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    My daughter wanted me to read this to her and I admit that I wondered at the beginning about how much of a Ghost Story it would be I was pleasantly surprised though and found this book to have a good moral story and the ghost dog in the story is not overplayed and is a nice ghost nothing scary The topics of animal cruelty and methamphetamine labs are covered and the main dog in the story does get hurt several times so those with sensitive children will probably want to discuss these things The story does have a happy ending for the main character dog though And for those interested in knitting instructions on how to knit a Purr fect Cat Blanket an item characters in the story knit to donate to the animal shelter is included at the back of the book

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    This book was awesome i really like how they helped a dog in danger Nice bookI love the part when they steal the dog by using oilCool book you should read it

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    Pretty good book Boring at first Fun at last

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    I read Ghost Dog Secrets to fulfill the prompt of “A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift” for the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge My tweenearly teen nephew and nieces handed it to me and told me I had to read it so I didGhost Dog Secrets is a middle grade book that features Rusty a 12 year old with a socially conscious teacher who inspires him to act when he discovers a dog he thinks is being neglected and abused In addition to the very real dog who may be in danger Rusty sees and feels a ghost dog who seems to be trying to tell him somethingThe ghost dog adds the trope often found in middle grade books of the young person being aware of or seeing things that an adult doesn’t I’m a little bit tired of that though I understand the appeal to its target audienceAside from that the book takes a serious look at animal cruelty so it may not be a comfortable read for very sensitive people but it isn’t supposed to be The primary theme of the book is being socially aware and engaged in realizing that if you see something disturbing and say “Someone should do something about that” that you should also realize that YOU are “someone”I felt it delivered a good message in a way that middle graders could relate to and understand Rusty felt like a real 12 year old knowing there are rules and conseuences for acting against them but still testing limits and occasionally displaying that even though he is ready for responsibility he doesn’t uite have the maturity or focus level to consistently make good decisionsA very good book for its intended audience and one that older people can benefit from as well4 out of 5 stars

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    Good pacing nice middle grade read And now I've read all of the Maud Hart Lovelace Award Division 1 nominees for 2014 15

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    Here is something I learned this week if you've recently read a book called Space Cats followed by another book called Ghost Cat it is really really hard not to check out a book called Ghost Dog Secrets when you see it on the library shelf I've been a fan of Peg Kehret ever since I bought one of her junior fiction books Sisters Long Ago at a school book fair in the 90s Sisters Long Ago involves reincarnation past life regressions dog napping and the Egyptian sun god Ra I read it like six times as a kid Ghost Dog Secrets written a full twenty years later I am old old old involves a class project to assist the Humane Society two middle school boys' efforts to rescue an abused dog an undead collie and the Egyptian sun god RaI'm getting the sense that Kehret is big on animals and Egypt Or at least Ra I wonder how she got so into Egyptian theology?Anyway back to reviewing There are some authors that I just like and Peg Kehret is one of them I thought the main characters' habit of talking in alliterative three word phrases eg baneful barbaric brat was kind of babyish and some of the dialogue sounded almost humorously scripted but whatever I liked the story and I loved how the book had the theme that young people have the power to change their communities for the better Like in this speech by the main character's teacher at the beginning of the book When we say somebody ought to do something we're wishing someone else would solve a problem but perhaps we are the ones who should take action Remember that you are the someone in the phrase 'Someone ought to do something about that' Each of you Me too We are all the someone who needs to take actionIsn't that cool? And to drive home the point Kehret includes instructions on the last page for how readers can knit cat blankets for animal shelters What a cool ladyIf you liked this book you might also like Standing Up to Mr O by Claudia Mills which is about a girl who protests her science class's dissection unit

