Series comes a family drama like no other a sprawling character epic a forbidden love story full of angst adventure heartbreak and second chances Welcome to the mother chapter of the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club; meet the girl raised by outlaws and the fearsome man who will always hold her heart Ava Teague left for college with a busted heart and a deeply ingrained love for her biker family She returns home to Knoxville for grad school just in time for her father to accept the burden of presidentand for Me Re read yet agai Piglettes yet agai

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Her chapter guarding Ghost Teague’s family becoming a constant companion to little Ava When she was seventeen he finally crossed the line Now she’s twenty two and he’s back in town as an old nemesis rears its ugly head and puts the entire club in danger The fate of the club is uncertain but Mercy has no doubts about his heart; it still belongs to Ava Now available as a complete novel Fearless launches a thrilling new series about the Lean Dogs of Tennessee and the women tough enough to love them Look for Book II Price of Angel Honestly if this