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The wedding brought them together againFor Kate it was a shock to meet the man she'd loved and believed had betrayed and abandoned her What was he doing at her daughter's weddingJoss Bennett was a. Re A Rekindled Passion Penny Jordan does the long parted lovers reunited in this one The h is 37 and the H is 42 They met when they were both on holiday in Cornwall when the h was 16 and the H was 21 Over the course of their holiday they fell in love The h fibbed about her age and said she was 19 Then the H suddenly left and when she went to the H s lodging house to meet him the jealous landlady told her the H had dumped her and gone back to his wife and childThe h went home heartbroken Six weeks later she found out she would be having a permanent memorial of her brief but overwhelming love Fortunately her parent s were really nice and understanding people When she told them about her romance they did all they could to support her But since they all believed the H was married the parents convinced the h that to seek the H out would tear his family apart and that wasn t a nice thing to do at all When the book opens the h s daughter is getting married The h is delighted that her 21 year old daughter has found her true love but very sad that her parents have passed and are going to only be at the big day in spiritNevertheless the wedding is beautiful and the h is sad and proud and happy all at the same time Over the years the h has started a catering business with one of her friends She gardens and does things but she has never had another lover or a marriage The experience with the H has weighed to heavily on her heart she knows she will never love anyone else like she loved him Plus the h worries that at 37 she is no longer attractive or wanted by men she has bought into the eternal belief that older men want sweet young things and wouldn t give her a second look The h also carries the morals of her older parent s generation she feels shame over her affair with the H and having a child out of wedlock Which is a bit ironic since her mum tried to get her to date again and explained that the h had no reason to worry that men would see her as easy PJ for once has her h s parents be modern in outlook than the h She just couldn t resist her penchant for orphaning her h tho It is just a PJ thing she can t seem to help herself onSo the wedding is going swimmingly and the h sees herself sliding into a solitary but fulfilled middle age with maybe some grandma times in her future someday Then she looks across the wedding reception and sees the H Her heart stops cause she never thought to see him again and here he is being introduced as the cousin of the groom s mother Which also makes the daughter and her husband distantly related tho it might only be by marriage He also has a very possessive redhead hanging off of him and at first the h thinks it is his wife and she almost passes out Then she learns the woman is his secretary and the h gets really angry To her it seems the H is still up to his seductive unfaithful waysShe meets the H in the receiving line and manages to pretty much blow him off as an almost forgotten acuaintance Since she is with her daughter s godfather the H assumes she is married to him and they distantly part ways Then the H talks to his cousin and finds out the h s daughter is his child too He seeks out the h at her house ready to lay into her over denying him his child just because she wanted to indulge in a bit of summer pump and dump There is a tense conversation when the H wanders into her house through her open garden french doors until the h explains her side of the story and how at 16 she really did not know what to do and listened to her parents The H gets two shocks the first was that the message with his full name and address and phone number had been tossed away by the landlady who was angry that she couldn t manage to seduce him and the second was that the h was only 16 when he met her this is one H who doesn t fancy himself hankering after teenagers no matter how beautiful As he says to the h if he had been her father he would have hunted himself down and punched him The H goes on to explain that he had to leave so suddenly because his father had a heart attack and later passed on The family firm was in a shambles and by the time he was able to get back hunting the h the landlady claimed that the h just wanted a fling and left no forwarding address or information The two of them are really sweet as they determine that the wicked landlady lied but neither one of them is really to blame in the circumstances The H does want to meet his daughter though and the h while feeling the bite of maternal jealousy agrees that a meeting must be arranged The H and h go out to dinner and it is clear the H is still as enchanted as he originally was by the h But the h can t see it because when it comes to love and relationships the h is still emotionally 16 and terrified the H is going to reject her The h even thinks the H might be seriously involved with his secretary and surely he must be thinking of her when a mighty protuberance pokes her leg while dancing The H arranges for the h to come up to his home in London to help facilitate the meeting between father and daughter after the daughter gets back from her honeymoon The h goes to London expecting to be in a hotel but the H actually wants her to stay at his home Tho the h thinks it is hotel like than home like and the H confesses to being very lonely He did get married for a very brief period when he was 30 but the marriage was all wrong and the wife left him when he wanted kids He got a divorce and we later find out that the H has been celibate for over 10 years ever since The h who has been fretting for pages about her age her wayward hormones losing her close bond with her daughter and the curious rush of lust and love she feels when she looks at thinks of or even sniffs a hint of the H s cologne is trying so hard to hide her response to the H that she can t see just how besotted he is I was kinda hoping he would hire out a billboard in ten foot tall letters declaring his love for the h but these are nice and modest people so nothing doing there but the H may have been considering a sky writerThe H s secretary manages to insinuate herself between the H and h during the h s visit and the h gets rather angry at her attempts to intimidate the h into running off Especially since the H is EXTREMELY clear he only sees the woman as a secretary and nothing else The h still has the random bursts of jealousy when she thinks of the woman tho she just can t help herselfSo the H and the daughter finally meet and they get along great but they are still unsure around each other The H and the daughter both want the h to be there when they visit each other again this time at the H s newly purchased Elizabethan country home There is some roofie kissing moments too but the h doesn t want to get anything started in the heat of emotional reunion momentsThe H comes to pick her up for the weekend a few weeks later and they go to his country house The H badly needs a homey type decorator you can see PJ badly wanted to start eulogizing about French Blue paint and rag rolling techniues but she restrained herself and had the h stick to restoring the Elizabethan garden ideas Then the daughter has to cancel her visit but does manage to let the h know that the H has fired the aggressive secretary she was getting too personal with the H and he has a different target in mind There was than a hint of a cute little conspiracy to get the h alone with the H at this part it was pretty sweet The H insists the h stay for the weekend and he combats her continual aspersions that she is too old to be attractive He asks the h to marry him but the h is thinking he just wants a companion for old age and refuses him Then he gives her a sapphire engagement ring he has been carrying around for 20 years He wanted to give it to her in Cornwall but the h got away and he has kept it close ever sinceThe h is overwhelmingly moved by the ring and the meaning behind it The ring was almost exactly what she had once described as her ideal engagement ring and the H has had it all this time PJ even lets us know the box is old like the H had been keeping it safe for years The h changes her mind about not marrying him because she loves him and always has and she thinks that maybe he only likes her but surely that can be fanned into a hotter flame She puts on a silky nightie and goes to get her man During her shy seduction she declares that she will marry the H and that she loves him The H is wishing he had hired a billboard fifty pages earlier and then plastered it in front of the h Because he has only been trying to show her he is just as in love for the last 100 pages but he thought she just wasn t that into him until he realized the h needs small succinct words stated repeatedly in a very outside voice The lurve mojo is high and they find each other enraptured on the shores of pink cloud true love forever rosy glow bliss They decide to marry right away and the ending scene is a christening The h and H have a three month old son and they are all lurved up and happy with the daughter and the son in law s family all sharing the joy for a big HEA with the h and H deciding to try for another visit to the cabbage patch Cause the h is still a youthful 38 and the H has plenty of lurve mojo motility still in store to populate this corner of PJ s HPlandia This one is sweet and very nice for a non Christmas but holiday happy December release PJ addresses a lot of the issues that older women might feel the fears of aging the pain of having your children leave the nest and the uncertainty of falling in love at an older age This book is not for everyone the h did a lot of fretting and worrying for a large portion of it But now that I am over a half a century in age myself I can relate better to the h s worries than I could when I first read this almost thirty years ago This is a sensitive look at love in almost middle age It is a truly rosy glow no glasses reuired and cozy love story with a highly believable HEA I am huge fan of H s pining for years and this H was so sweet I could feel the sugar rush Plus with his years of NOT sampling the HP lurvely lady buffet and his firing of the secretary cause she bothered the h topped with over ten years of celibacy on top of it this one is a permanent HP reread and one I like to visit HPlandia with often

