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    I was first introduced to Anais Nin by my boyfriend who bought me a first edition of Little Birds on Valentines Day a couple of years ago I was surprised to discover that it wasn't raunchy or esoteric at all but very accessible very beautiful and naturally very sensual At an estate sale recently I came across Delta of Venus and picked it up partly out of interest in Nin's writing and partly because it was a vintage book and I love vintage books Delta of Venus is far sexier than Little Birds to be sure but the beauty of Nin is that no matter how racy she gets it's never distasteful or off putting like a lot of erotica can be just for the sake of shock value Nin's erotica is sensual not only because of the sex that the characters are engaging in but because the entire time you're reading you're reminded that Nin was writing in the 1930s when sex was relatively freer than the puritanical decades before but not nearly as free as the sex we know and are numb to today Thus there's an inherent tension created from the restraint of the characters as they toe the line of social decorum taboos and what waswasn't acceptable sexually at the time as well as attempt to understand and temper or most often indulge their lust and experimental curiosities Nin's erotica isn't dirty or depraved at allrather it's beautifully written imbued with surprising insights and psychology and best of all is written from a woman's perspectiveand not in an in your face I'm an empowered sexual female hear me roar kind of way There's something for everyone hereunless you like your erotica to be of the Hustler ilk Ew None of that here I highly recommend any of Nin's work if you're at all curious about erotica or even you're notyou'll like it I promise

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    I was rereading bits of this last night after seeing several one or two star reviews of it pop up in my feed recently And scanning through some of the other GR reviews here there's a lot of people objecting that it's ‘icky’ – one reviewer lists all the things that feature in Delta things like incest rape paedophilia and then just says ‘Ew right?’WELL NO NOT EW ACTUALLY I mean yes ew if you like of course a lot of these things may not be very appealing depending on your tastes but fundamentally I just think this is a misunderstanding of the genre The whole point of erotica is often not so much to turn you on as to go to places that other writing cannot – to break down taboos Like other kinds of genre fiction it should be mind expanding In the same way that for instance science fiction or fantasy tries to conjure up other civilisations in order to contextualise our own so erotica is the one genre which gets to look at social conventions one by one and imagine what would happen if they didn't exist or if they were systematically ignored The idea is to open you up to new experiences and it's often meant to be unsettling and challenging rather than arousing – although certainly one key motive is to prompt that unexpected jolt from the reader where an internal voice says Whoa why do I find that idea so hot? I thought I'd dealt with all this in therapyHaving made the counter intuitive case that good erotica isn't necessarily sexy – Exhibits A and B being de Sade and Bataille – I should say that Anaïs Nin is nowhere near as far along the scale as those two Her writing is – well I won't say ‘sexy’ because that's so subjective one man's boring theme exercise being another woman's dependable two am go to but it is definitely rich and sensual and I think there is a lot to admire about her prose style Here we go let's check out some hot Pierre on Elena actionHe was in France without papers risking arrest For greater security Elena hid him at the apartment of a friend who was away They met every day now He liked to meet her in the darkness so that before they could see each other's face their hands became aware of the other's presence Like blind people they felt each other's body lingering in the warmest curves making the same trajectory each time; knowing by touch the places where the skin was softest and tenderest and where it was stronger and exposed to daylight; where on the neck the heartbeat was echoed; where the nerves shivered as the hand came nearer to the center between the legs This is typical of her approach which makes use of a lot of short simple clauses either separated into different sentences fairytale like or strung together with semicolons into long dreamy bouts of poetic description She applies this ruthless sensuality eually to the sex and to the moments of violence or sadism that crop up in the book I am far from the world's biggest Anaïs Nin fan but I do think it is important that we have a woman finally writing about this kind of thing rather than what we had for hundreds of years previously viz men guessing what women thought about it I'm thinking John Cleland Pierre Louÿs et hundreds of alNin always prompted a lot of varied reactions from other women some thinking Finally someone is saying it and others being like Whoa there speak for yourself sister Meanwhile men's excitement was split between the stuff they recognised ‘women think like us’ and the stuff that seemed new ‘women don't think like us’ I do think it's interesting that you can draw a line from Delta of Venus in the 1940s right through to let's say Nancy Friday's Women on Top in 1991 and see that most of the themes have barely changed at allI don't think Delta of Venus is a great book but I do think it's an interesting and important one and I have a real soft spot for it Of course in real life Anaïs Nin was as mad as a box of frogs but she was the right person at the right time and I like a lot of what's in here – as the reviews show it still has the power to challenge people today when you might think the whole thing would have seemed rather passé‘Don't burn someone's genitalsit is NOT OK’ says one reviewer earnestly Well yes fair enoughit's just as well then that this isn't fucking reportage it's a piece of creative writing Jesus Now if you'll excuse me I'll be in my bunk going over page 117 again

