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Her Fake PDF #10003 Sasha Savage is back with another sizzling short story Emily Rice’s grandmother is coming to town and she better get her fiancé back in a hurry otherwise the feisty elderly woman will nev.

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Sleeping with Her Fake Fiance

Th eBook #228 the holiday weekend Except Billy her alpha ex boyfriend is simply irresistible And now that Emily is back in his life Billy has every intention of making sure they make it down the aisle this time.

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Er leave With no other choice Emily asks her ex boyfriend officer Billy Green to pretend they are still engaged They aren’t really back together it’s just to get her grandmother off her back for Sleeping wi.

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    I really enjoyed this little read; it was well written with a sweet romance and of course my favourite; hot lovin' ; Would really like to read something longer by Ms Savage