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R glam rocker to a drunk rocker to a speed freak punk He drifts in and out of relationships with friends both male and female Life zooms past him Hernandez's approach captures the numbness and raw undirected anger and passion of a young man who waits for life to happen to him not noticing all the while that it is happening Subtle and thought provoking Bumperhead is a fascinating rea This is one I hav How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose speed freak punk He drifts in and out of relationships with friends both male and female Life zooms past him Hernandez's approach captures the numbness and raw undirected anger and passion of a young man who waits for life to happen to him not noticing all the while that it is happening Subtle and thought provoking Bumperhead is a fascinating rea This is one I hav



Bumperhead follows Bobby a young slacker who narrates his life as it happens but offers very little reflection on the events that transpire He lives in the moment exclusively and is incapable of seeing the world outside of his experiences He comes of age in the 1970s making a rapid progression through that era's different subcultures and in a short period of time segues from a stone The first thought

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A fascinatingly disjointed tale of drugs rock and roll and adolescence from a legendary cartoonistThe Love and Rockets author Gilbert Hernandez returns with Bumperhead a companion book to Marble Season Whereas Marble Season explored the exuberant and occasionally troubled existence of the wide eyed preteen Huey Bumperhead zeroes in on disaffected teenhood with its protagonist Bobby I may be too gene

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    I may be too generous with this 4 star rating though Bumperhead IS certainly above average It may not be as arresting as Ghost World or My New York Diary each vignette may occupy a short single page But its worthwhile and if anything deceptively profound Plus what's up with the i Pad as time traveling motif? Yep An angry adolescent is always an excellent subject worth exploring

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    This follows Marble Season which focused on the pre teen growing up period and it seems sort of exuberant it's about youth Bumperhead focuses on a teen growing up in the seventies a kind of slacker into punk pretty cynical but to me real but likable That's key seems to me if you are gonna like this; can you relate to or understand the kid? I was pre punk and never really that disaffected or that same kind of angry though I was politically active and angry about Vietnam and civil rights and education during this time true but I like this kid and am interested in his world Maybe in part because I HAVE a kind of special needs disaffected kid maybe because I have always gravitated as a teacher to such kids Also I am a Beto fan; I read everything he does and mostly like it all I saw at a glance that one reviewer said this is literally the worst book I have ever read and I laughed aloud What I was thinking was that this visceral reaction which I loved as a reaction though I clearly disagree with it may be a response to just being annoyed with this slacker punk kid and his family and friends and array of girlfriends and drugs and alcohol and the whole boy stoner culture I dunno I get it And this kid doesn't care what you think of him Screw you He doesn't need you as a friend For me this comic captures a period and an attitude and to my mind looks back on it with a kind of affection I mean we don'e know why he is angry; it's not political it's not particularly focused all this grumpy teen angst But Bumperhead captures some of the anger and alienation and the checking out of society of some young people and Hernandez looks back on it with bemusement and love I liked this a lot Pretty memorable for me

