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Struggles weathering addiction and depression learning to care for not only herself but also a child and always channeling those experiences into songWith the wit lyricism and empathy that have characterized Colvin's performances and inspired audiences worldwide Diamond in the Rough looks back over a rich lifetime of highs and lows with stunning insight and candor In its pages we witness the inspiring story of a woman honing her artistry finding her voice and making herself whole.. I love books about artists discovering themselves and Colvin s memoir is no exception What s even fascinating is that she seemed to stumble into her career because she really wasn t good at anything else She had a huge substance abuse problem which will limit how much and what you can do but she always found the energy for her guitar She loved playing guitar and came from a musical family She had some natural talent for melody She could listen to a song on the radio and then play it But writing her own material was an uphill climb and she spent so many years playing in bars covering other singers She has a beautiful voice but she doesn t seem to know that She says something like I can carry a tune I can stay in tune I have a sturdy alto with decent octave range And I am thinking Don t you know how pretty your voice is That didn t seem to matter to her She just loved the music Playing it and singing it and gigging with friends And also drinking A lot And falling in and out of love A lot Sounds fun right She put a rag tag sort of life together singing and trying to write songs for a long time before she got a record contract I was surprised at how difficult songwriting was for her She mostly did lyrics and found a collaborator for the music Somehow from this she forged a brilliant career I won t spoil it by saying how It sure was fun to read about Why 4 not 5 Her writing skills are not great Not terrible and it s a terrific story but at one point she says something like I have never attempted to write something of this length You probably guessed that She s funny and honest and gives uite a bit of insight into one artist s meandering path to success beyong her wildest dreams And I love those happy endings

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Diamond in the Rough

After learning to play guitar at the age of ten Shawn Colvin was determined to make a life in music a decision that would send a small town girl out on the open road for good In two decades after she started she got her big break Like the troubled would be arsonist and survivor of her Diamond in PDF smash hit Sunny Came Home Colvin knows a thing or two about heartache and setting fires Diamond in the Rough recounts this passionate musician's coming of age from the prairies of Sout. I remember where I was when I first encountered Shawn Colvin I was in a Best Buy in Bloomington Illinois in the spring of my freshman year Her album Steady On was sitting on an end cap display in the new music section it looked good and I was feeling consumeristic so I bought it I probably uite frankly put it on my Discover Card as I was wont to do back then which means I m probably still paying for it That being said it was worth the moneyShawn Colvin s music has shown up at a lot of significant moments in my life Her cover of Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic was playing while my wife and I enjoyed a poolside meal at a resort in Scottsdale Arizona during our honeymoon I sat with my sister on the floor of the student center at Northwestern University while Colvin moved effortlessly from her song Polaroids into the chorus of Just My Imagination by the Temptations I bought her album Whole New You in a Borders Bookstore that no longer exists And on September 11 2001 I sought solace in her song Cry Like an Angel as I tried to make sense of the violent deaths of than three thousand peopleAll the feelings associated with those moments came back when I learned that she had written a memoir Diamond in the Rough I gobbled it up and enjoyed every nibble although I m not sure I would have been as enthralled had I not already been a fan Diamond in the Rough isn t so much a memoir in the sense of a book that mines an event or setting or relationship for some universal meaning as it is an autobiography It s a book for fans first and foremost I don t mean that disrespectfully but I do think if someone saw my four star rating for a memoir and bought it without prior connection to Colvin they d be disappointed with their reading experienceThat being said it was for me a great reading experience Colvin is a singer songwriter and such people are uniuely gifted storytellers if not always the most articulate interpreters of stories Songwriters tell stories in song and so the meaning is usually intentionally obscured Not so in a book though Colvin tells her life story compellingly taking us through several distinct chapters a childhood occasionally disrupted by family relocation a young life on the road as a traveling musician a settled but arguably less stable life as a New York musician an award winning recording career a post major label singer songwriter s schedule all with a through line that involves addiction depression anxiety and turbulent romantic relationships No great surprises or big new insights here we sadly have come to expect substance abuse emotional hardship and complicated relationships of our celebrated artists They re sad stories in many cases but they re told here with the perspective of time passed and life recovered Like a good storyteller Colvin can find the grace and humor in each chapter I think one of the best reason for reading books by musicians and other artists such as Steve Martin and Joe Jackson for example is the window such books provide into the artistic mind and the creative process Colvin s songs are in the foreground of her later chapters once she s committed herself to songwriting and recording I learned a lot about the songs on Steady On that has since enriched my listening I learned about her later albums as well having my suspicions confirmed for example by her comments about the first line of Polaroids Please no therapy It s not just her music of course Colvin was part of what might be considered a folk renaissance in the late 1980s bleeding into the 1990s Her experience writing with Jon Levanthal touring with Buddy Miller even just hanging out with Joni Mitchell offer insight into where artists find inspiration and how such inspiration is translated into something that can be received and embraced by an audience It should by now be obvious that I struggle in vain to have objectivity about Shawn Colvin More objective readers might write a robust critiue of her book More power to them me I ll remember it fondly as a story that touches ever so faintly my own story If you could show me the story of love she sings in Climb On a Back That s Strong I would write it again and again If she did I would surely read it at least once

