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Mercial publishing Nonesuch books were among the most elegant and treasured volumes produced in the first half of the twentieth century The fabled Nonesuch Dickens was the Press' most ambitious project treasured both for its uality and its rarity only twenty four volume sets were issued and complete original sets have sold recently at auction for than Employing modern printing technology seven decades later each book in the revived Nonesuch Dickens replicates the enduring editorial and design excellence of its inspiration at an affordable pric Well fan my brow I ve been wandering around this world for years telling anyone who will listen that my favourite Dickens novel is David Copperfield with conviction which cannot be rivalled I m all a flutter now Nickleby has come along and knocked Copperfield from the top spotWhat an absolute triumph this novel is All of my favourite Dickens staples are firmly present Victorian social customs comedy villains tragedy debtors and drunks There s plenty of heartbreak and injustice peppered with Dickens own brand of humour to lighten the mood to the perfect degreeThere is a lot of plot I repeat there is a lot of plot Dickens goes into tiny detail on setting atmosphere and behaviour creating a beautifully vivid and engaging picture of Victorian London It feels very deep and heavy at times this only added to my enjoyment but I spent much longer on this book than I have on any other for a while savouring relishing lovingHis techniue in presenting the reader with social injustices is gorgeous Laced with satire we see our misers and villains gaining the upper hand at every turn we are scandalised devastated incensed But we remember it s Dickens and each and every dastardly character will have his day in the end Real life doesn t serve justice uite so perfectly but anything else here would be an injuryDespite this Dickens characters here were nothing simple Such a throng of a cast each of them described to completeness every flaw and scar exposed Dickens often characterises his characters as entirely good or bad placing them into their relevant camps as appropriate Here he recognises the range of emotion and temper in his characters and we even see the sueaky clean ones make poor decisions and display emotion not usually attributed to the characters in the angelic of the two campsIt gave my joy it broke my heart The characters are masterpieces within themselves the plot divine everything else just gorgeous gorgeous Nicholas Nickleby is an absolute wonder

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Dickens' genius for creating eccentric yet entirely captivating characters found its fullest expression in his third novel Nicholas Nickleby published in The ebullient narrative follows Nicholas as he escapes from the influence of his villainous uncle and the wicked schoolmaster Wackford Sueers stumbles into a theatrical career and pursues his fortune through numerous adventures This Nonesuch edition features the author's final text and the illustrations Dickens himself selected to complement his wordsThe Legendary Nonesuch Dickens issued in t Reading Dickens is like taking a deep breath of air feeling life in its most vivid formBeing completely faithless and illoyal I will now dump all previous Dickens novels and claim with brutal inconsistency that Nicholas Nickleby is my favourite Yes I know I have said it before and I am likely to say it again knowing human nature in its most Dickensian expressions But Nicholas really is my Now Time Favourite I should like to state my case as it would be very un Dickensian of me not to indulge in a long explanation of my way of thinking on the subject especially as it is a tricky situation claiming a favourite child among so many Dickens knows where that favouritism can lead in real life having painted the effects of parenting in his most colourful charactersWhyFirst of all it is a social satire Well well well that is not an argument they all are Agree but this one touches on the virtues and vices not only of the Victorian society it describes but of human family relations and business endeavours in general We will still find plenty of schoolmasters making a profit of parents neglect or gullibility and those contemporary school masters will be infinitely better at marketing their fraud with pretty business phrases of the educational genre than the odious Mr Sueers We will still find misers of Uncle Scrooge s calibre just like Ralph Nickleby all the realistic for not undergoing the magical Christmassy transformation of his later double We will find posers and cruisers who live off their social status filling their days with vanities and sexual assaults on women who are too poor and neglected to protect themselves against the shamelessness of complete entitlement Mulberry your downfall made me SMILE Dickens strong sense of social injustice is like therapy for my tortured heart and I don t mind at all that it is uite improbable that all the good hardworking caring characters have their reward in the end Nobody knew better than Dickens that real life doesn t play fair at any time But he also knew what a relief it is to feel for once in literature that AMOR VINCIT OMNIA how much injustice misery and wrong there was and yet how the world rolled on from year to year alike careless and indifferent and no man seeking to remedy or redress it when he thought of all this and selected from the mass the one slight case on which his thoughts were bent he felt indeed that there was little ground for hope and little reason why it should not form an atom in the huge aggregate of distress and sorrow and add one small and unimportant unit to swell the great amount And yet Dickens goes on to show that giving up is not an option and that the atom of sorrow that one individual feels is worthy of the great author s attention and he gives harsh reality a fictional poetical justice that being all he can do It is than nothing decidedlySo do I need any other arguments The one I chose doesn t seem to make Nicholas Nickleby stand out beside Bleak House David Copperfield Martin Chuzzlewit Great Expectations and all the other former all time favourite Dickenses So what was so refreshing this time around The bad characters were what I expected shown in their malice sly greed and comical evil The huge cast of funny supporting characters were euipped with the usual amount of burlesue humour and they were ranging from circus actors to owners of small businesses showing the diversity in which family vanities can express themselves for good and for bad Nothing unexpected there just good old Dickensian performanceThe difference lies in the good main characters The minor complaint I had regarding other Dickens novels was my lack of bonding with the too good to be true lead protagonists I didn t like David Copperfield himself that much being just too gullible and naive and I certainly didn t warm to the overly sweet and self sacrificing Esther in Bleak House That silent suffering felt almost like Dostoevsky and Dickens with his sense of humour and sharp eye for satire can t compete with the Russian master in the arena of suffering for the sake of honour it just doesn t match his joie de vivre Nicholas and his sister Kate are of a different calibre though Hotheaded rash confident they don t suffer in silence they SPEAK UPI loved that Losing your temper and speaking truth to power is so much rewarding in my world than silently suffering in your chamber crying little unseen tears over your unfair fate while leaving it to others to fix your mess Nicholas and Kate and their friends are very independent honest thinkers and they deserve what they get because they are willing to fight for it and to work honestly to achieve happinessCheers to Nicholas and Kate Keep kicking and screamingI won t say anything now as I can feel the need to analyse each single character in depth to the boredom and annoyance of anyone who proceeds to read this far Read the book instead it is worth each minute spent on itDecember Dickens 2017 a blast

