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Her new employer was a charming and gracious lady If only all of the people of Owisden and the little mountain village that huddled against the estate for protection were so nice Katherine's happiness would be assured However beneath the charm Deanna Dwyer Da

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Katherine Sellers came to Owisden in the winter to be the secretary companion to Lydia Boland one of the wealthiest women in the country The job was an exciting challenge for Katherine and a needed change from the events she'd sooner forget And This is the for

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Stirred other emotions other forces There was evil in that mountain valley a brooding evil that worshipped at a dark altar an altar that had been built for unspeakable sacrifice And Katherine was marked from the moment she arrived marked to di AlrightNothing Engendering Song unspeakable sacrifice And Katherine was marked from the moment she arrived marked to di AlrightNothing

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    Well written for the most part though not the most original Dance With The Devil was rather interesting but not memorable and the characters were kind of boring

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    This is the forth book written under the Deanna Dwyer pseudonym by Dean Koontz As with others written under the Dwyer name this is centred on a slightly naïve and innocent person taking up a job in a remote house and then finding things are not all they seem to be Katherine Sellars finds herself isolated not only be house’s Owlsden remote location but by the winter snow storm that is swirling around it and the nearest town Her nerves are tested when on the journey to the house she comes across a cat that has been mutilated and hung from a barn Moved beyond words she braves the cold to get out of her car and bury the cat When Yuir the house butler come manservant warns her to lock her door at night and not wander around in the darkness she doesn’t take it seriously He goes on to warn her about the Satanist cult that is often seen in the woods she doesn’t believe in this even when he explains about beliefs of his upbringing in Rumania and the legends of vampires Werewolves etc Still when she hears noises in the night of course she goes and investigates once she finds its only owls calling in the night The second time she finds occult symbols written in blood on her bedroom door When the storm brings down the powerlines plunging Owlsden into darkness and cold her fear increases Can those in Owlsden survive the night?

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    This is an enjoyable if predictable story about a woman who finds than she bargained for with new employmentIt is one of Dean Koontz's earlier works under this pen name and I found it to be rooted in the same formula as all the others I'm not sure if this was a condition of the publishers because Dean Koontz does not write like this any However I still enjoyed it and there were some good atmospheric descriptionsI judge stories on how much I enjoyed the reading and I did Though I'm glad that Dean Koontz changed his style because he is now a master storyteller

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    This is the best of the gothics I've read so far by Dean Koontz While his gothics aren't the greatest I find them very entertaining

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    Another compact little gothic by Dean Koontz writing as Deanna DwyerKatherine Sellers sets out to her first job as assistant to Lydia Roxburgh Boland one of the dozen wealthiest women in the country It's wintertime and weather conditions in the Adirondacks are abysmal Close to the village of Roxburgh she sees a hanged cat in the doorway of an old abandoned barn Upon investigation she notices a pentagram chalked on the ground and signs of burnt candles Witchcraft? Devil worshippers? The snow is so bad one of the locals has to drive her up to Owlsden the Roxburgh residence high on the hilltop This is Michael Harrison who could very well become a romantic interest However her employer also has a son the same age Alex So life seems to look very brightly for Katherine a wonderful job a luxurious household nice people all around and two eligible bachelors if it weren't for the ominous signs of satanism in the region Is she in danger?Of course she is Remember this isn't just a romance novelI loved the writing style The sky was a gray metal lid clamped on the pot of the world so low and flat that it looked as if she could just reach up and tap a fingernail against it Isn't that a wonderful way to make you see Katherine's surroundings? The story itself was very well done too; thankfully it isn't one of those formulaic gothics that fail to surprise you There's a bit of psychology thrown in which was very refreshing to see Gothic suspense novels are all about people lying and pretending and a heroine who doesn't know whom to trust To this the author cleverly added another dimension

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    Deanna Dwyer Dance with the Devil Prestige 1972originally posted 17Sep2001I always figured gothic romance novels were written by terminally horny college students with a passing interest in the occult and a strong desire to make money by any means necessary Dean Koontz gave evidence of same in the early seventies by writing a few gothics three if memory serves under the name Deanna Dwyer Of the various forms of Koontziana out there the Dwyers are the most collectible—and that's saying somethingThe books themselves are about what you'd expect—boy A meets girl boy B meets girl boy A gets jealous and accuses boy B of being the high priest of a Satanic animal sacrificing cult who call up the devil in the woods you know the drill If you've read two Barbara Cartland books you know the routine including the supposed twist ending common to just about every romance novel I've ever read But man this stuff is funny As an amusing sidelight it becomes obvious when you're looking that Koontz has a romance background Compare and contrast the romantic relationships in Koontz' superstar era novels with those in King ½

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    I wouldn't have thought of reading this book but I got sick last week and I was up all night Once I started to read I couldn't stop The book itself isn't very long but it grabs you instantly and your wondering what's going to happen next I rather liked it but I saddened to realize that the book is written under dean koontz pen name from earlier in his career I've read him before but this was really different from his later books As I was reading this I was actually taking a break from reading hideaway by dean It kinda reminds me of the book house on haunted hill both are creepy in the same capacity

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    I read this book because Dean Koontz used this pseudonym not sure what year it was published but I would guess 30 years ago It was an easy read and a bit of a pleasant surprise as to what passed for horror back then Simple plot simple characters simple twist at the end A pleasant but almost juvenile read

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    AlrightNothing much happens

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    I mostly gave this a try because I find it interesting to read books by authors under their pen names This one was from very early in Dean Koontz's career probably before he hit his stride It's a rather dull read and I'll admit I only made it a handful of chapters in before I gave it up I just couldn't seem to get hooked on this dismal journey up to a Gothic mansion with I don't even know did the fact that she buried a cat that was sacrificed by Satanistscultistsbored teenagers make her a target? Too boring didn't read