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    355Let's get one thing straight This is erotica Erotica erotica erotica erotica erotica You know that phenomenon when you say something so many times that it temporarily loses its meaning? Firstly it's a psychological phenomenon known as semantic satiation Secondly that's what I'm trying to do here with the word 'erotica' Erotica erotica erotica erotica erotica Run through that a few times if you haven't sufficiently stripped yourself of assumptions contextual peripheries and all other sorts of ideological clutter Also don't even think of the word 'porn' This isn't one two hup hup hup gratification on the simplest level of human biological stimulation This is literatureFeeling free of all that? Good Because the theme that I'm working through in this review is this erotica is a genre of wasted potentialYou heard me Wasted potential Just look at its current representative in the popular media Not only is it a ripoff of a fanfiction of Twilight a book that is an advocate of both poor writing and abusive relationships it manages to compound both of those ualities to even horrendous levels Thanks to that book the misconceptions regarding the eclectic sexual activities have never been horrible or widespread I'm not even going to try to discuss the writingNow let's return to the book at hand Delta of Venus was published in 1977 thirty four years before 50SoG Had the erotica genre been taken seriously at any time since then it could have been a game changer Perhaps not for the uality of writing which comes nowhere close to the masters but not only does it cover a wide variety of sexual situations in unflinching physical detail without the slightest hint of judgment it also touches on a huge number of issues that are present in how society treats sexual matters today Yes once again I am deconstructing societal issues If you don't like it shoo You have the rest of the Internet This place is mineThese issues include varieties of sexuality sociocultural gender constraints patriarchal oppression proper conductance of BDSM fetishes ranging from pedophilia to necrophilia to gerontophilia to myriad objects scents textures you name it Nin's probably mentioned it While her writing isn't the most prettily poetic thing under the sun what it does accomplish is show exactly what is running through the participants' minds without once fetishizing abusive or bigoted aspects of sexuality as well as get the reader comfortable with parts of the anatomy that society for whatever reason has an attitude both puritanical and childish towards When you can't use the word 'vagina' when discussing abortion issues in governmental procedures you know something's extremely wrong with the worldI know there is literature out there that deals with the uneasy aspects of sexual issues even some like Lolita that are widely praised by the literary community That doesn't change the fact that the genre of erotica is largely met with titters and contempt when it isn't banned outright and the majority of its literature is filled with connotations of unrealistic sexual dynamics borderline abusive situations and frankly just a lot of bad writingWhen it comes to sociocultural progress I see no catalyst powerful than that of literature especially literature that survives and thrives for centuries well into present times Out of every genre of literature the least likely to be taught in classrooms is that of erotica Maybe you'll get a book that involves rape or one that hints at homosexual liaisons or perhaps relationships deemed illicit by reason of race class or culture It is highly unlikely that a book that details sexual relations both healthy and unrestricted by stereotypes will ever make its way into the classroom without being met by childish behavior by both the students and their parents Not while sexual education ignores the ramifications of rape culture the realities of relationships fluid in both gender and sexual preferences and the harmful effects of the ideologically constraining concepts of masculinity and femininity No representation in classrooms leads to infantile reactions to it in reality leads to barely any incentive for writers to try their hand at it It's a vicious cycleSo next time you see someone with 50SoG inform them that there is a much better book out there called Delta of Venus that is not only erotica but classic erotica They probably won't ignorantly enjoy it as much as the former but one hopes it will get them thinking A much better end result in my mind

