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    The plot description pretty much says it all There wasn't much else to this story apart from a subplot with Diana's friend Violette who only served to be there at the end so the Nice Guy Who Loses Still Gets A GirlThe main weakness in this Sunfire was the heroine's age She's only 14 for the majority of it with all the romance scenes and while that might have been of fine engagement age back in 1803 because it's a touchy issue even in adult literature it's even hands off and unaddressed here Diana says she's too young to be engaged but the ages of her two boyfriends are never revealed one is already sporting a beard the guy on the left that the cover artist made clean shaven The heroine herself is indecisive for dull reasons and the two heroes aren't all that interesting eitherI still give it three stars for the period detail I haven't read much about the Louisiana Purchase and the tensions within New Orleans between Spanish French and American And the clash of cultures made for some fair tension but that's about it

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    This suffers from a lot of the traditional Sunfire problems people with current values transplanted into the past being the biggest one guys who treat women poorly being the other one but doesn't have any redeeming values behind it other than maybe the opportunity to learn a little bit about St Louis history The major problems here are the pacing of the book so weird and the way that the subplot about Diana's best friend is shoehorned in at the last minute to wrap things up neatly Check out my full review including details on the swanky cover at Young Adult Historical Vault

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    Waxing Nostalgic #6 I love this book by my favorite author of the Sunfire series She describes her characters so well and the reader comes to love them and understand them It is so difficult for Diana to make a choice between David and John because they are both such wonderful people I am always in love with them too I like learning about the two towns New Orleans and St Louis in such a pivotal time of the country the Louisiana purchase

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    Diana is the next book in my reading rereading of the Sunfires this summer Romance wise I am not sure I am buying Historically I learned a bit and thought it was really interesting

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    First of all the writing was clunky I felt like Diana was stupid all the way through and the ending was not satisfactory

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    Diana by Mary Francis Shura was book #29 in the Sunfire Romance series a historical romance line aimed at teens that was published by Scholastic in the 1980s I enjoyed the novel than I thought I would It's very much like a regular category historical romance with the exception that it involves teenagers as the main characters instead of adults Conseuently it is a very clean romance limited to the occasional hand holding or innocent kiss Our heroine Diana the titles of all the Sunfire books are named after the heroine lives between New Orleans and St Louis from 1803 when she is 14 to 1806 age 17 Her heart belongs to two boys her society friend David and a frontiersman named John who is leaving on the Lewis Clark expedition The novel concerns the choice that she has to make between them I was surprised but satisfied with the outcome Here is a nicely written paragraph from page 87 to give you an idea of the uality of the writing Two days seldom passed without John coming whistling through the woods to her The tune was always the same She always meant to ask him what song it was but forgot to Since she didn't know what else to call it she thought of that certain lilt as 'John's song' and felt her heart skip when it came into her mind Once in a while in the privacy of her own room she hummed the notes to herself and smiled When I was in school learning about history I hated how the textbooks took all the excitement out of the subject with pages showing graphs and maps to impart their information Part of the word history is story and telling the story is what makes it come alive Presumably this was the purpose of the Sunfire line to inform young readers about American history in a way that would interest them and perhaps ignite their interest in history generally This novel succeeds in that aim since near the end I found myself going to Wikipedia to learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition based on its presence in the book I hasten to add that the educational aspect was no intrusive than in any other historical romance novel that I've read so readers fear not getting an unwanted school lesson here Apart from a duel scene later in the book there's not much action or suspense in the story therefore some readers may find it rather unexciting However I found the book to be well written and enjoyable despite the leisurely pace I rate Diana 3 out of 5 stars

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    It's hard to know how to rate this book On the one hand it's terrible On the other hand it's rather hilariously terrible Only worth reading if you like me are amused by clunky dialogues bizarre and yet predictable plot twists and nonsensical characters whose motivations and actions make no senseNear the beginning of the story our beautiful fourteen year old protagonist's parents decide to send her off with a servant to a different city for several months because they want her to throw lots of parties for all the new people in that city including a fort full of soldiers If this idea sounds eminently reasonable and romantic to you you are in the target audience for this book but you should choose something sensible instead so that you don't get any silly ideas If this premise instead makes you roll your eyes in annoyance you will not find the rest of the book to be any enjoyable But if you can't help laughing at this profoundly ludicrous example of teenage wish fulfillment this might just be an enjoyable read for you

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    Basic Plot Diana decides whether to join a Kentucky frontiersman or stay in St Louis?I remember reading this and a bunch of the other Sunfire romance novels when I was an early teen I acuired a couple through the ubiuitous Scholastic reading catalogues sent home from school and managed to find a few at the local public library I genuinely liked them at the time They provided a little bit of historical tidbit in with the love stories and featured young women who fought for what they wanted and didn't just stand by waiting for things to happenLots of interesting details about the French purchase A weak side plot with her friend Vivienne The inevitable love triangle with her safe guy and exciting guy Which to choose??? It sounds silly but I read and reread this one as a tween Something about her attitude called to me

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    Oh I hated the ending of this book It's absolutely absurd and ridiculous to think that her parents would let her go off into the wilderness with a mountain man I didn't think she could marry David and I did start to see that he seemed to care for Vi as well so that wasn't such a surprise for me A secret part of me hoped that she would not choose either of them but a life for herself So BAD Back to the library book sale for this book

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    I've had this book since I was a teen and it's still sweet I really enjoyed reading it again this evening The love between Diana and John is a little unsupported and the reader doesn't really learn much about him But it's still a sweet book and Diana is an incredibly lovely character

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Diana lives in New Orleans during the Louisiana Purchase in the early 19th centuryAt a New Orleans gala Diana meets David a handsome Frenc This suffers from a lot of the traditional Sunfire DOS Novelas Cortas early 19th centuryAt a New Orleans gala Diana meets David a handsome Frenc This suffers from a lot of the traditional Sunfire

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Rry him but will saying yes to David mean saying no to true love?Number 29 in the currently out of print Sunfire series by Scholastic book Oh I hated the ending of this book It's absolutely The Pallisers ending of this book It's absolutely

Read & download ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Mary Francis Shura

H Creole aristocrat But then her family sends her to St Louis where Diana meets John a brave Kentucky frontiersman David wants Diana to ma Diana is the next book in my reading rereading of t