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    Brief overview If you love a good real life mystery check out The Monarchs are Missing A Butterfly Mystery by Rebecca E Hirsh First the book clearly details the monarch's astounding migration and shows how a small group of scientists and citizen helpers solved the long standing uestion of where eastern monarchs spend the winter – Mexico The remainder of the book delves deeply into the current and pressing mystery of why monarch numbers are declining The ideas and evidence of many scientists working in this field are presented showing how science is done in the real world and how complex it can be The story ends on a cautiously hopeful note and invites the reader to join efforts to help save these extraordinary migratory creaturesWhat I love about this book I love how this book catches science in action showing both how science is used to help the world and how it is a complex ongoing process subject to revision I also love the the sharp up close photographs including ones of gorgeous butterflies and children participating in data collection as well as inclusion of data presented in a bar graph map and diagram The back matter invites further investigation and most importantly participation I look forward to expanding our home butterfly garden this summer and sharing this read with nature lovers aged eight and above

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    The book The Monarchs are Missing is a good read at a 2nd or 3rd grade level due to scientific themes about ecosystems and food webs and how they work I would not recommend it if you are wanting a short bedtime story however because the pages are pretty longThis book is about Monarch butterflies and their migration patterns It is a fascinating read if you're interested in what butterflies do for our earth however recently it is discovered that Monarch butterflies are becoming extinct These butterflies are essential to their ecosystems and the food webs Their extinction is due to human factors like cutting down the trees that they call home Yet it is possible to revive the monarch population with help from scientists and research Overall the book was very informative and I would reccomend it to anyone interested in butterflies or endangered species This book could be used in a classroom to talk about life cycles food webs and how the extinction of insects can affect an entire ecosystem

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    Hirsch Rebecca E The Monarchs are Missing 54 pages NON –FICTION Millbrook Lerner 2018 24In about seventeen years the amount monarch butterflies in the Americas has shrunk by 75% Without some changes to any of several problems that occur along the butterflies’ lifecycle this important insect may be lost forever – extinctionLerner has really upped their game in writing science based books about endangered species I know how much kids love animal books – this is a keeperEL MS – ESSENTIAL Cindy Library Teacherhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2018

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    Informational; 2018This would be a fantastic book for Science class specifically for a butterfly unit It gives a lot of great information and if broken up over the course of a few days would be a great way to incorporate read aloud to a Science subject This could also inspire some social action as well students could brainstorm ideas that would help the butterflies as this is an important issue to talk about

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    An excellent book for the youths and budding scientists and ecologists out there I've already ordered a dozen native wildflowers and some native showy milkweed Asclepias speciosa plants This is mostly a selfish endeavor on my part aimed at increasing the pollinator population for my fruit trees but it's still the right thing to do

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    Though this book is in an older pic bk format the content is easily suited for kids through middle school I learned so much about the monarch butterflyand find that I am as concerned as the writer and scientists about its decline

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    This is an informational book about Monarch Butterflies Not only does it follow and cover facts about monarchs but it follows how they live and the migration process It also provides information on how to keep the numbers up to prevent extinction

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    Lovely book about Monarch Butterflies tracking them investigating their life cycles migration and preservation Strong ecological message Too many words for a storytime but perhaps grades 2 and up

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    Fascinating topic

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The Monarchs Are Missing

Kyards But in the last twenty years the monarch butterfly population has been decreasing Why? Skilled science writer Rebecca E Hirsch takes readers on a uest to discover what scientists already know and what they're hoping Informational; 2

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Why are monarch butterflies disappearing? Scientists are racing to find answers These iconic orange black and white butterflies flutter across much of the North American continent and are a familiar summer sight in many bac Hirsch Rebecca E

read & download » eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Þ Rebecca E. Hirsch

To learn In addition she offers tips about what monarch lovers can do to make a difference from planting a butterfly garden to getting the word out about harmful pesticides to taking part in citizen science projects Journal This is an infor

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