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The Servant King The Bible's portrait of the Messiah

We need to know who Jesus is But where can we turn to find out? Many people look only to the New Testament for answers But reader of The Servant King will find that the Old Testament beginning with its very first pages paints a portrait of the Messiah the Saviour of the world where he will come from what he will be like and what he will do By the time we reach the New Testament much of the portrait has emerged so that the Jesus we encounter is not a stranger We are able to see like the first disciples that he is the Messiah already promised the Servant K

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Jesus was but who he is today The Servant King is written with the sort of authority only a leading Old Testament specialist can command; but its deep learning is not allowed to intrude and the book has all the charm and helpfulness of a piece of enthusiastic Bible study presented with freshness and accuracy Alec Motyer Trinity College Bristol T D Alexander PhD ueen's University Belfast is director of the Magee Institute for Christian Training at Union Theological College in Belfast Northern Ireland He is also the author of Paradise to the Promised Land

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Ing With great skill Desmond Alexander helps us see the portrait's first brush strokes being laid down in Genesis and being added as the Old Testament story unfolds Then as he guides us through the New Testament we discover how the portrait is completed revealing Jesus in all his glory This book brings the whole picture into view It helps us see who Jesus was where he stood in the plans of God and what he was sent to do If we read with care and faith The Servant King will help us enter the richness of God's Word and we will understand better not just who

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T King The Bible's portrait PDF or Desmond Alexander PhD The King The PDF º ueen’s University Belfast is senior lecturer in biblical studies and director of postgraduate studies at Union Theological College in Belfast Ireland He is the coeditor of the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology.

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    This small volume is an excellent introduction to the theme of the kingdom in the Bible Alexander traces this topic from the anticipation of a king in Genesis to the consummation of the kingdom in Revelation In Genesis a royal lineage begins a promised seed that is carried forward by divine activity “God intends the line of ‘seed’ to play an important role in reversing” the curse 30 This king is prefigured in Joseph predicted by Balaam and modeled to varying degrees of success by spirit led judges It is a problem that “Israel had no king” Judg 176 but there is an intentional focus on the city of Bethlehem that leads us to the birth of DavidThe prayer of Hannah informs us that the promised king must be humble which Saul and David were initially God makes a covenant with David ensuring that a Davidic dynasty will rule over Israel forever But there is the indication that this promise is “conditional upon the behaviour of future kings” 85 If subseuent kings do not follow Yahweh there is the possibility that God would take the kingdom away from them for a time This is exactly what happens But there is a glimmer of hope God says “I will humble David’s descendants because of this but not for ever” 1 Kngs 1139 This speaks of “the future restoration of the Davidic dynasty” 91 The prophets give hope that David’s fallen tent will be restored Amos 911 12 They predict that God’s kingdom will crush all earthly kingdoms and that the Son of Man will reign forever Dan 713 14The NT views Jesus as the new David who has come as the king of the kingdom of heaven Matt 32 “The kingdom has no geographical boundaries but exists wherever God’s reign is accepted and acted upon” 134 This kingdom now expands as a blessing to all nations signified by the gift of the Holy Spirit Just as individuals can enter the kingdom only by means of the Spirit so also they can live a kingdom lifestyle only by the power of the Spirit The kingdom will be consummated when King Jesus makes all things new Rev 213 5

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    Very clear picture portraying the connection of Jesus Christ throughout the Old and New Testament Interesting and very well written

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    A simple yet superb primer on biblical theology focused on the Messiah

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