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    5 ENTIRELY DESERVED AND BRIGHT STARS I’m going to be VERY honest with you guysI want to eat this book Nom nomI want to devour every

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    I really really fucking hate it when a character in a book refers to a character in another book and exclaims She's just like me No beeyotch you are not Elizabeth Bennet snaps fingers No you are not Juliet Do you even realize how stupidly the characters in Romeo Juliet behaved? Nuh uh Don't you dare make that cla

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    Yes Fuck yes This was fucking awesome How awesome you ask? Well the last YA book that gave me these kinds of feels was Angelfall THAT WAS OVER THREE YEARS AGOIf you look at Crewe’s author page you’ll learn that she’s a

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    Fuck yeah Can I give the book 5 stars and give Meda 10? Is that possible?Love her JustMedaALL THE STARS Just take them yo

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    Better to die for something you believe in than to live for nothing at all view spoiler Oh Uri cries hide spoiler

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    Ok hang on a minute Now I'm backThis book Meda is a bad girlwell she sometimes is She is human souls Just the bad guys so relax I fricking loved her I think I liked most of the characters in this book All of them are fleshed out and are great on their own JO Put them all together and you have SHAZAM I wanted to uote this w

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    My morality is almost a contortionist It wasn't so much the plot as it was E V E R Y T H I N G It was the characters oh my god Meda and Jo the writing the humor the adventures the innocents and the evils It was ba

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    Find all of my reviews at Stars I eat souls The packaging can be tricky but fortunately I am blessed with special skills to pry my meals from their pesky shells My teeth rip skin; my jaws snap bones I am fast lightning fast snuff oh was that your life? fast Holy f^ What did I just read????? Permission denied Keep your st together Mitchell This soooooooo should not have been a success for Kelly and the Book Boar YA fantas

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    I was just going to follow along the discussion thread at Buddies Books and Baubles but then I re read the first chapter and screw it I'm all in againBuddy Read with Vcky Catherine Jessica maybe? Kerry Sandra Liz Tanya Tandie Sh3lly and a few stalkers to be named later when I figure out who they are sneaky stalkers and their capesWas it as good as the first time I read it? Well not uite I noticed some of the silly high school s

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    Don't be distracted by Tommy Hanks I'm the one in the yellow dressBR with my BBB's buddiesYep it's true Cracked lives up to its hype Even though it's not perfect Cracked kicks every YA book's ass out there that says We're YA we'll use the sam

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Meet Meda She eats peopleWell technically she eats their soul But she totally promises to only go for people who deserve it She’s special It’s not her fault she enjoys it She can’t help being a bad guy Besides what else can she do Her mother was killed and it’s not like there are any other “soul eaters” around to show her how to be different That is until the three men i. 5 ENTIRELY DESERVED AND BRIGHT STARS I m going to be VERY honest with you guysI want to eat this book Nom nomI want to devour every word and every chapter slowly and taste its flavours because if it s as amazing as the reading was it may be even better than pizza Or sushi Or ice cream Nom nomYes believe it or not it s the truthCracked is the most entertaining book I ve read so far in 2014 Even than Rebel Belle which I didn t think possible because that book is so much funCracked is the kind of book you don t want to let go because there is always something interesting and surprising in it and it has a hold on you There were so many things I was hoping to do yesterday such as watching Once Upon A Time Hit The Floor or clean dishes Oh and I was looking forward to seeing this movie called How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the cinema But no Eliza Crewe had to write a fantastic novel to keep me off doing all those enjoyable things I planned to Did you hear that It s called being sarcastic I m warning you if you want to read this book and like it or love it you better get used to it winksMeda can I kiss you Maybe shouldn t have said that publicly sigh I feel so connected to that character It s not because I have the same personality as her no but mostly because she s so real She is honest with us readers even if yeah sometimes you may thing she isn t Again she s really sarcastic And I loved that so much about her It s pretty rare that I actually laugh out loud while reading a book but Cracked simply succeeded to make me giggle and smile and bite my nails because yes it is not only rainbows and sunshine Let s not forget that there are demons envolved so don t expect this to be to die for funnyThe story wow The story is unpredictable and again WOW When I started reading this book I was expecting it to be good because of the rave reviews and the hype but I m always a bit suspicious when I see a lot of 5 stars I m not the kind to give 5 stars all the time and very easily so I m as surprised as maybe you are There are so many twists and yes secrets but it was actually interesting and I always wondered if the characters would or not discover the truth Either way I was excited and couldn t wait to see what was going to happen nextThere is some romance but not in fact including the main character a lot My GR friends know that I could read a book only if there is a little romance in it In Cracked there was some indeed and just the perfect amount to keep me hooked Plus I just love lovehate relationships Don t youI loveadore this book so much that yes I know I already have it in digital copy duh but I ordered Cracked in paperback so I could eat itI meanread it of courseHighly recommended series

