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O's Game and Cockroach comes an eagerly anticipated new novel about the beautiful tw. 35 Fly is a taxi driver and in the perfect position to see all the misfits and unfits the city has to offer He has keen powers of observations and some of his commentary is just downright funny The book is told in short vignettes that chronicle his transactions with the people he picks up in his cab as well as his personal life and his inner personal life He loves books he has them everywhere and the girl he meets Mary loves books as well He is a very interesting character as are the drug dealers cheerleaders pimps and prostitutes that use his servicesAt times this tended to get a bit repetitive and a bit too much Still so many of his observations I just found downright amusing I was glad I read the book if only for those Uniue creative and a carnival of words A keen look at the underside of a city seen through the eyes of an immigrant

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Isted existence of life in the modern city told from the perspective of a taxi drive. True open seriousness fears neither parody nor irony nor any other form of reduced laughter for it is aware of being part of an uncompleted whole Mikhail Bakhtin Rabelais and His WorldSo I ll come back to this review when I have studied it in detail for my bachelor paper Of course most of you will limit yourself to a single lecture and for those people who are simply interested in reading a wonderful book I ll just list a few thoughts right now Rawi Hage has his roots in Lebanon but is in fact a Canadian writer Carnival follows in the footsteps of Fran ois Rabelais and the carnivalesue writing in a sense that it presents a story that focuses on excess decadence and escapism through the use of masks stories and whatnot I ll just be blunt it s a glorious novel packed with lively stories and ideas The real star of this book is the writing fresh rambling often hilarious Rawi Hage takes the reader on a sparkling taxi ride through the lower and higher layers of society To give you an idea this is a passage about Catholics Well Father I think the only evil is you and your lot of delusional believers who make women suffer who tell Africans to abstain from sex and not protect themselves I believe you are a hater of misfits a suppressor of clowns laughs scissors to the ropes of mountain climbers chains to the wanderer and a blindfold to the knower a hater of men But you are also a lover of yourself a lover of power and buffoon dictators a protector of arms dealers and thieves pardoner of hypocrites with pious tongues and dirty handsIt s a wild ride slinging from one side of the spectrum to another Main character is a taxi driver that we get to know as Fly a vaguely delusional character marked by his high interest in literature and his escapist episodes Carnival is not a realistic book but it delivers what it promises a Carnival of different lives characters and styles that come together in a book that doesn t really have a plot but is all the unpredictable and enticing because of it Not to mention the humour in this book which was raw but enthousiasticIt s not all comedy though There s a whole lot of tragedy going on in this book which even if veiled by the carnivalesue exuberance of the decorum should leave the reader with some vital uestions A lot of the critiue in Carnival exaggerated as it may be is actually valid and interesting food for thought In such I m looking forward to dig in to this novel for a in depth research For those who are interested I ll leave a detailed analysis of this book below my review later on But in any case Carnival should find it s place on your nightstand some day It s fresh it s adventurous and does what fiction should do entice entertain and inspire