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He s presented the writing of the foremost English novelist in its most distinguished format Upon its original publication the set was hailed as one of the most glorious publishing achievements of our time Now the peerless Nonesuch standards have been revived in new editions of Dickens' most beloved works introducing a new generation of readers to these masterpieces of literature illustration and book designThe Nonesuch Press was founded in London by Francis Meynell in Applying the refinement and expertise of the private press aesthetic to com No dark sarcasm in the classroom If you don t eat your meat you can t have any puddingPink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2I delight in Dickens class humorsocial satire and irony Nicholas Nickleby was his third novel right after Oliver Twist This novel is lighter than Twist but nearly as influential in pressuring changes to English society in the mid 1800s Here Dickens target was an abusive all male boarding school in Yorkshire In researching for this novel Dickens made visits to this school and based his villainous schoolmaster Wackford Sueers on the Yorkshire master William Shaw who was apparently one brutally cruel son of a bitchOther memorable character names include Newman Noggs clerk to Nickleby s awful Uncle Ralph Nickelby Miss Knag Miss Wittiterly and Lord Frederick Verisopht who is killed in a duel with another of British nobility This included the first romance written by Dickens though it fell considerably short of the one he wrote for David Copperfield In sum I enjoyed it but found the story didn t flow as well as some of his later novels

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    Peter Ackroyd in his ground breaking biography of Charles Dickens says that Nicholas Nickleby is perhaps the fun

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    Reading Dickens is like taking a deep breath of air feeling life in its most vivid formBeing completely faithless and illoyal I will now dump all previous Dickens novels and claim with brutal inconsistency that Nicholas Ni

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    The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Charles DickensThe novel centers on the life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby a young man who must support his mother and sister after his father dies Nicholas Nickleby's father dies unexpectedly after losing all of his money in a poor investment Nicholas his mother and his younger

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    The third book of Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby has some marked differences from the other Dickens books I've read Except Oliver Twist which I've read as a teen I haven't read any early work by Dickens a work written in his youth So Nicholas Nickleby was a welcoming change and an opportunity to see a different side of Dickens T

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    Was there ever a novelist with a bigger heart than Charles Dickens This is the sixth Dickens book I’ve read including the novella A Christmas Carol And like most of his other works it’s expansive bursting with all manner of incident and life Some of that life mind you goes ON AND ON And a few scenes about social gracesmanners might nee

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    No dark sarcasm in the classroom If you don't eat your meat you can't have any puddingPink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2I del

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    When the name of the cruel schoolmaster is Wackford Sueers you just know it's going to be good Nicholas himself can sometimes be a bit prissy but this serves well as a foil for the many extreme characters that surround him and he's a lot feisty than the relatively miluetoast David Copperfield This is classic Dickens at th

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    I'm glad that Classics Corner at Constant Reader elected to read NN for its April book as I've intended for a while to return to my goal of reading as many of Dickens' books as possible over time And I was not disappointed with this

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    Well fan my brow I’ve been wandering around this world for years telling anyone who will listen that my favou

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    I’m really not sure why I like Dickens so much He is predictable there will be coincidences that could never happen in the real world and in the end everyone will get their just deserts except for the poor sad

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