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Or had he other motivesWas it possible to go on loving when so much time had passed Certainly Joss was still a disturbingly attractive man and Kate knew she was as susceptible as ever to his charm. Although there s a lot to love about this classic lil Harleuin from the perfectly nice hero to the country setting there s a lot that might make you want to tear your hair out by the roots Let s examine1 The heroine is 37 Apparently this means she s one step away from joining 99 Happy Haunts at the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland I can t even tell you how many times she brings up her advanced years Poor guy just asks if she wants a cup of coffee and she s legit like at MY AGE Seriously she even refuses to dance with him because she thinks she s too elderly I had to laugh I m 37 I consider myself maybe 16 in maturity at a push2 At one point the hero Joss takes our heroine Kate out for a nice meal at a country hotel So she wears an entirely backless dress that has diamond points at the neckline is also super low cut and comes up to her bottom It s spectacularly inappropriate and yet obviously totally awesome3 Kate s daughter is 20 and has already gotten a first from Oxford had a job lived abroad and gotten engaged She s clearly a time traveler and this is never discussed 4 Kate and Joss first get together when she s 16 and he s 21 Eww Also after their affair in which she gets pregnant SHE NEVER HAS SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN EVER AGAIN I m pretty sure this is still a thing in most books in the romance genre The heroine is supposed to stay pure so the hero knows that no one s touched that vagina besides him It reminds me of Dawson s Creek I was a HUGE PaceyJoey fan and knew they d end up together the SECOND she had sex with him Those writers as misogynistic as they were were never going to let Dawson end up with sloppy seconds I digress Suffice to say this whole trope about the heroine growing back her hymen is just so very tired icky and unrealistic Are you telling me she didn t want to fuck ONCE in those twenty one years Gah5 Lastly it turns out that Joss is his daughter s fiance s cousin And no one cares I think that would give me pause and yet it is never even discussedObviously this book is worth reading Just remember the heroine s one step from the nursing home so it s a different kind of Harleuin

