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    Let's be honest the urbanparanormal fantasy sub genre is glutted at this point in time Like all genres UF has varying degre

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    Lol I have almost no recollection of this book I've discovered it as a teenager and reread it countless times because I loved it It's

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    This book supposes a world where than 99% of the population are lycanthropes who transform into wild unthinking beasts fo

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    What would you say are the chances of me liking a paranormal realism book about werewolves where a major and important part of the p

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    The book was just not good at best and very irritating at worstThe main character is completely unlikable The victim of being a minority her entire life she lashes out at anyone and everyone she can without reason She has a personality that she's on the righteous side of everything because she is a victim when the legal system she uses is com

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    Did Not Finish uit at page 130 90% of the population are werewolves the other 10% are non's The law reuires werewolves to lo

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    Bareback Jade FarrarKit Whitfield ©2006 In the book Bareback the world is very similar to earth except for one thing Most of the population is Lyco werewolves who become horrible beasts underneath the full moon And the other very small percentage of the population are called barebacks who are regular humans The main char

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    Benighted is not a book to start with false expectations If you are looking for a story which focuses on the fantasy elements and worldbuilding or a supernatural drama this is not the book for you Benighted is depressing as all get out and that

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    In a world where werewolves or lycos as they are called in this debut novel are the norm and barebacks or ‘nons’ in other words people that do not turn at the full moon are considered disabled or crippled born with a birth defect that means

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    Man I'm so glad I gave Benighted by Kit Whitfield a chanceIn Benighted being wholly human is a recessive gene When the full moon ris

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Nown as barebacks and live as victims of prejudice and oppression All too often they are targets of savage mauling and death by lunes who break the law to roam free on full moon nightsTwenty something bareback Lola Galley is already a veteran of the Department for the Ongoi. What would you say are the chances of me liking a paranormal realism book about werewolves where a major and important part of the plot is a heterosexual romance between our heroine who is a lonermisfit and a very attractive young werewolfYeah I didn t think it would happen either I guess I gave it a go because of the idea that it had something to say about prejudice and violence something that I expected to be cringefully simplistic but I thought at least may be timelyIt turned out I much underestimated the author and her book Lola s loner status and difference are well portrayed and believable She is intelligent gutsy and relateable her flawedness is portrayed in a sympathetic though at times horrifying way The love interest Paul is sensitive and open and easy to buy into liking along with her their sex is portrayed as passionate and sensuous without the TMI stating the obvious type tropesI hated some of the stuff about sexual violence in the creches and at first I was inclined to dismiss it as a sexist and heterosexist trope but it turned out to be than that it was addressed as a trope uestioned even The thing is pretending violence like that never happens would be naive but this book looks at the long and short term trauma of being a survivor of it also the way individual acts of violence are socially constructed I hated the inevitability of us vs them war like ways of being and then the protagonist stopped and wondered the same thing with meThere were chinks in things the ending was exactly what it should have been and very restrained neither too happy nor too tragic In short this book made me think parts of the story had me on the edge of the seat desperate to read 500 pages seemed to turn themselves and I liked many of the charactersI recommend this book I really do I will be looking to see what else Kit Whitfield may have written

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Ng Regulation of Lycanthropic Activities When her friend loses a hand to a marauding lune then is murdered before the attacker is brought to trial Lola is desperate to see justice prevail But the truth is seldom simple and Lola may not like the shocking answers she uncovers. Bareback Jade FarrarKit Whitfield 2006 In the book Bareback the world is very similar to earth except for one thing Most of the population is Lyco werewolves who become horrible beasts underneath the full moon And the other very small percentage of the population are called barebacks who are regular humans The main character in this story is 28 year old Lola Galley In this world there are rules about the werewolves transformed roaming outside after their curfew There are agents who take care of that and they are all barebacks and Lola is one of them All these barebacks work for the Department for the On going Regulation of Lycanthropic Activities DORLA One night when Lola s out on the job her coworkerfriend hand got bitten off by a werewolf and shot a few days later Then some time later a lyco gets shot too the thing that is similar to these two shootings is that the victims were both shot with silver bullets which are only used by DORLA operatives When DORLA thinks that they know who committed the crime the think that Lola may be his next victim Lola s boss suggests for her to transfer but Lola doesn t want to So her boss suggests for her to live somewhere else for a while Lola goes to her sisters flat home to stay When Lola tells her sister Becca the reason why Becca sends her right out in fear of the safety of her child Becca then stays with her boyfriend Paul who is a lyco After a certain period of time passes DORLA brings in Lycos who they feel are in cahoots with the killer A couple days later her boyfriend Paul is arrested because other DORLA agents think that he too is in cahoots with the killer Lola is not sure if Paul is innocent or guilty In the end it turns out that the real bad guy was someone who I didn t suspect at all This story was not one of my favorites because a couple of times I had to reread thing to make sure what was going on Also one thing that I didn t like was that it was so long and there were parts in it that didn t have to be in the book Overall I think that plot and conflict was interesting because I never read anything like it

