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The war has just ended in in Shadows ePUB #180 the tiny village of Coney Cley and Josh and his gang are desperate for some excitement When they head for the eerie abandoned Shadows Lane to explore a deserted house they.

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A Skull in Shadows Lane

Ney' he's an escaped prisoner of war But someone else is also hiding in the village someone muchdangerousTense and chilling this is another fantastically gripping tale from the award winning author of Room and Stone Col.

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Findthan they bargained for a human tooth Then a creepy skeletal face appears at a dark window Believing there's A Skull eBook #8608 a skeleton haunting Shadows Lane the children are shocked to learn the truth about 'Bo.

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    A good read and a nice blend of childrens adventure and historical events the bad winter of 1947 and the jewish survivor of the concentration camp Enjoying this author's books and would recommend them to anyone.

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    Nice story in the book people who like blitzed and shrapnel by Robert Seinfeld will also like this book totally

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    A very exiting book with lots of interesting moments I am 8 and I really, really enjoyed it I would recommend it for people who like

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