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N Za are sent to find her In a story rich with atmosphere and taut with suspense Oil on Water explores the conflict between idealism and cynical disillusionment in a journey full of danger and unintended conseuencesAs Rufus and Za navigate polluted rivers Oil on Epubflanked by exploded and dormant oil wells in search of the white wom. This was a wonderful glimpse into the confusion violence desperation and hope of the Niger Delta region and its people It was up close and personal in the way I like when reading about conflicted parts of the world Too often writers bring the camera too far back so that readers can see the big picture however in the process they lose the humanity of what s going on and the humans involved become like tiny pawns being moved about I hate that This book did the opposite I love thatNevertheless this wasn t as tantalizing and engulfing as my favorite Habila book Waiting for an Angel I also listened to the audio version and the reader s poor accent drove me crazy I have had to read my own work and do accents that I m not all that good at So I understand it s now easy Clearly this reader was not Nigeria BUT there are basics that a professional reader should get when doing accents different from his or her own In this case he mispronounced Igbo and pronounced Lagos like a non Nigerian No no no I had to stop listening a few times because his accent was so annoying and off I listened to the audio book because of time constraints the only time I have to read are when I am cooking or working out If you have the the time do not get the audio bookAnyway a good Habila book but not my personal favorite I will read of his work certainly He s great

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The new generation of twenty first century African writers have now come of age Without a doubt Habila is one of the best Emmanuel DongalaIn the oil rich and environmentally devastated Nigerian Delta the wife of a British oil executive has been kidnapped Two journalists a young upstart Rufus and a once great now disillusioned vetera. This novel deserves all the kudos heaped upon it The clarity of the writing the construction of the central mystery the steady buildup of tension the detailed character development all are remarkable and accomplished The story is simple and straightforward but becomes nail bitingly tense as the cub reporter Rufus pursues the kidnappers of a woman on the Nigerian delta Rufus wouldn t have volunteered for the dangerous mission but for wishing to accompany a veteran reporter he admires Zak Things go wrong One senses the dark nights hot greasy air creased with yellow torches flaming high from the oil rigs and a maelstrom of humanity wielding guns Oil permeates everything the air the water the soil and oil brings wealth to some and homelessness to many in Nigeria Rufus is both the first and last name of our narrator a single name he adopts just like Zak the reporter he most admired Zak is alcoholic broken in body and disillusioned but he is still a raging intellect with the heart of a lion These two men on their journey to find the kidnapped wife of a British oil engineer run into militants seeking adeuate reimbursement for oil revenues passing them by Soldiers seek to stymie the kidnapping plot Rufus and Zak witness the aftermath of their battle Rufus is a photographer first and his experience allows him to know how to take pictures that grip the eyeHabila was a journalist first He knows how to write a sentence that makes a picture The simplicity of the writing gives us immediate access to his story a few words show us the timbre of a voice the stiffness of a back the roll and gloss of an eye On Habila s website we are treated to a blurb from celebrated British author Jim Crace who says Helon Habila writes with intelligence and admirable narrative economy That s it of course There is no waste In addition Habila makes all his characters vulnerable even the oilmen the kidnappers and their henchmen He takes seemingly incomprehensible events and shows them from every angle surprising us with their simplicity and their pathos He reveals terrifying truths and exhibits the almost endless resilience of people under unbearable pressures He shows us humanity as depraved and as generous as we know ourselves to beExuisite Unforgettable Praiseworthy

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An they must contend with the brutality of both government soldiers and militants Assailed by irresolvable versions of the truth about the woman's disappearance dependent on the kindness of strangers of unknowable loyalties their journalistic objectivity will prove unsustainable but other values might yet salvage their human dignity.. This book opened up my eyes to what is happening in the Niger Delta Two journalists head out to find an English woman the wife of a prominent oil engineer who had been kidnapped for ransom expecting the oil company to give them millions The Delta Niger is all about peaceful islanders whose lives have been turned upside down by the armies of the oil companies who are taking their land by force their homes polluting their waters and the environment Many of these peaceful island people have turned militant trying to get back their lives and their livelihoods with guns and violence on both sides It is up to the two reporters to discover the truth behind the kidnapping of the English womanIn essence they discover the larger picture the truth about this region that describes Haboila s title Oil on Water As the reader becomes totally engrossed in this story the reader also discovers to what ends journalists will go to find the perfect story only to find the real story Helon Habila continuously describes the murky waters the humid air and the barren landscape of the Niger Delta He makes many interesting symbolic references to the flares of the oil company s fires Definitely worth the read

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    This novel deserves all the kudos heaped upon it The clarity of the writing the construction of the central mystery the steady buildup of tension the detailed character development—all are remarkable and accomplished The story is

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    a stunning novel one I highly recommend it to people who want to be enlightened about human and environmental conditions in other nations Maybe some people think it's not cool to be reading fiction about the damage caused by big bad corporations but really I don't care about opinions I want to know what's happeni

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    Rufus a young journalist on his first major assignment travels into the troubled oil rich Nigerian Delta hoping to land his breakthrough news story interviewing the kidnappers of a British oil engineer's wife and proving that the captive is alive The dangers lurking among the oilfields and the pipelines that meander snake

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    This was a wonderful glimpse into the confusion violence desperation and hope of the Niger Delta region and its

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    Heading Disillusioned and DisheartenedOil on Water is the masterful third novel by Helon Habila and once again the author tackles another timely topic this time the deadly politics of oil in the Niger Delta The wife of a British oil executive

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    The opening chapter describes a harrowing river journey that immediately brings to mind Heart of Darkness It is not the same story but the physical surroundings the fog the fearful emotional atmosphereI'm thinking Mistah K

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    The most interesting thing about this book is the subject matter of the political and environmental disaster caused by oil companies in Nigeria Eventhought this is an extremely important and interesting topic I must say that I don’

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    This book revolves around the Niger Delta area the struggle for oil and power the contaminated water the fleeing Niger Deltan residents and the conseuences of greed Helon Habila takes the reader on a ride exposing the environmental conditions p

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    This book opened up my eyes to what is happening in the Niger Delta Two journalists head out to find an English woman the w

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    Oil On Water by Helon Habila is a novel that takes in Nigeria where oil has become the main concern The oil companies are buying up

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