characters Cracked AUTHOR Eliza Crewe

Cracked AUTHOR Eliza Crewe

N suits show upThey can do what she can do They’re like her Meda might finally have a chance to figure out what she is The problem They kind of want to kill her Before they get the chance Meda is rescued by crusaders members of an elite group dedicated to wiping out Meda’s kind This is her chance Play along with the “good guys” and she’ll finally figure out what exactly he. Fuck yeah Can I give the book 5 stars and give Meda 10 Is that possibleLove her JustMedaALL THE STARS Just take them you snarky little bitch She is hands down the best female protagonist I have ever had the privilege to read aboutIt s not that she s really evil per say I mean she does sort of eat people occasionally but most of them deserved it coughBut what really impressed me was her inner dialogue Crewe has created a young female character who thinks exactly the way I wish every young female character would think When I rolled my eyes at something the inspirational boy hero said so did Meda When I thought She should probably just eat that nice idiot and make a run for it wouldn t you know she was thinking the same thing I mean sure he seemed nice and all but a girl s gotta do what a girl s gotta do And yes I realize I m overusing exclamation points I just can t help myself right now It s taken me forever to write this review and I still can t process the right words to say how much I loved this book I have nothing NOTHINGinsert mindless suealing hereOkMedais so AWESOMEWait Stop Come back I swear I ll think of something deep breathWhat I m trying to say I guess is that it s not the journey you take with the plot so much as it is the journey inside Meda s mind that makes this one so much fun to readAlso there s no romance for our main character But there is a romance The one between the other two characters In fact those guys are the traditional hero heroine we re used to seeing in young adult novelsThe guy is handsome strong talented and good The ladies want him and the men want to be himHe isThe Golden Boy Or as Meda calls himThe IdiotThe girl is tough self sacrificing and smarter than everyone else in the room She has an injury that makes everyone else feel the need to protect her but she just wants to prove that she can fight alongside the other huntersShe isThe Wounded Warrior Or as Meda calls herThe GimpAnd these geeks are who Meda gets stuck with while she s trying to figure out who what she is and why she does the things she does How does she get stuck with them you askWell she ate the wrong bad guy got jumped by some demons rescued by Golden Boy interrogated by Wounded Warrior and sort of passes herself off as a victim to gain access to this group of demon hunters with all their knowledge about soul suckers like herself Cause she s sorta in the dark about who she is and why she does the things she does Her mom was the only one who knew about her appetite and uite rightly kept her away from the other people But her mom died without explaining much of anything to her and she s been on her own for a while now And the only thing keeping her from going full on chompy is the conscience she borrowed from her motherM kay There were SECRETS regarding her mother that I figured out fairly early on I think they were supposed to be revelations Alas no Did that lessen my enjoyment of the story you askWere you skimming this review I mean did you not read the first bits where I was all screaming and fainting and flailing aroundSheeshCome on people Keep up Again it s the trip within Meda s mind that s the real draw to Cracked The plot is almost a parody of all the other young adult books out there I mean it s not that it s uninteresting it s just wouldn t be anything special without Meda pointing out all the inconsistencies and plot holes in her headIn other words Meda is AWESOME Ok ok I m doneAlso reviewed for

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R ‘kind’ isBe careful what you wish for Playing capture the flag with her mortal enemies babysitting a teenage boy with a hero complex and trying to keep one step ahead of a too clever girl are bad enough But the Hunger is gaining on herThe she learns the worse it gets And when Meda uncovers a shocking secret about her mother her past and her destiny she may finally give into it. I was just going to follow along the discussion thread at Buddies Books and Baubles but then I re read the first chapter and screw it I m all in againBuddy Read with Vcky Catherine Jessica maybe Kerry Sandra Liz Tanya Tandie Sh3lly and a few stalkers to be named later when I figure out who they are sneaky stalkers and their capesWas it as good as the first time I read it Well not uite I noticed some of the silly high school stuff that a few others have mentionedDid I care Not at all becauseMEDAMEDA ROCKS AND GETS ALL THE STARSOriginal review May 2014You ve read how many different stories about the same nice girl who learns she is special and goes off on a journey to grow into her abilities This is not that story Meda is a monster she is not a good girl her sense of morality is borrowed from her mother and at times is very flexible there are some people you shouldn t anger that you don t know about because no one ever survived to warn you I m the third kind I eat souls Meda led a very sheltered life up until the time her mother died Her mother did the best that she could with the monster Meda was and tried to teach her all the values a human should have but not everything stuck Meda s sense of humor is dark and self deprecating but hilarious non the less I loved reading her inner dialogue in all situations as she tries to play nice with the humans Mom only wanted me to kill people who deserved it and my morality s flexible enough to toss in self defense and everyone know the best defense is a good offensemy morality is almost a contortionist She doesn t know a lot about herself or where she came from but through a few twists of fate she ends up with the people who are trying to kill her kind When she is discovered by a few members of the Knights Templar she decides to play along and see if she can t find out any information from the enemy But as she is playing a dangerous game if they find out who she is they will probably just kill her Chi is the heroic boy who found Meda and is determined to save her he is also her best source of information Meda is not above using a few feminine wiles to separate him from Jo a girl that definitely likes him and hates her in order to get that information Chi likes all the attention but I can t help notice his eyes sliding over to Jo when I do something particularly outrageous like stroke his absYes I did and they are amazing I loved this book It was so nice to have a different kind of main character and see her transformation throughout the book as she discovers about her past Meda was so funny she was never pouty or fell apart and some of the best times are when she is disgusted with herself for playing the part of a weaker girl in need of saving because she is definitely not thatThe story was super fast paced It starts out fast and just keeps on going Fights with Demons discoveries about who Meda truly is and why she is here and the building of friendships and bonds There were so many great moments that I loved and the humor really carried throughout I can t remember the last time I read a book this funIn all fairness there are some heavy moments but I totally loved the wrap up to the story and I can t wait to see what happens next If like me you are tired of most of the YA books out there I recommend you give this one a try it is so refreshing to read something in YA without a love triangle or relationship angst that is just a great plot and a lot of action