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N unexpected guest And Kate's world shattered when he looked at the bride and said Sophy is my child But was he only interested in the daughter whose A Rekindled ePUB #10003 childhood he'd missed. Just did a reread of this Adore this bookAnother re read this is like a twin book to A CURE FOR LOVE Low angst 20 year separation adorable and sweet reconciliationThis was so sweet Might be my favorite 2nd chance romance everAnd so amusing that the 37 year old heroine thinks she s an old dinosaur Hee heeGrade A

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    Wonderful emotional second chance at love story16 year old Kate meets and falls in love with 21 years old Joss Bennett She gets pregnant but Joss's landlady tells her that Joss is already married with a child Heartbroken she decides to keep her baby and not contact him again 22 years later Kate's daughter is getting married and Joss is a gues

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    Re A Rekindled Passion Penny Jordan does the long parted lovers reunited in this one The h is 37 and the H is 42 They met when they were both on holiday in Cornwall when the h was 16 and the H was 21 Over the course of their

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    Oh Kate Of all the Penny Jordan heroines in the world you’re the Penny Jodan ist Who else but a Jordan heroine would feel a man’s hard on while they’re dancing and wonder if he deliberately brought it on by t

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    Po faced heroine just can't let go over her poor pitiful me mother martyr syndrome She thinks she was abandoned at a pregnant 16 only to find out at her daughter's wedding that the man she THOUGHT abandoned her was dealt an emotional

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    Oh so there are two PJ books with hs named Kate Seton both from the Dales and both are single moms And I happened to read these two books back to back And both have nice caring HsI like to read about older couples and this one is uniue in that they are meeting again after twenty odd years at their daughter’s we

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    Just did a reread of this Adore this bookAnother re read this is like a twin book to A CURE FOR LOVE Low angst 20 year separation adorable and sweet reconciliationThis was so sweet Might be my favorite 2nd chance romance everAnd so

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    This is a really wonderful Penny Jordan romance which illustrates just why she was such a popular author Indeed I've got to say that all of the romances written around this point in her career are particularly good and I do think that it might have been around this period of books late 80s early 90s that she reached the height of her powers as a romantic novelistThis one relates the story of Kate who has a young girl on holiday 16

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    35 stars I don't love Penny Jordan's stories with older heroines for some reason This one particularly it just puts a damper on the HEA that they lost 20 years of their life and the experience of raising their first child t

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    Although there's a lot to love about this classic lil' Harleuin from the perfectly nice hero to the country setting there's a lot that might make you want to tear your hair out by the roots Let's examine1 The heroine is 37 Apparently this means she's one step away from joining 99 Happy Haunts at the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland I can't even tell you how many times she brings up her advanced years Poor guy just asks if she wants a c

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    Am I the only one who wondered how young she must have looked at 16 if she looked young at 37