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    This collection forces you to examine your pre conceived notions of erotica at least I did If you think you'll start reading this all respectable in your best readerly librarian's glasses then a few pages in change into something comfortable and finish in dire need of the coldest shower ever you're probably wrong There's something for everyone here and I mean EVERYONE including necrophiliacs pedophiles sadists and those with any number of other kinks Yuck right? Yuck except you can't really extricate yourself that easily Nin turns the reader into a voyeur observing and therefore a passive participant in all kinds of 'deviant' behaviour She also plays this nasty little trick of drawing you into something that looks sexy but then with a high pitched cackle punishing you with a shocking and vile ending Hahaha she says Getting turned on are ya? Here's a knife in your crotch No I'm not even exaggeratingI read this collection slowly one story per week which I think is the best way to read Nin's work Read any uicker and it will be like pouring a whole jar of honey down your throat sickeningly sweet and what a mess I found the shortest stories to be the most successful because they are focused and pack a punch that I appreciated as time went by The longer ones tend to have sexy scenes but are less effective because they meander from encounter to encounter without much connecting them I got the sense that she was being paid by the page in those stories and she wasIt is so difficult to write sex well I'm not going to say that she did that all the way through this book She definitely has her moments though and each reader's copy will have a dog eared page or two depending on what floats your boat I think we continue to read Anais Nin's work because yes she was one of the first women to write this way And also because there's an unabashed crazy let's face it she was loony as a fruitcake honesty about her A woman writing honestly about sex? That will never lose appeal As one of her characters says 'Why do women make such a secret and mystery of it all? They think it destroys their mystery but it is not true And here you come out and say just what you felt It is wonderful'And the female character responds 'I believe in saying it There are enough mysteries and these do not help our enjoyment of each other'So what is erotica? Does it serve to arouse sexually? Or does it educate break taboos open awareness strip naked secret fantasies? I think Nin's stories do all these things Though I often found myself saying but YUCK now that I've read the collection I'm not at all sorry I did I guess you could say I was seduced Damn

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    WowI mean I had never heard of this until recently when I had been dared to read it and yes I knew that I was getting into heavy erotica but I hadn't expected it to be so damn goodSeriously I'm not ashamed to admit that I was almost completely unable to stand up during most of the read and because I was using text t0 speech that mean being rather unpleasantly surprised as I was up and about during my dayI wanted to scream out Oh come on or This isn't Fair at random people as I was reading And then at various moments I pondered the great mystery of why so many men don't read this kind of romance It's very easy my dear women In fact's extremely hard to hide the fact Forget about all the scoffing and the hems and the haws and all the condescending humor that jerky men use to explain why they don't read this stuff It's all baloney This book is full of really good stuff Extremely good stuff from the pure writing the interweaving themes and characters and the way that the individual stories make up a much grander story of sexuality right down the purely expert and sensual eroticism of the sex acts themselves I've never read better but I'll admit that most of what I've read has really been uite horribleEven so I'm amazed at how sensual she can turn all these kinds of turns or even the direction she takes them So many of my own sensibilities were shocked and disturbed as I read a few particularly difficult scenes but as a whole the entire book was truly amazing Perhaps all that illicit and taboo material functions fantastically as the spice that tips us in and out of our complacency and into the deeper animal parts of us that love to be shocked allowing us to enjoy the rest of the tales like we're getting away with something even absolutely naughty than it really might beSeriously if every erotic writer or if ANY writer including a sex scene might take a page out of her book so many of the greatest crimes against sex might be rectifiedSeriously people this is Literature plain and simple with a freedom applied to women's sensuality that is really uite brilliant It should be studied applauded and copied AlasI hope her writing is always remembered

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    A kaleidescopic array of tantalizing erotica An epidemic of erotic journals that's indispensable to the most insatiable of sex aficionados It is the best of its type; no doubt this may be the bible of this literary black sheep genre It smolders it uickens the pulse even if you're gay even if you're a prude even if you believe that this is not your cup a tea The charm of this experiment or seeing of sexual experience from a woman's point of view lies in its Russian Nesting dolls plot in which stories are found inside stories within stories and characters artists mostly are met their fates follow divergent paths of sexual contest of sexual victory Tabooserotic proclivities include disguises underwear exhibitionism rape almost rape homosexuality bisexuality unfaithfulness incest necrophilia bestiality child pornography But this is not within the parameters of Sade Park No It's classy it's dreamy it's lush in a league all its own Powerfully provocative evocative because it's at once hilarious heartbreaking REAL