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It is a world much like our own with one deadly difference ninety nine percent of the population is lycanthropic When the full moon rises humans transform into lunes bloodthirsty beasts who cannot be reasoned with or tamed Those few born unable to change are disparagingly k. Let s be honest the urbanparanormal fantasy sub genre is glutted at this point in time Like all genres UF has varying degrees or classes of writers or books You have books that are uick fun reads kinda guilty pleasures or B movies such as the Kitty Norville books You have books whose authors believe they are making some type of message but really aren t a B movie with pretensions You have books that can rise above the B level with a little something like Dresden FilesThen you have Benighted an entirely different kettle of fish It is either literature or it borders on literature Where it stands comes down to the reader s liking of Whitfield s styleIf you are expecting standard UF or PF fare Benighted is not the book for you It is nothing like Anita Blake Women of the Otherworld or The Hollows It is a difficult and challenging book It s not a light read It is however a rewarding and thought provoking readSeveral weeks back I read and reviewed The Summoningand said I was tired of race being used simply in terms of romantic angst and how females leads weren t really different in terms of looks This is not the case with Benighted Whitfield s set up is uite simple In a world where most of the population goes furry every month the small minority that doesn t is the agency that patrols the furry population when they hit their monthly Whitfield s main character Lola is a bareback yes I know there is a different meaning to that word which means she is not a lune werewolf Because of this she and the others like her experience discrimination every single day This allows Whitfield to actually look at the effects of such discrimination on people Too often in UF we get lip service to the idea of discrimination or racism or sexism If you look at the popular series however there is no in depth analysis of it Anita Blake Elena and Kitty are all non human and are segregated out of the human society because of what they are yet in their books we mostly see them functioning in a society where they are not the minority Anita has or had one strict human friend Elena had one human boyfriend who she dumped and Kitty has her family but the werewolves and vampires get play The characters who are supposedly outsiders are actually part of the in group of the novel In those novels in terms of characters strict humans are the minority and very rarely do central characters behave as if they have been effected by an ism they might have to hide but outright discrimination doesn t really seem to occur or should it like in Kitty Takes a Holiday it lacks depth Benighted Lola is part of the minority It effects her whole life It effects her outlook on life It effects her relationships Benighted is in a basic sense a mystery Lola wants to find a murderer The book however transcends that It transcends the basic werewolf or vampire plot What the reader gets and this is what makes the book an uncomfortable read is the effect of discrimination on the minority and the majority Whitfield asks and answers what happens in a caste system While the minority in the book is based on a lack of transformation Lola could be any minority in today s real world On top of the theme of discrimination Whitford examines the role of law and justice in such a society Lola is not an angel she is particularly unlikable I do not even know how I feel about her Lola is a real character and this means she is heavily flawed What is important and what makes the book though provoking is that the reader is never shown which side is right not really Do Lola and her co workers go too far Do the lunes go too far The book leaves the reader with a feeling of disuiet because of the uestions about society race and social class that it raises Additionally Whitfield has really thought about how her lunes would work and what the laws of society would be in terms of applying to them at least in furry form She is the only writer I have seen who takes a woman s monthly cycle into account and how it would be affected by changing Benighted is not an easy book and it is true that Whitfield s prose could be tighter in places but it is a worthy thought provoking book