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H Dakota to the dark smoky bars in Austin Texas to the world stage at the GrammysHumorous and deeply honest Colvin relates the experiences behind her best loved songs in vivid color in this memoir Diamond in the Rough captures her years of touring cross country in bands and vans full of guys falling in and out of love meeting heroes like Joni Mitchell searching for her musical identity and making friendships that would last a lifetime It is also an unflinching account of Colvin's. I read this book in just two sittings It was a thoroughly enjoyable swift read because it is written purely from the heart It is a gritty no holds barred brutally honest soul baring confessional memoir that is at once uplifting and sad at the same timeThe author speaks frankly about her battles with alcohol depression weight fluctuations drug use suicidal thoughts and a string of unfulfilling relationships which are unfulfilling only because she admittedly struggles with self esteem issues So when she finally comes to terms with loving herself and finding her purpose in her music it is uite emotionally fulfilling for the reader as well Shawn s story is about her healing and recovery than it is about what she was recovering from I have read so many confessionals written by musicians that come off as nothing than one big pity party but this story is certainly not one of them She writes about her struggles with wit and humor adding such authenticity to her edgy styleShe is originally from South Dakota and although she lived in many parts of the country she seems somewhat bitter about one place in particular Carbondale IL But who can blame her She describes her junior high school as a prison and seeing herself as the new inmate unable to see what her crime was Sadly it was the fact that she had the misfortune of bad timing being paired up with the practice of corporal punishment at a time when she was an emotionally fragile adolescentI was particularly enthralled by hearing her speak with such passion about the folk music artists who were so influential to her Joni Mitchell The Kingston Trio James Taylor Judy Collins and Bob Dylan because although I am not a musician myself these artists were no less influential to me albeit for different reasonsSomething else which resonated deeply with me is how she sees the art of writing Writing is like a sport You have to show up and you have to practice Yes there are times that are or less convenient and there are times when you are or less motivated But it s about showing up Some days the lyrics just start to come out from an unconscious part of you Other times you re so conscious of them not coming out that you want to scream Although she is talking about songwriting here this applies to any form of writing whether it be poetry novels or plays I think there were two turning points in her life One of them was the birth of her daughter which brought her to the realization that there was a disconnect between herself and her own parents I believe that it is not until we become parents ourselves that we are able to see our relationship with our own parents with a sense of clarity we can t have before that But then again hindsight is always 2020The other turning point in her life I think was when she realized that she was processing her struggles through her music The result was an epiphany I realized I was writing about getting sober about coming alive about claiming myself and uncovering these gifts that had been obscured by both external and internal forces about this veil of confusion and dysfunction and addiction being peeled away bit by bit I would highly recommend this compelling story of a woman who battled through the darkest times in order to let her inner light shine through so that she could see the magic that happened when she found her real voiceJill Lapin ZellAuthor of Vanishing Into Life

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    I remember where I was when I first encountered Shawn Colvin I was in a Best Buy in Bloomington Illinois in the spring of my freshman year Her album Steady On was sitting on an end cap display in the new music section; it looked good and I was feeling consumeristic so I bought it I probably uite frankly put it on my Disco

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    I have been a Shawn Colvin fan for over 10 years so I went into this with high hopes As a memoir I think it is pretty well written lots of pe

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    Thank you Shelf Awareness On a day when I was really in need of good news I received notice that I had won this book I'll get a little review up whenever I can get my hand to cooperate

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    I read this book in just two sittings It was a thoroughly enjoyable swift read because it is written purely from the heart It is a gr

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    This book is pretty uneven though that's also how I find Colvin's music some of it I love some of it I have to skip She br

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    My wife and I have been fans of Shawn Colvin's music since her first album er CD Steady On was released back in 1989 We saw her at least three times during that tour and we both could tell from her songs her stage presence and the

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    Well you cant accuse Shawn Colvin of not being honest in this memoir Sometimes maybe she's just a little too honest leaving me to wonder what her teenage daughter will think when she reads her mom's book Overall though a pleasant uick

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    Five stars for Shawn Colvin's musicGreat start to this book with vivid details from her humble Midwestern upbringing to her arduous journey as m

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    I love books about artists discovering themselves and Colvin's memoir is no exception What's even fascinating is that she seemed to stumble int

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    As you'd expect from a woman who's worked her way through most of America's psychiatric medications this is not an in depth bookIt bounces about like a nervous moth rarely settling on a subject for long as a fresh idea or thought rushes to the fore But that's not a criticismIn doing this you gain a further insight into the mind of the woman who gave the world one of my all time favourite albums in A Few Smal

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