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The ueen of the Night

Kako bi preživela ona od cirkuske jahačice postaje kurtizana od caričine služavke pevačica a sve vreme je upletena u komplikovanu mrežu ljubavi dužnosti i političkih intrigaPored sudbine istorijskih ličnosti roman prati i Lilijet i ulogu Kraljice noći koja može da joj osigura ugled – ili je uništi tajnama koje otkri This book was like a vacation that has lasted a little too long it's great while it's happening but you're glad when it's over and you can go homeThis really was a fascinating story but man oh manthere were parts that I really struggled to get through because it was just plain boring I'm sure someone who has an interest in opera would enjoy this book than I did I confess I was lost with a lot of the references to operas and all things musicI did like the story but the one phrase that I just feel sums up this book is tragic drama This woman's life is just one turmoil after another I enjoyed the historical aspects of the book and the author is fantastic at setting the scene and creating the visual to put the reader in this time period My critiue though would be that sometimes overload just euals boredom A little less rambling and descriptive prose would have made for a compelling story for this reader I was trying to decide how many stars to give this and ultimately decided to go with three which is my personal standard for a book that I enjoyed and I feel is worth the read but that I wouldn't gush over It IS a good story; just be warned that it is not a fast paced one and it gets bogged down in parts 2016 reading challenge category a book that is than 500 pages

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Očaravajući roman o burnom putu jedne mlade žene od cirkuske jahačice i kurtizane do svetski poznate diveLilijet Bern je senzacija Pariske opere legendarni soprano sa svim priznanjima osim životne uloge koju svaki pevač želi kako bi postao besmrtan Kad joj takvu ulogu ponude ona shvata sa strepnjom da se libreto zasniva na WellThat didn't go AT ALL like I was expecting it to I saw some reviews of this floating around on Goodreads a few weeks ago and when I decided to look up a plot description it sounded like everything I wanted from a novel The story begins with Lilliet Berne star soprano of the Paris Opera being offered an original role in a new opera But as she reads the story she realizes that the opera is based on her own life and exposes secrets from her past that she wants to stay buried There are only four people who know Lilliet's secrets and she decides to find out who's working behind the scenes to expose her As she does the reader follows her on her journey and learns how Lilliet went from orphan farm girl to circus euestrian to courtesan to imperial spy and ended as an opera singerBased on that description this book should have been my absolute jam Opera singers Belle Epoue Paris Intrigue Affairs Courtesans These are all things that I love yet I did not enjoy a single page of The ueen of the Night and I still can't figure out whyNothing in this book worked for me Other reviews praised Lilliet as an awesome heroine; I found her dull Sure it was impressive the way she was consistently wiggled her way out of one scrape after another her best escape is stolen directly from The Count of Monte Cristo and I'll forgive the absurdity of it because I love a good Dumas homage but there didn't seem to be any spark to her it was just five hundred pages of oh now I have to deal with this Well that was a close one Maybe the problem was Chee's prose which struck me as very dry and removed I wanted narration that threw itself whole heartedly into the fantastical aspects of this story and was willing to have a little fun with it Chee's writing takes itself way too seriously and as a result I couldn't commit myself to what should have been a melodramatic adventure storyThe other major problem was the antagonist At the beginning of Lilliet's career as a courtesan she is purchased literally purchased by a man she refers to only as the tenor But he might as well be named the patriarchy because his job is to remind the reader of how thoroughly it sucked to be a woman in the 19th century Sure fine I can get behind a malevolent john character when Lilliet is starting out But then the tenor refuses to go away Every time Lilliet escapes him he just reappears a few chapters later and she's back where she started and by the time this had happened three times I was beyond bored with the tenor He has nothing to redeem himself to the reader but isn't evil enough to be a compelling villain When Lilliet finally view spoilerkills him it happens about three hundred pages too late Chee should have killed the tenor off way earlier in the story so he could be another skeleton in Lilliet's closet and made up a better villain to take his place Also the murder itself is so fucking easy there's no reason she couldn't have done it literally years ago And it's stupidly absurd she stabs him which yay But then she breathes fire at him and it's pointless and I'm just glad that Chee resisted the urge to write SUITABLE FOR FILM ADAPTATION at the bottom of the page because that's clearly what he was thinking when he wrote the scene hide spoiler

Free read Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Alexander Chee

Tajni iz njene prošlosti Samo četiri osobe mogle su da je izdaju jedna je mrtva jedna je voli jedna želi A za jednu se nada da ju je zaboravilaDok kopa po svojim uspomenama kako bi našla trag priseća se svog života kad je kao siroče došla u Evropu iz Amerike i uletela u bleštavi i vrtoglavi svet Drugog carstva u Parizu Opera circus travel a strong woman protagonist passion love author Chee tics every 'can't wait to read this book' box Somehow though he often lost me While Chee does a magnificent job of history and setting the characters especially the star felt hollow and flat Ditto for the audio reader's rendition The book is 500 pages maybe if it had been trimmed way down it wouldn't have felt so much like a soap opera? Despite the above flaws it's a good book just needs to be cut way back

  • Paperback
  • 648
  • The ueen of the Night
  • Alexander Chee
  • Serbian
  • 08 June 2018
  • 9788652124671

About the Author: Alexander Chee

Alexander Chee is the best new novelist of the eBook ✓ I've seen in some time Edinburgh is moody dramatic and pure Edmund White“A complex sophisticated elegant investigation of trauma and desire like a white hot flame” Joyce Hackett in The Guardian“A coming of age novel in the The ueen Epub / grand Romantic tradition where passions run high Cupid stalks Psyche and love shares the dance floor with death A.