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Sex Money Murder Stick ups Romance and Betrayal straight from my block to yours Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange is definitely representin' BK to the fullest Brookyn New York where the ravishing Rock Candy the Brooklyn bomshell who lives for sex wears the 'designer pants' in all of her relationships is marred by her greatest phobia where Tony Artemisia Gentileschi yours Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange is definitely representin' BK to the fullest Brookyn New York where the ravishing Rock Candy the Brooklyn bomshell who lives for sex wears the 'designer pants' in all of her relationships is marred by her greatest phobia where Tony

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Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange

A book smart teen and Kahmelle a street smart thug would kill to be initiated into BK's most notorious gang Brooklyn's Finest where Susan Eden a sexy top dollar attorney and wife to the owner of Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange risks her job and marriage for a passionate affair with Malik her frim's young mailroom clerk where officer Joann Nun

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Ez a lady loving female cop patrols these dangerous streets by foot From the beautiful beaches of Negril to the thorough borough of Brooklyn From the utopian landscapes of Cozumel to the bright lights and casinos of Las Vegas These lives and fates are linked by one common thing the glimmering display cases of the Brooklyn Jewelry Exchan

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    The Streets Give the Best HeadAuthor Meisha C Holmes shows that she can hold her own in her debut Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange Several stories interweave in the streets of Brooklyn involving a collection of inter related characters They all converge to tell a story of murder deceit betrayal and even love The Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange a store is the common denominator that connects these unsuspecting characters Brothers Malik and Tony are polar opposites Malik held court in the streets putting down his thug game while baby brother Tony kept his nose in the books as an honor roll student But now the tables are turned and roles have been reversed Malik is now on the straight and narrow working at a law firm and waiting for acceptance into law school Tony is looking to come up and change his status with his peers as he and his best friend are trying to be blessed as Brooklyn's Finest a ruthless take no prisoners gang Will Malik stay on his new path once he discovers his brother's new extracurricular activities? Will Tony learn from the mistakes of his brother's past? Rauel Rock Candy Jones is as sweet as her name She's a sexy vixen who has found everything she's looking for in a man good looks money thug passion and hellified sex Problem is she's found those ualities between two men Thomas is a fine attorney that can run a three legged race by himself but he's corny and lame Mauri on the other hand has the money style and street knowledge but he couldn't light a candle let alone start a fire in the bedroom What's a girl to do? How long can she juggle the two? And what happens when a third candidate enters the picture? Susan Eden a married straight laced attorney is looking to take a trip on the wild side; a trip that crosses social and racial lines Is it true once you go black you never go back? Susan is soon to find out Joann Nunez is a dedicated officer of the law While men are admiring her curves she is admiring the curves of other women A certain mamacita catches her eye She's straight Can Joann convince her to switch teams? Meisha puts her thoughts to paper proving she's one of Brooklyn's Finest She cleverly twisted multiple plots spinning every character in unpredictable directions Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange is an intense well thought out and well executed novel Her characters are likeable and fully developed A multi character plot is hard to pull off but Meisha rivals the likes of Crystal Lacey Winslow another sister than knows how to pull off an all star cast The story line never dips as readers stay on the edge waiting to see what happens next Readers will be talking about it long after they've finished Gritty raw and provocative Meisha has a definite page turner Looking forward to reading Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange The Grand Reopening and Bigg Cess Hey Meisha Is ya man on the flo? If he ain't Let me know Let me see if you can run it run it girl indeed I can run it run it Let me find out you a wild girl Reviewed by Toni

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    Strategic SolutionsRauel Candice Jones is affectionately called Rock Candy Rocky's an educated and ambitious sister who has her own ABC's All she needs in her collection now is the man she wants Don't get it twisted Rock Candy has prime candidates Mauri an entrepreneur from the Midwest and Thomas a local lawyer For her it's still all business If she could take a little of that add some of this they'd be perfect as one Hopefully the one is still out there A game of blackjack may get her the BEST ringside seat Malik Leeko Hendrickson Antoine Tony Hendrickson are brothers that seem to be traveling the education route Malik`s a reformed hustler who is now a student working as a mailroom manager trying to get himself in law school He finds that he has a secret admirer who is enlightening than his intellect for the law Big brother Malik feels that Tony may be in over his head Tony is too smart for all of that isn't he? He's an A student Being friends with Kahmelle has Tony trying to fit in with Brooklyn's Finest They're a notorious stick up crew whose initiations lure the little thugglemen and towards Buck Wild Susan Eden is a lawyer and a wife and on the surface is happy Sex is extremely boring but hey what can she do? A one night stand No that's ridiculous What about her marriage job and reputation that could be on the line for one sexually charged night well okay a couple of months The passionate affair is electrifying than anything she's ever experienced She's opened to new adventures including competition Joann Nunez is a beat cop on Post Two She comes into contact with displeased people on the regular rather it's a ticket or her people skills It's very rare that her occupation is respected especially by the young kids at High It's in the middle of a citation that she finds SEVEN reasons that she has to possess this dazzling piece at the Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange As always it's Joey Crack who escapes and chances the outcome with jealousy and vengeance Just to be loved Just to fit in Just to be accepted Regardless as to who you are what you are and or what you own the characters in Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange are all in search of strategic solutions for their lives Meisha C Holmes penned a fantastic book with enough drama laughs tears and friendships to keep you open and teetering to the very end and desperate for The Grand Reopening Let me find out so called readers sleeping on Brooklyn Jewelry Exchange Meisha how that green lookin'?

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    You can have everything right in front of ur face and not no it until it's to late and not appreciate it until it's gone This book was so much fun to read I enjoyed reading it

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