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From international publishing sensation and the IMPAC award winning author of De Nir. Soaring The air exploding past Venturing high over the drum of human misfortune Fueled faster by the rush of adrenaline the meth amphetamine calamity speeding toward your brain No sear No pain Unless you touch down Your only relationship physically emotionally is with yourself Your name is Fly This is what you do You are not there to be motioned forth by a uniformed doorman to be directed by a dispatcher An independent driver you fly the cab through the city streets The pulsing arteries veins alleyways sewed into your heart In your yellow taxi you search out the hungered flag of a hand where no other driver might think If you do it all day and night sleep little save the tokens palmed into your hand you will fly Fly Despite in this hapless country sold as the land of hopes dreams it is not possible for an newly born immigrant to rise above this smoldering menace of an embittered pocket embedded in a darkened corner of this city Trapped flying is the only way Flying solo If you don t slow down you won t think and if you don t think you won t feel any pain The euation is printed out on the blackboard of your mindThe others choose to remain land bound Also driving cabs they wait in line with each other to be summoned or to heed the shrill stacked call of the dispatching service rendering control over their destiny Safe but offering no possibilities Possibilities are buried without ceremony but their absence caressed by the in joking back slapping in the same bar to wash off any shards of optimism Even so they remain strangers calling each other by the number of their cab not names That closeness trust when letters are rearranged in formulations well known spelled danger The country less must also remain friendless to survive Isolation was the cost ofofof Halfway through the flight the altitude drops a slight modification Still you choose to phone into the tower You are told that it is time for the bridge What you manage to say incredulous A bridge I m supposed to land on it Very funny No the story has reached the bridge to the next section A gradual bridge hopefully Here let me bring it up on the screen Not exactly what we hoped but you will do well I mpart of a story What did you think you were You are the story The major part of it I thought I was leading a life of struggle and worked out a system where soon or someday I would be able to rise above that horrible part of the city Maybe lead a life that is than survival Be one of the people who comes in town for the carnival and hires cabs Could you imagine that Me a passenger in a taxi Me dressing up in a costume and for a couple of days not having to be myself Sir we are trying to coordinate your altitude with the remaining part of the story This is serious You are though you will probably not want to fully hear this but a character A fun interesting kind of guy Sorry Sir What the screen is showing and I am trying to explain is that you are a character in something called a narrative So far the numbers and graphics all show that your arc is arcing well and we don t want to take any chances of anything going wrong Therefore this bridge Well how is it looking on the other side My supervisor here thinks the weather report might indicate some slight problems but nothing we are concerned about at this point Well not nothing but a minuscule concern which needn t worry you Remember you are named Fly for a reason You are in excellent hands with Mr Hage I think I m having trouble breathing If you think that Sir you probably aren t I have a tendency to develop nose bleeds when I m under stress Sir you are just hyper ventilating Wait Mr Hage has joined us in the tower He assures us and you you will be just fine What s that What s What s what Sir Are you hyperventilating now No All that noise Someone has gotten into the tower Someone Some guy Some guy named Stephen Is he supposed to be there Not as far as we know Well call security He says he is security Listen I just drive an independent cab which has no security backup I would like if you don t mind to get on with my life Such as it is Give me backThis is a flight control centerHello Fly Who is this I hate to ask My name is Stephen I am your Reader My what What are you talking about I am the Reader of the story you are a character in Oh good That makes me feel much better Any chance there is someone there sane that I could talk to Listen It s important for you to know that Mr Hage is having some difficulty What faces you is bleak Not you or anybody else can fly above life no matter what Mr Hage has named you without being touched by it At some point your fuel will run low You will be in danger Amidst all the chaos here in the Tower Mr Hage understands this will be happening to you this crisis However he is not totally sure how to bring you into the darker part of the novel If it needs a gradual change in the language he is using We here don t feel his language is coinciding with the content the gradually declining content In other words he is flattening out the story and possible you Do you understand Oh yes Completely I understand that I need a drink and possibly a sedative though my doctor tells me not to mix the two By the way by any chance are you people crazy over there Well yes Of course we are We wouldn t be writers and readers otherwise and wouldn t care about what happens to you So what are you going to do This Mr Hage is a tough customer The kind who makes up his mind and won t budge Meanwhile the story continues to flatten and is beginning to drag Believe me we won t give up You notice Fly it is beginning to darken There was the light winged part of the story and now the story arcs into the difficult Mr Hage believes that the rhythm of the language its crispness needs to slow and flatten to express show the darkening Fly Yes You didn t expect that everything would continue on the way it was What I mean Fly is did you believe that through continued effort you would rise above No longer have to live under the phony brochure broadcast in the minds of hundreds of immigrants that the notion of the american dream will be available That there would be a way to not spend your life buried like the rest in the ghetto living amongst the filth living to survive No What was your name again Stephen Stephen I believed that if I kept moving fast enough I would never have to feel pain again Is Mr Hage going to take that away from me Fly are you okay Yeah Just allergies I don t know Fly What is apparent from the first part where you were winging around the city streets is this man can write I mean he can really write He can write like you can drive your cab He is a writer and I am a reader The two should never be confused I really have no right to comment Heby the way he s gone out to the restroommay very well have used the change of rhythm the flattening as a literary scheme to take this ride to somewhere profound in the end It could be The end Do you know what happens to me Fly there are no ends At least not in the really good stories I just want you to be alright Fly Are you okay It s just these damn allergies

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    Vague rambling beautiful shocking disturbing intelligent fantasticalPick a word any word It will probably go towards describing this book in some wayThis is a very grown up book It's one of those books that you have no chance of understanding while still growing up and probably won't understand even when you're grown I'm still not

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    Soaring The air exploding past Venturing high over the drum of human misfortune Fueled faster by the rush of adrenaline the meth amphetamine

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    “Everything ends with a flight I thought” O strange and wondrous story of an ordinary man “conceived on the circus trail by a traveler who owned a camel and a mother who swung from the ropes” This story of a circus performer turned taxi driver is perhaps not as strange as Hage’s last novel which featured a cockroach Suffice it to say Hage wants to take us out of our comfort zone so that we really look at what his characters are

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    True open seriousness fears neither parody nor irony nor any other form of reduced laughter for it is aware of being part of an uncompleted whole— Mikhail Bakhtin Rabelais and His WorldI had forgotten this epigram by the time I finished reading Carnival I was musing about this book and trying to think what it reminded me of and

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    Carnival what a mess and how happy I am to turn your last page and finally feel peace I’ve been tortured for days by this book but I don’t know why I enjoyed it Going up and down jumping from a story to another without a real plot and without a real purpose That’s how I could describe this bookThe main Character is Fly a man who lives his days without a purpose he enjoyed his Taxi rides without thinking “what I’m going to do nex

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    35 Fly is a taxi driver and in the perfect position to see all the misfits and unfits the city has to offer He has keen powers of observations a

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    This review appeared originally in Cleaver Magazine Fly the narrator of Rawi Hage’s fabulist novel Carnival released in the US on June 17 is a literature obsessed taxi driver—and child of circus performers—who imagines himself a super hero avenging wrongs perpetrated on the vulnerable and the poor Books—particularly the subversive kind—are his sword One night he picks up an arguing couple The woman

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    True open seriousness fears neither parody nor irony nor any other form of reduced laughter for it is aware of b

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    Hage revisits the world he revealed to us in Cockroach the underbelly of human society In the earlier novel there was no mistaking Canada and Montreal as the setting but this novel is set a during a carnival period in an anonymous city that has a mountain within it Montreal again? The protagonist Fly a relative of cockro

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story Fly was born in a circus and his hard life landed him in a city we presu

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