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    This book depicts a great age play story with a Daddy and a Mommy who take care of their little girl together Claire never wanted to grow up and she found two loving people who were willing to take care of all her needs and give her just what she needed including lots of bare bottom spankings

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    I didn't think the punishments were too harsh but there was plenty of punishment in the book I think it fit the description

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    Short but fun As always with Carolyn Faulkner it's enjoyable

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Claire was a daughter that was all she'd ever wanted to be in life really and had managed to pretty much screw up trying to be an adult So when she was twenty seven and should have been a mother herself according to society Dan and Margaret had gradually started taking over all of those pesky adult things she hated leaving her time to dr.

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Attentions Throbbing

Dults who choose to participate in age play scenarios It is explicit and severe and not for all readers containing severe spanking anal punishment and diaper play In addition it contains FF elements not found in most of our offerings But if you have been waiting for a new age play from Carolyn and no one does it better your wait is over..

Free read æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í Carolyn Faulkner

Aw or paint or write or nap it had been perfectly fine with her She was uite free as far as Dan and Margaret were concerned to be pretty much any age and often drifted within one day from a babyish toddler to a trying to be growed up six or seven year old Attentions Throbbing is an age play story All characters are over sexually mature a.