REVIEW Û A Christmas Affair

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • A Christmas Affair
  • Adrianne Byrd
  • English
  • 01 February 2018
  • 9780373862344

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Adrianne Byrd Ä 1 REVIEW

A Christmas Affair

He bright lights of the big city Now he has just four weeks to seduce her back into his bedor lose her forever With Chloe nestled in his arms where she belongs can Lyfe turn their sizzling Christmas affair into a season for second chances First off let me start off by stating I do not like the cheating thing never have and probably never will  That alone left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth  But if you take that out of the euation this was a laugh out loud never put down wonderful story  Corona an


As president of the talent agency she built from scratch Chloe Banks is a New York success story But beneath the fast track facade is a small town girl who's never forgotten her humble beginnings and whose past is a closely guarded secret This was probably the 2nd best book I have read by Adrianne Byrd My ratings may be a little exaggerating because I'm a huge fan of her booksI will like to start off with my negativeThat would be that this book was too shortOk not reallyI just didn't want this story to end I was mad when it did Ok the positive is the story line was really different than mostI love the way she started off with the reading of Corona's diary detailing their childhood pastIt was very creative how she incorporated it into a love story Lyfe was a hottieAt times I wanted to go and knock some since into CoronaChloewhatever her name wasBTW she did have two names in this book lolThis story is about how the two met as kids and how their life expired out of control and of course they went their own separate ways by unforeseen circumstancesI don't want to give the story away It may sound like something you've read beforebut once you start to read this story you will see all the twist and turns Adrianne did in this story It was very entertaining The ending was so sweetI think thats what really made me give this book 5 stars There were characters in this book that just made you want to know about them Adrianne has always had these memorable characters For ex Tess and HennessyI know there's going to be a book about themI would love to read about those twotoo funny Anyway this is a must read You will not be disappointed especially if you're an Adrianne Byrd fan

REVIEW A Christmas Affair

Until Chloe's family comes to visit and brings a special holiday gift Sensual Southern charmer Lyfe Alton was her childhood sweetheartand is the man who still owns her heartLyfe was devastated when Chloe left their Georgia hometown for t A Christmas Affair – Can true love stand the test of time?A Christmas Affair was an entertaining and refreshing read We meet and explore the relationship of Corona Mae Chloe Banks and Lyfe Alton A relationship that started in the seventh grade and progressed to teenage love at the age of 17 but once the relationship advanced to a intimate level the young lovers were forced to make decisions that changed the course of their lives Fourteen years later Corona Chloe is now engaged to another and Lyfe realizes he still loves her and tries to convince her in four weeks that they are meant to be together With the help of family and a rebound fiancée Corona struggles to determine what she really wants and how secrets have a way of revealing themselves through various avenues and inuisitive minds There were several hilarious scenes that still have me chuckling as well as very touching scenes of forgiveness that make you smile I have to say the basement scene and the Rockefeller scene were my favorites in the book I seriously hope Ms Byrd writes a story on the remainder Alton clan as well Corona’s younger sister Tess

About the Author: Adrianne Byrd

Byrd has been featured in many national publications including Today’s Black Woman Upscale and Heart and A Christmas Kindle - Soul She has also won local awards for screenwriting For the future she looks forward to continue creating characters that make people smile laugh and fall in love.