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Night Siege The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

Ournalist Pratt What they uncovered was that thousands of people have been seeing strange objects in the sky and sometimes even contacting strange beings in the Hudson Valley just north of New York City Seven thousand reported sightings Witnesses from all walks of life Reports from strangers corroborate what others saw A huge object that hovers and floats through the sky almost silently Encounters with entities who looked like they had gray skin or were reptilian Physical evidence that something st Wish I'd known about them at the time they were happening I would have whipped over there to see if I could spot them myself


There is no way you can determine if the truth is out there unless someone reveals it Now you can discover the truth that will rip open the entire UFO phenomenon when you read Night Siege by Dr J Allen Hynek Philip J Imbrogno and Bob Pratt The late Dr Hynek was a famous astrologer who was a consultant to the Air Force's Project Blue Book UFO investigation and later had a cameo in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind He began the research that was continued by science educator Imbrogno and j I guess I was a bit thrown by the title expecting a bit high drama This book and I have read many on this subject is of a well documented scientific report rather than the collection of anecdotal verbal accounts I was expecting It was put together well but does come off repetitive Still being an accurate account of these strange events it has no other choice Worth the read if you're a diehard UFO buff If just curious about the subject I would recommend others

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Range took place The first edition of Night Siege is widely known as a classic in the UFO field for its in depth reporting It has now been updated to cover the latest sightings and close encounters The book features sixteen photos including one of a UFO taken by a law enforcement official To this day the military the media and scientists have remained silent about the Hudson Valley phenomenon If you want to find out the amazing secrets of UFOs just minutes from New York City you must get Night Sieg The book’s straightforward “just the fact ma’am” style is refreshing in a field clouded with bended facts and wild assumptions If there is any understanding of this phenomena to be found then the research method provided here can serve as a useful foundational template going forward Since the book was written in a manner that lends itself to further analysis of the facts I couldn’t help but come up with the following observations and thoughts from the source material Interaction wobjectsThe objects freuently interact with the observers They respond in kind to signalling such as performed by switching a flashlight on and off This suggests an awareness of being observed an understanding that communication was attempted and abilitydesire to respond As such interaction between the observer and object at a basic level achieves a reuestresponse paradigm The objects are reported to exhibit the following behavior Shape changing see belowchange lighting patterns within object’s shapechange color of lightsSlowly dimming lightsRapidly switch lights on and offflash lights randomly flash lights to mimic a reuestresponse from the observer Blink out become invisible possible crypsisShape changingThe objects freuently are reported to change shape Specifically in a manner which changes the configuration of the light patterns The patterns were reported to take the form ofCircle freuently with one solitary red light following behind itV shapeTriangle “Boomerang” Oblong or “football” shapePutting aside the technology reuired to change shape in this manner while hovering or on the move at various low altitudes my speculation of this aspect of the sightings focused on this possibly being a form of communication of symbology Indeed when you factor in the attributes of changing shape onoff lights of different colors and intensities reuestresponse interactions and flight behaviors it may be reasonable to assume the objects engage in a form of language using a syntax that isn’t common to spoken language Other reported characteristics“Piping” as part of the structure“Grey” or “flat” metal surfaceWitness reporting of “presence” “intelligence” and a feeling the object is engaging in mutual observation All of this points to a fairly complex number of observed attributes of the makeup and behavior of these objects which should be coupled with the additional observations based on eyewitness accounts supplied in the book’s appendix such as the time of day object type color of lights flight behavior etc When events such as these meet a criteria that can categorize them as unexplainable and they occur for an extended period of time I think it would behoove investigators to treat them as data events comprising of many different attributes of observational data in their proper context scrubbed of faulty points to the best of our ability and assigned a central repository for a larger cohesive studyMy understanding is that the revised edition added the “high strangeness” chapter which centered on a small percentage of reported contactabduction scenarios Many of these are expanded on in co author Philip Imbrogno’s following book Contact of the 5th Kind I’m curious as to whether or not this was added to the 2nd edition after Mr J Allen Hynek PHD had passed away My own personal feeling toward abductions is one straddling agnosticismskepticism for reasons that are beyond the scope of this review While I find the “contactabduction” aspect of the book perhaps not useful for immediate consideration I decided to add some further observations I offer no speculation or conclusions regarding this aspect of the phenomena Occupant attributesOccupant sightings comprise less than 1% of reported sightingsSpeech of occupant to observer in EnglishOccupant speaks “telepathically” Wears suits associated with technical or flightspace flight activities ie designed to guard against hostile environmental elementsRefer to pie charts in the book appendix for Occupant types and attributesConversations reportedly focuses on ideas of friendship assistance to human species pending global catastrophe childbirth and motherhoodOverall I recommend the book if you have interest in the subject and I think its contribution to mainly centers on straightforward reporting of the eyewitness accounts light analysis and summarization of the collected data and avoidance of wild speculation on the part of the authors

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United States The Hudson Kindle Ô astronomer professor and ufologist He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the US Air Force under three consecutive projectsProject Sign –Project Grudge – andProject Blue Book to For decades afterwards he conducted his own independent UFO research developing the Close E.

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