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Melisa C. Michaels Ò 3 review

Y and the independent asteroid miners and SOMEONE doesn't want the Skyrider to succeed Someone wants this incident to become the first engagement of the Colonial Wars..

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Hotshot Shuttle jockeyA pilot crazy enough to try a docking maneuver that's already killed two men and good enough to pull it off Just the pilot that the Company needs.

review Skirmish

For a suicide run to catch a sabotaged liner falling into the sunHer name is Melacha Rendell They call her the SkyriderBut trouble is brewing between the Earth Compan.

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    When I first read the skyrider series back in the mid 80s there really wasn't anything remotely similar out there The hero

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    Adventure and romance and a hero who throws punches and flies spaceships like a real woman

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