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Es Instead Mrs McGuire tries to take Lizzie bargain hunting Yikes Lizzie can't see how she's going to win Best Dresse. I didn t get to read this book because I don t know were to click to read one

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Lizzie wants to beat out Kate Sanders for Best Dressed of her class She just needs to go shopping for the latest styl. This contains two Lizzie stories based on TV episodes The stories take place about a year apart howeverThe first story revolves around various categories for Best for the school s yearbook Lizzie wants to be the Best Dressed but the family budget is too tight for her to buy a set of clothes at a particular store Her mother offers to take Lizzie shopping at a bargain store but Lizzie decides to use her own money and money her friends lend her to get the special outfitIt turns out has an accident with the special outfit and the clothes her mother picked out for her turn out to be very popular with the other studentsThe second story takes place a year later and centers on Lizzie want to make sure she gets her picture in the yearbook a number of times Since Kate is the yearbook editor though there are going to be problems with Lizzie getting what she wantsThe problem with the second story lies in what the school is doing The school is going to have Monte Carlo Nite for the kids and frankly the whole idea seems so totally unrealistic it s not funny I don t think any school would have such a type of thing for the kids especially with the protests that such a nite would draw centering a night of fun around a gambling theme would not go over well with most parents I think In addition there is some blatant disrespect shown Lizzie s mother who is a waitress at the nite that I don t think any mother would tolerate from a studentThe whole second story seems to be really unrealistic in almost every way possible Probably the single worst Lizzie story I have read

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D this year wearing last year's styles Plus Lizzie tries to get her picture in the yearbook as many times as possible. Another enjoyable novelization

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  • Best Dressed
  • Jasmine Jones
  • English
  • 23 September 2019
  • 9780786846191

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    this was soooooooo nice it was about clothes clothes and even clothes

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    This contains two Lizzie stories based on TV episodes The stories take place about a year apart howeverThe first story revo

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    Best dress for the year book Lizzie was willing to get in all the photos for this years yearbook There were many incidents that happen

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    I didn't get to read this book because I don't know were to click to read one

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    Another enjoyable novelization

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    I only read this because my grandma gave it to me but it was ok

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    Kids book club reviews

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    it was a very adventurous at the end when they were switching the year book CDs I think am going to read the whole collection

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