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    Rusty can't get the image of a dog he saw on the way to school who was chained to a tree in the icy rain with no food or water When his teacher asks the class to think of ways the students can make a difference and then try to make it happen he decides to start to make a difference in that dog's life At first he brings the dog food and water each afternoon Rusty begins to be visited by an apparition of a collie who seems to be watching after the chained up dog After telling his friend Andrew they begin to both visit the dog regularly Until one day they find the dog injured After failing to get Animal Control to help they decide to rescue the dog and keep him in their secret fort They name him Ra and take great care of him in the fort Soon though the mean abusive owner comes looking for his watchdog and things get scaryPeg Kehret is great at building the tapestry of her stories with young main characters who think through everything they do and every decision they make Younger kids will love the classroom project of helping the animal shelter and Rusty's relationship with the Ra Older kids will like the suspense that comes from the abusive owner trying to get back his dogInterest level 6 8 Reading level 5th grade

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    Rusty can’t take his mind off of the German shepherd he saw chained to a tree in freezing cold weather At the encouragement of a ghost dog he starts to bring food and water to the German shepherd and soon realizes that the dog is being abused When the adults fail to resolve the situation Rusty takes matters into his own hands and has to make a decision Would taking the dog be stealing or rescuing?Peg Kehret does a great job of capturing the emotions of a dog lover The German shepherd Ra is loveable and sweet every child’s ideal dog However I don’t see it as much of a horror novel The ghost dog subplot was an afterthought at best Kehret does a good job of navigating the moral gray area that is sometimes associated with rescuing neglected pets The discussion of animal abuse and rescue was a little heavy handed at times but it does have a lot of good tips for animal lovers I do recommend this book for children that love dogs but not so much for children looking for something spooky Note Children who like this book may also enjoy The Ghost of Cutler Creek by Cynthia DeFeliceReview by Cherylynne W Bago

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    I enjoyed this book at the scale of about 7 out of 10 just because it was kind of a slow going book with not that much action but their was a lot of adventure This book was pretty good considering it had no seuel and was short The main characters were Rusty and his friend Andrew The setting of this book is outdoors for the most part mainly close to Rusty's house and this other old man who's Rusty's neighbor The problem in this book is Rusty finds a dog chained up outside near a tree next to his neighbor's house and it has no food or water Rusty knows the dog is not going to survive longer without proper treatment The only problem is that Rusty is to nervous to tell anybody but his best friend Andrew They continue to help the dog but the owner is vicious and continues making increasingly scary threats Without the help of someone or something soon that Rusty can trust the dog may be in trouble Will Rusty and Andrew find the solution or will the solution find them You'll have to read the whole book to find out If you read the book Stolen Children and liked it then you will enjoy Ghost Dog Secrets

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    At first I thought the book sounded too much like a PSA because of all the information Rusty and his teacher gave about different projects and things but it ended up being a good book Sometimes predictable but the bit with Mr Myers at the end was interesting I was not expecting that bit I liked that the students were able to do a project involving the Humane Society that involved all of their different subjects The Kitty Knitters was also adorable and when Wendy started to make the blankets I found myself wishing I knew how to make them as well At the end of the book the author includes that information She also includes links for research on the SPCA ghosts and puppy mills I would not recommend the book to all of my students Though the kids are younger and responsible and they are great characters that change throughout the book and learn lessons there are drugs and meth labs involved Some students may be sensitive to that as well as the ghost dog that shows up in Rusty's room

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They stealing or are they rescuing a dog in need? With the dog living in their secret hideout the boys face multiple challenges including a mysterious ghost dog that tries to lead them to a startling secret Andr Good pacing nice m Rebound Roommate (Men of Lake Tahoe Series, stealing or are they rescuing a dog in need? With the dog living in their Cure for the Loneliness secret hideout the boys face multiple challenges including a mysterious ghost dog that tries to lead them to a Bijoux en origami startling Hookup Master (Men of Lake Tahoe Series, secret Andr Good pacing nice m

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Each day Rusty feeds a dog that's left chained in the frigid weather with no shelter and no food or water When he realizes that the dog's been injured Rusty and his friend Andrew unchain the dog and take it Are My daughter wanted Asphodel (The Underworld Trilogy, shelter and no food or water When he realizes that the dog's been injured Rusty and his friend Andrew unchain the dog and take it Are My daughter wanted

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Ew's snoopy sister and the escalating threats of the dog's abusive owner The fast paced suspense builds to a surprising conclusion which will leave young readers cheering for Rusty's compassion and determination I enjoyed this boo