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    Do you see the man on the cover? How happy he is? This cannot possibly be the hero of his bookAfter all Leander's mother left him when he was very little He always felt lonely until he met the love of his life Only the love of his life who he married thought he murdered her father And when she gave birth to their daughter she refused to let him see her He left and became a recluse author in Alaska Now he's back because he hasn't suffered enough yet and walks after Heddy's tail for the entire bookMeet Heddy a smalltown princess She falls in love Her family hates him but she marries him anyway Because she loves him After that she believes everything her family tells her about him She thinks he murdered her father so she distances herself from him Girl If you are married to a murderer you try to get away from him as fast as possible you don't just evade intimacy with him YOU RUN AWAY But even if he killed her father she never really stopped loving him Basically the guy was love starved and the heroine was a total wimp without a thought of herself I didn't get why he loved her and I didnt get why he kept coming back for And to make everything worse there was also a score of plot moppets

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    Heddy je hloupá hrdinka která se chová jako nesvéprávná Plus tři otravné dětiOsm let po sobě ani nevzdechli a teď takové DRAMA? Ale no taks 15 „Miluju tě Cukrátko“Čtyři sametová slova uvozovky s 65špatné dělení slov s 58jijí s 47 49 143

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MR DECEMBERLeander Knight A rugged cowboy from the wrong side of the corralHis One and Only Heddy Knight his ex wifeCommon Ground Their daughter and the Christmas star they were both born Reading for Pleasure both The Pallisers born

Review A Cowboy Christmas

A Cowboy Christmas

UnderThe seductive rich girl and the workingman's cowboy knew they were each other's destiny But her family disagreed and he hightailed it out of town for good Years later Heddy was plan

Free read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Ann Major

Ning a Christmas wedding to another man but Leander refused to let Heddy go Nothing would stop this Christmas cowboy from interrupting the marriage vows and stealing back his princess bri