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    Tricky oneIs there any way to write well about sex? Too much metaphor and the words themselves are destroyed in an orgy of filth too little and it can become cold and clinical The issues of gender politics the fluidity of sexuality and sexual identity and different sexual kinks also come into play It’s a fine tightrope to balance on And it disturbed me early on with the mention of children oh God this better not be anything like 120 Days of Sodom thankfully not what follows are deeply engaging chronicles of interconnected sexual episodes which I have to say took me by surprise as to just how explicit they were I was expecting lines like he fondled her breasts or he gently stroked her inner thighs whilst gazing into her eyes yes there are indeed lines along these lines two thirds of the time though it's mostly pornographic in detail which I won't go into detail on I am sure we are all old enough to get the pictureNin—“the madam of a house of literary prostitution”—in the 1940s was commissioned to write by an anonymous collector who demanded that she “leave out the poetry” of sex Thankfully Nin ignored him and her stories contain a strong sense of the poetic mixed with the sensual especially highlighted by her emphasis on the exotic both in character and locale another thing that surprised me was the fact just how well she wrote it's dirty but always engaging This enabled Nin to present a sexual freedom which was incredibly forward looking for the time and especially revolutionary from a female perspective Even now reading this in the 21st century still shocked me at it's content While the characters and their situations are fun and enjoyable it only really worked for me on the longer stories giving of a chance to take the characters in and Nin fills here and there with moments of pathos and yearning which are saved mainly for the second half of the book The final episode which deals with war breaking out and the dream coming to an end even has a Fitzgerald like uality which definitely outshines what went beforehand It's a bit over 200 pages in length but still felt overly long maybe down to the fact it did have a repetitive nature the word Penis seemed to get mentioned about a million times The last third I felt it's strongest pointFor me a three star read but when writing of sex at least the book did feature five star orgasms

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    I think you have to be a little on the sick and twisted to get off on this book Well parts of it Here are some examples of the icky ickiness Anais Nin writes about in Delta of Venus Dude lays in bed early in the morning and some kids who live in the house come in and horse play around his room He gets a hard on and encourages them to frolic about on top of the covers Same dude decades later takes custody of his teenage son and daughter Then he fucks 'em A different dude burns some lady's cootch with a hot pipe Another dude helps some man take a dead body out of the river and then he fucks the dead body while water pours out of her orifices A lady rides a horse bareback and gets all horny from the feel of the horse's rough coat against her clit etcEw right? I mean she does have some good stuff in the book but honestly it's so overshadowed by the ick that it's hard to lose oneself in the writing That being said I'll admit that the reason we read Anais Nin in 2009 is to gain some perspective on the history of erotica so than for sexy fun times There's no doubt that Nin was remarkable after all she's female working in a male dominated industry but her writing is flat and stale kinda like this review Very few of her stories were fleshed out and I found that she was missing the intense emotional connection I'd expect from a woman writer; the poeticism is noticeably absent I'm completely and utterly disappointed Maybe I set my expectations too highHere's the blurb on the back of the book this edition published in the 1970s Thirty five years ago Anais Nin created the female language for sexuality She did it for a wealthy male patron for 100 a page He ordered her to leave out the poetry but she simply couldn't The publication of Delta of Venus now makes available to the rest of us the seductive erotic and full bodied nature of her writing And it reveals Anais Nin as a woman ahead of her timeWell Mr or Ms Blurbist you couldn't be farther from the truth Or further Whatever

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    A broke Anais Nin wrote porn at a dollar a page for an unknown collector who kept telling her to write less literary crap of the in and out Which infuriated her because she thought he was destroying everything interesting about sex Which is basically the same debate people are having today about internet pornAnd she keeps punishing him for it In one story a woman has an erotic opium experience and it's pretty hot I guess and then suddenly it's like view spoilerAnd then the guy almost slashed her vagina up because he was a psycho The end hide spoiler

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    AUTHOR WEBCAM Hi there my name’s Anais what’s yours? Oh er hi Anais My name’s Pau Manny My name is Manny Hi Manny How are you tonight? Oh I'm fine thank you Er you have a great laptop there Why thank you It’s a Lenovo Ideapad Do you think it looks cute? Ohyes You should see the things I can do with it Mm hmmm What would you like to see me do Manny? Would you like to see me type? Orcorrect a manuscript? Do you want me to call my publisher? I can complain about royalty payments if you want – I complain really well You know if you have a publisher we could complain together Could you could you compose some erotica right now? Of course I could Manny Now would you like that to be in long luxurious leisurely sentences with metaphors clustered like grapes hanging from a vine turning golden pale in the Tuscany sun? Or would you like it to be urgent short sharp like a James Ellroy sex doll no word over four letters? Please just do what you feel you’re into Anais Why thank you Manny you’re a gentleman All right Let's see now

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