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When two cons doing several respective back to back life sentences for murder make a daring if not Hollywood style escape from the Dannemora Maximum Security Prison in Upstate New York Jack Marconi PI receives a personal invitation from the Governor of New York State to track the murderers down and deliver them personally to the front door of the Governor’

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The Corruptions

Ld prison What kind operation is it Something so evil it will reduce the tough as nails Marconi to tearsFrom bestselling Thriller and Shamus Award winning author Vincent Zandri comes a riveting crime novel in the acclaimed mystery series that fans of Michael Connelly Charlie Huston Robert B Parker will devour The Corruptions is sure to keep you up all night

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S Mansion on Eagle Street But what Marconi and his side kick Blood don’t yet realize is that something insidious than a simple prison break has occurred in the small town of Dannemora Because in the course of tracking the criminals down the two gumshoes will also expose the Crypt an insidious operation taking place down deep inside the depths of the year o

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    I didn't like this one as well as I did The Caretakers Wife This one I had a harder time following along on what was happening and wh

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    ExellentI have read many of Mr Zandri's books and as always he delivers This book is indeed a great read However it also makes you wonder just how much could be done in a corrupt prison given the right circumstances Way to go Mr Zandri This one is not only a great book with a great plot but a thinker as well Loved it

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