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T contested categories in the field of Japanese religious studies While the term Shinto has a long history in the pre modern period this volume focuses on how the term has evolved in modern Japan Divided into five parts the book coversShinto and the modern Japanese nation statePre war Japanese intellec.

Free download Defining Shinto

Defining Shinto

Tuals on ShintoShinto and ultra nationalism of the s and sPost war reforms and reformulationsContemporary ways of defining ShintoPresenting a wealth of documents most of which have been translated here for the first time the book is an invaluable resource for scholars and students of Japanese religion..

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This book provides key official documents alongside political religious philosophical and historical essays illustrating how the term Shinto has metamorphosed terminologically from Japan's emergence as a modern nation state in the late th century to the postmodern Japan of todayShinto is one of the mos.

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