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    I ask Lalo to refer to his sci fi toy about what my future holds same old misery or worse misery?Before he can answer I change my uestion and ask where rock music is goingThe Ramones The Ramones will change rock music for the betterBobby is about out of mandatory experience and everyone he has known his whole life are going their ways Dad is drunk with him for now and nodding off Bobby has the old baby look as his body sags into the booze and triumph Arms jerkily akimbo and lost to the taken for granted past or future Fuck yeah the New York Dolls Naz was right The future is the gray areas around the bright spots of the primal sound I can't see Bobby with the voice that reaches the wordless places It's the animal eye of the storm It kind of hurts how the world can feel so much the miles of colorless humming Shouldn't his IT'S ABOUT DAMNED TIME music carry him than this? I already knew that the people who leave him were 1 Not that with him anyway 2 Had their own empty life spaces It starts eating the time somewhere in the mouth or maybe the eyes All of that talking and unseeing Bobby can be found dying on the way to the next thing An unmade bed to lie in is still a hole His childhood friend has an ipad from the future Sometimes Lalo spouts out knowledge that has no bearing on anything A half black president or public deaths to dictators Bobby used to tell him you could make up anything on there as if he knew all about it Where does the childhood ingenuity go? Is it a myth that kids are born with bull shit detectors If Bobby had one he sold it out for a dull buzz to cut out his brain Bobby isn't really tempted to ask about himself What's there to ask when to move in any direction is the death headlights What's the next sound? I wish they had listened to any band that I didn't already know about T Rex The Clash The New York Dolls Big Star David Bowie The Runaways Roxy Music The starry sidewalk of there are giant space lizards jamming to their satellites of love in a galaxy far far away Weren't there magazines around? Some people are born knowing of everything cool and the rest of us get a miracle of what we need when we really need it Yeah I'm greedy for what is going to save my life next There has got to be buried treasure All of the music that is created every year Their guru Naz gets his hands on amounts of vinyl I would see only in my dreams I would choose my purchases based on what had the most tracks live albums usually Where did these none seem a bit upper class kids get all of that dough? How many record stores in Oxnard California could there be with five finger discounts? Oh well I just think they didn't appreciate a great thing I'd count down the days for Christmas and cried when I got Never freaking Let Me Down What's next when there were all of these riches? I believe it when all Bobby has are those impossible highs chased in the first time he hears the raw power I am so thankful I am not him He looks possessed In the crowd alone and they might not be unlike him but still alone Kid doesn't know the magic of learning how to play that song you can't stop listening to in your head He's like that with girls too Next new girl not her but her Stupid boy Life is going to be too long if you go through it like that Fatter slowly dying in his chair beer in hand acid or speed heart attacks false alarm no real there's that guy I used to know get angry so you don't hear what they are saying Young Bobby tries to not hear the nothing of the day grinds People look angry If you could see what they thought about Bobby I bet they'd say the same thing Old and older Bobby gets good in the way of not listening to anyone in the way that doesn't mean anything You never knew them anyway and some jobs lay off husbands don't listen I don't know I've been there of spending that time when people work for futures escaping into those voices that make the brief moments feel like they mean something The awful times when people stop talking to me because I can't account for my time in a way that sounds better than I got carried away on an unbelievable wavelength It doesn't feel right to me to mix up what anyone else did with their time into it If the kid with the shitty garage band still sucked or the high school gf who dumped him for God They weren't going to be together anyway Bobby would have to reconcile if they were lost time or not All of that mass of less alive and waiting The ending felt fake as hell to me It's been a good life I really can't remember what I was so angry about Bobby is an old gent with a cane Did he give up to one time line of gray His dad has his secrets in his silent chair Another family and seven brothers and sisters in Mexico I can't believe I'm saying this about a Beto story that they were never going to be together Beto was my favorite for the full on lightning follows sounds follows lightning interconnectedness shitI like it when Bobby overhears two kids talking about Super Man and he suddenly remembers childhood wasn't all rotten Broke my heart in the too late for the mother and daughter to ever understand I could forget they were drawings and disappear into the can't stand it you're never going to get away from these people Live and die together No one else is that real Bobby isn't that real He's a logo shirt and trousers waiting to be scarecrowed into someone else's moved Not when he forgets his dad isn't home any Not when he won't stop asking what are the names of his half brothers and sisters The mom who had cigarettes before she killed herself I can't take this nothing in between Bobby stopped listening and never got the art of the staring contest down Damnit but I lived for the staring problem of Beto's stories Day the next and the end loses the meaning I don't think it's the point in the end if you did anything with your days Having something to say for it like They were good days The dad probably did forget the names of his other children He just sits in a chair Father and son sound and look the same to me How did he bring it altogether? I didn't feel that part How does he accept when he's not the beast on their sonic strings I feel cheated of the most important part I've always liked how the women look in Beto's stuff Often they will have large bottoms in hip hugging trousers Tight t shirts and the men ogle them until another one catches their eyes Somehow they feel like if you stared at them too long you'd feel self conscious of their bodies I loved it when Bobby comes across again his childhood love Lorena Madrid At the time he immortalizes her in his memory cynically predicting one day he would stand to attention to her younger sister She's in the record shop slack eyed Bobby can't remember why he hates her so much and knows he does She'll be beautiful to him again Faithless Bobby fantasies I like how they are real in their own bodily orbits and kinda despise being tethered to his roving eye I hate not being in love with a Beto story That's never happened before Like Lalo's future telling meant nothing to me about Lalo Rufus the acid tripper and the father of the Jesus Freak needing to hear his daughter was still a relateable human being inside I can't deal with margins in Beto stories that don't feel like they would go on without me No no no Naz has gotta go on making sure everyone heard this everything band until it's just a scene for fun I can believe there's a weight loss in his music soul because I know that happens but it happens without me

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    Bumperhead is a coming of age novel about a boy who measures each generation of his youth by the records he listens to and the girls he fixates on It was a Seventies thing and if you grew up in the same generation as him I did then you'd understand I don't know if younger kids will get some of what's going on here but I hope they hang in there anyway I found some of the parallels between this kid's youth to my own pretty eerie but it also made the book compassionate I felt Beto was speaking for me Bumperhead loses a star because he portrays aging in such a pathetic gruesome way virtually feeding into the ageism that's so prevalent these days Some of us have held up pretty well through the years Mr Hernandez

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    When I learned that Gilbert Hernandez had a new book out BUMPERHEAD and that it was about teenagers and I had just finished the fantastic MARBLE SEASON about pre adolescents which I gave to my 10 year old son to read I thought this was a seuel and told my son as much He was very excited as was I for MARBLE SEASON he says is the best book he’s read since WONDER which is frankly the only book he’s been able to read cover to cover MARBEL SEASON is one of the best books I’ve read in a while too and I read a lot of books It resonates and haunts me Because of the mature content of BUMPERHEAD and just because I wanted to I am after all the father I read the book first I did so in a sitting and probably should read it again as it’s not as straight forward as MARBLE SEASON less innocent stranger with intentional anachronisms but no less emotionally moving and engaging There’s going on than I can read in a first pass but then Hernandez is an artist not a propagandist Did I let my son read the book? Hell yes You should read it too

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    The first thought that came to mind when I closed this graphic novel? So what? This is a meandering coming of age story about a young boy who is bullied and abandoned by his parents in various ways There is a log of the girls he crushes on the music he loves and the main events of his life from young boy to older man but the story lacked any emotional impact The most interesting thing was the iPad subplot On the plus side I did like the black and white artwork I am clearly not the target audience for this one

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    This is one I have to go back and reread ASAP I can't help but think I'm missing something here as I'm not as taken by the book as I usually am by Gilbert's work This is certainly not a seuel to Marble Season as some have said it might be And it doesn't have the punch of that earlier book Maybe I'll get that punch after some contemplation and another reading

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    Grabbed a copy of this at SDCC Another fantastic GN from Beto and a natural seuel of sorts to Marble Season I know he's been doing this for over thirty years now or so but he still seems to be getting better and better somehow

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    This coming of age story captures how uickly relationships can evolve when adolescents try to define who they are Sure to make you reflect on some of the choices you made during this pivotal period of your life

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    I'll have to reread this before I can review it All I know at this point is that it is totally awesome my favorite comic book published in 2014

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